DJ Dimsa – City Limits – Funky Lounge

Digital Crate Digging Continues! We’re setting this Saturday Night Fever segment off!

The saga / struggle continues check these menus; we’re staying on point; it’s not like the GOP in the impeachment hearings; letting Trump off

… the hook as far as insurrection is concerned; but karma will be something else check the lessons learned..

…for a crook; but check us out as we proceed and continue; the world turned..

We’re checking out some jazz, funk, lounge music from  DJ Disma with the City Limits – Funky Lounge (Full Mix).

 Just in time for the weekend! Check out the playlist and the mix!! 

Check this out at DJ Dimsa – City Limits – Funky Lounge



Slow Motion – Living Lounge Mix by DJ Disma (2015)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this Slow Motion – Living Lounge Mix by DJ Disma (2015). Something smooth for this Tuesday evening or whenever. Check out the playlist and the mix; 


01 00:00 Openzone Bar – Down Under Snowball
02 03:48 Merge Of Equals – merge of equals-clear blue sky
03 08:17 Grand Synthe – Descender
04 12:58 Nor Elle – Freddy Is Gone
05 18:11 living room – jazzistics
06 20:52 Lukas Greenberg – New Time
07 26:18 Cane Garden Quartet – Chillaxin
08 31:09 Monodeluxe – so long
09 36:30 Openzone Bar – Lifestyle
10 41:52 Marcel – Salamandra
11 45:20 Timewarp Inc. – phatmatrix
12 49:18 Jens Buchert – Dominion
13 52:59 Don Gorda Project – Take A Rest