St Germain – Easy To Remember

Sunday Jazz Continues, we’re in the lab chilling out practicing safe haven / safe harbors principles while we’re out here on the edges..

The saga / struggle continues due to shady dealing out here in Babylon; jokers misbehaving, hailing the death of Abu Bakr -al-Baghdadi ; who knows what the knowledge is?

Abu-Bakr – al-Baghdadi? formerly working with Americans in Iraq, after the fall of Saddam Hussein; in the background I hear the Beatles singing I believe in yesterday…

Bombs Over Baghdad per Rage Against The Machine and Outkast? oh yes!! I Remember The Time like Michael Jackson, it was like yesterday!!

But I digress; my motto? let the music play!! listening to  this smooth house music / jazzdance track from St Germain called  Easy To Remember..

Ossie Davis, with the eulogy to Malcolm X  is in the mix; as we get breakbeat scientific we’re working this out; it’s easy to remember.

Check this out at St Germain – Easy To Remember

Aybee – Ozzie Davis

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; that’s the type of vibe were on / type of business being handled..

We’re trying to handle business before it handles us; no peace / justice was the vibe from my constituents;  the constitution manhandled?

Probably vandalized as a vandal lies; per Throwback Thursday? check the 3/5 compromise; now fast forward to today as in Georgia Brian Kemp practices voter suppression..

O-Zone? I’ll handle mine as I go back and move forward, retro-futuristic with it during prize pursuits, check these sessions..

In this zone? we’re playing this thing like this Aybee tribute track called Ozzie Davis; performing!!  a naysayer claims I’ll misbehave with this!!

This is from Aybee’s East Oakland Space Program project if you didn’t know about it; earlier? per Throwback Thursday business we were rolling through East Oakland all out on 82nd Street / International Blvd /  I-80 / 580 /880 so whatcha know about it? these days we’re out here off of I-20 in Atlanta  doing this!!