Going Through It…

I let them go through what they’re going through!! meanwhile we’ll make a comeback like Minnesota Vikings.. I’ll see them on the other side.

Already knew what it do!! acting like I knew!!  launching the Sonic Assault..for freedom a brotha will ride!

Get free and stay free is the motto..Republicans try to roll back progress to the 1950’s.. but we’re not slow..moving at a high velocity.

Staying on point..some said they did me a favor..had things layed out for me!

But it’s a setup!! so-called anointed ones will run and tell it!!  just to acquire favors.

But we get up to get down operating like Craig Mack working on brand new flavors.

Avoiding those trying to enslave us with variations of the 19th century.

Staying a step ahead!!  dipped in the Cutlass Supreme or the old school Buick Century!

….Regal..flying like an eagle…but didn’t take the money and run..word from Steve Miller.

I see ya little homie said!! …as I cut the corner listening to some old J-Dilla.

Big homie said he’s keeping it more “realer” than the average man!

Back in the day?  didn’t do the knowledge..plus no skills were gained..that means no leverage man!

Adult beverages had the man staggering!!  the weed leveled everything off.

No swagger could a bruh bring!! plus the shot administered by Seven Counties up in Louisville supposedly kept the devil off!!

As I time travel off in this piece!!  might have mentioned…a mysterious traveler like Weather Report.

Down with my fellow travelers..mystery unravelers..knowing what it do and does up in this sport!