They Couldn’t Stand The Pungent Odor

Old girl started spraying the can of Lysol;  it was the old school / original fragrance.

She said she couldn’t stand the pungent odor!!  meanwhile these jokers try to get over!! like police in the St. Louis area killing the unarmed teen?  they’ll fake this.

Check out how I break this off!!  like the Aquarius Super Full Moon it’s part of the scientific process.

O-Dog is the funky type of soul brother!!  he’s dedicated to the truth and not nefarious like a Oscar Pistorius type of  fool!! soon  he will go off with this.

Some go off!! pistols were shot into the air as ear shattering gunshots exploded!! my dogs were heard saying they’re off this and that!!  reality is altered.

What’s that smell in the air?  this good word  is dropped in response to the madness;  I’m ready to roll after observing the scene but it left my perception altered.

The deception was evident per ebola vaccines;  a fake one was trying to run a game.

The reception was benevolent as I dipped through Macon on the way to the Seaboard;  as I took a break from the game.

It smelled like cabbage and bacon all up in the spot amd  then old girl added Lysol.

It was the original fragrance as jokers fake this;  I’m hip to that style though.

Some are fake with this!!  like Kevin Ward you’ll get run over by Tony Stewart types!! they’re foul though!!  soon a hostile takeover of the Gaza Strip?  Hamas will flip..

Who can stand the pungent odor? O-Dizzle is trying to get over!! rebuking the hostile takeover  per instructions from aliens telling me how the funk should go!! now we put it down like this!!



They Were Playing Me The Other Way

So whats up? damn!!..they were playing me like I fell off like Tiger Woods.. jokers seem to be playing me the other way!

Word from a veteran in the game now coaching / running things like Phil Jackson!!  telling you its rough out here..its tight in these hoods!!  especially when dealing with deliberate falsehoods; check me out..I didn’t get here just the other day!

Word!! please!! I’m not an armchair quarterback trying to run another play!! like at the crooked cartel meeting between Chris Christie and Nathan Shady Deal down here in Georgia.. this brotha knows what it does!

As I go there…rolling down I-20 in Atlanta…now I’m over on Glenwood Road in Decatur, Georgia…dude asked whats up brotha?  but every brotha ain’t a brotha!!  I asked him..whats up cuz?

Plus I saw that joker had a buzz going!!  smelled like weed and drank.. 7:00 in the morning after being up all night…now at Ms. Winners trying to get a chicken biscuit…probably one of those cats that like to talk about how high he was!

…Similar to  power-hungry jokers  like Russia in the Ukraine …flexing their so-called authority ….talking about how high they was!

…pardon me..or were;  check the broken English and broken beats..the essence of this discipline!

As we go there..spirits can be broken due to the pain and anguish…but check this breakbeat scientific business as I handle this;  showing discipline!

Quiet is kept… true gangsters move in silence…they’re not caught up in the B.A.S…AKA the bitch ass shxt…whats up with it? jokers thought I was missing something!

Uncouth / unkempt ones were true pranksters that weren’t really doing nothing!

..Like Oscar Pistorius…soon finding out they weren’t exempt from the madness ..not even the March edition..but then they want to try to play me the other way!

…whats the deal with this? mentioned earlier… I’m a veteran in the game now coaching.. I’ve been here!!  I didn’t  arrive just the other day!

Its Going Down..So Your Doing What You Gotta Do…

Its going down!!  damn!! some look disoriented..but doing what they gotta do!

Its going North Korean nuclear tests in the Orient.. some are at the service desk after holidays returning what they got from you!

Its going down..check these clearance rack epiphanies…rebuking those under acting brand new with ya!! when they see you putting it down!

Its going down..those deceiving the masses  like G20 will have some flipping out like Christopher Dorner check out how he was getting down!

….Or maybe getting down like the brotha holding the Confederate Flag.. plus fighting for the South during the Civil War!

…Seen on the Black History Month poster boards.. jokers are still on one accord with the enemy..calling themselves raising the bar!

As this black man tells this story;  “doing what I gotta do”  rebuking the evil entity’s agenda!

Some fell for the story from  Oscar Pistorius…the South African “Blade Runner” …found out he was a pretender!

O-Dizzle is the Sonic defender….some find out what the deal is…after the Sonic Blackjack  slaps them upside the head..

…doing what he’s gotta do! O-Zone acts like he knew…shining the light on those waiting in the dark..they were misled…

Whats the dizzle? its going down….damn…at the end of the day? we all have to do what we gotta do!!

But plans fizzle for some..they get whats coming to them; karma hits them  like meteors falling on Russia ; …..not related to 2012 DA14 …some need to act like they knew!

The Remote Outpost

Chilling out!!  maxing and relaxing… way way out there!!  you can say its a remote outpost!

Dealing with it..out there…Meteors fall like in Russia / Siberia…but  I see there’s no fear in ya..rolling like Kim Jong-un in North Korea…flexing..and I hear you out there as you brag..others you try to out boast!

Meanwhile these brothas are outside the box; but not acting funny with the money like G20…

Check the style / swag / steelo..O-Dizzle will rock..rebuking the hustle knock…some say we’re done

Staying modest / humble ;  please!!  like the State vs Christopher Dorner?  incendiary tear gas, bombs and gunfire will rumble around those fronting and flexing!

But were on top of this!! we crossed the boundary or border…now transmitting live; the good word is dropped and the bass will rumble;  is this the next big thing?

The so called simple thing was complex… drama bringers throw salt into the game like Republicans vs Obama!

But some pimp through this thing like David Petraeus or Herman Cain …catching up was part of the agenda!

Others limp through this thing like the Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius!!  not fronting but injured;  some wounds self inflicted..its rough out here for a pretender!

We get through to some;  breakbeat science?  we kicked it!! transmitting live!!  O-Dizzle is the sonic defender!

The big beat blender;  Sonic Blackjack swinger!!    way way out there transmitting live!

Some will get whats coming to them ; we bring the hardcore style..we didn’t shuck and jive!