The Adversity Anniversary

Like Jerry Rice rocking the Dallas Cowboys jersey in the McDonald commercial,  it was blasphemy.

*It ain’t nothing nice* /  foul is how these boys play,  plus reality has another class for me.

*It ain’t nothing nice* class is in session!!  this is Adversity University!! the test is multiple choice, instructors told you to fill in the scan sheet..

Sacrificing; I keep it moving per this Adversity Anniversary,: a year ago I was all up in the spot, on the frontlines of spiritual warfare!!  God is blessing the multitudes while others tried to corrupt us, they told us we’ll understand the heat…

Damn!! we’re still on the frontlines of spiritual warfare where it’s hot as hell!!  these constituents have a story to tell per this word on the curb / word on the street /  or word in the wind!!   choose your poison…

It’s like over in Egypt dodging missiles in the spot where the Russian jet exploded? brains fried when the information was overloaded, a situation you’ll lose your poise in…

Like the Egyptian Lover we bring the noise, as the beat goes on:  devoted to this breakbeat science, the transformation wasn’t coded by medical assistants…

These Egyptian heiroglyphics won’t be understood by many!! some make a mockery but don’t know half the story, because it’s street coded; Navajo Code talkers were asked for their assistance..

This is similar to the Hiero Imporium with Traditional Slick Talk per  Encore, Opio and  A Plus repping that Bay Area, this is whats up with us!!

Scandalized like Greg Hardy or haters use the traditional slick talk to defame characters per Ben Carson embellishments as reality is showing us there’s no peace or justice..

Pardon me!! no justice no peace is the catch phrase / cliche, we know it’s not that kind of party!! like the Keystone XL Pipeline embellishments will be crushed….

Who’s starting with me?  please!! it’s not that kind of party!! O-Zone? I’m going for mine!! meanwhile O-Dog cold crushed..



Excuse Me / I Beg Your Pardon

Excuse me,  I beg your pardon; reality was playing a part when these ghetto editorials are dropped.

Lose me with the madness your starting like violence in Jerusalem!! during territorial disputes some were violent / vicious while O-Dog cosmic slopped

Use me like an instrument? in some episodes that’s what the Lord did!!  I stay on one accord with him.

Using instruments and this good word? oh yes!!  O-Dog is on the mothership and I’m on board with him.

Out on I-20 in Atlanta? I Dipped in the Honda Accord with him like Neo and Morpheus in that Lincoln Continental.

Who will understand a bruh? How did they respond to a bruh who’s po pimping  like Do or Die? breakfast was continental.

…At the Red Roof Inn; we raise the roof again or might even set it on fire like it’s the Trammps and Disco Inferno; burn baby burn!! Why ask why?

The truth game is played; other methods were used, some had weed under heat lamps so somebody can burn baby burn!! others will use herbal Viagra and alcohol like Lamar Odom; Why ask why?

Whatcha been through? O-Zone arrogant and aloof?  excuse me /  I beg your pardon but it’s rough out here!! 

Whatcha been through? who’s fair with it? slick like Planned Parenthood per the deliberate falsehood? excuse me /  I beg your pardon but it’s rough out here!! 

Let the healing process begin!!  excuse me /  I beg your pardon but it’s rough out here!!

Let the healing process begin!!  your dude was bruised and battered out here on the frontlines of spiritual warfare. 

Updating The Captains Log PT.3

*Out There*  tripping!!  as I update this Captain’s Log I’m telling you  it’s rough out there dwelling on the outer limits!!  it’s like I’m in the suburbs beyond the bus line..

Rolling on the bus? thrown under it anyway!!  supposedly like Master P No Limit? please!!  from Cincinnati per Samuel Dubose down to Texas with Sandra Bland the system doesn’t trust mine

….Saying mine will do this, that and the other!!  my folk are the prime suspects..

What’s happening Captain? where did we find you? inquiring minds asked me, but I see them  with the crowd that disrespects..

*We’re Rolling*  through the galaxy like Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise as we continue to pursue the prize!! O-Dog will find you a funky break, dusting off the vinyl now the funk is dropped!!  oh!! that’s a top priority…

*We’re Rolling* updating this Captain’s Log after we see how things work in this hostile territory…

*We’re Rolling*  that’s what’s happening Captain!! we had work to do blue collar style but we  can’t catch a break!!  no justice no peace per busting mine!!  pleasing the prison industrial complex..

Soul controlling!! getting paid per diem. jeopardizing your freedom!!!  feel me? classes and seminars are conducted as we come with the next!!

Controlling / maintaining as the sport is complex!! we’re letting you know per this Captain’s Log!!

Others were rolling but what were they gaining? Shady like Tom Brady!! now caught out there in the system / matrix, the smoke and fog..

Broken beats and English by O-Dog and O-Zone will set the tone when this Captain’s Log is updated…

Broken hearts reflect the pain and anguish in this zone!! society set the tone, as some are hated..

Reality Checks : My Method Of Payment

Whatcha Know? I thought I told you it’s rough out here!!  Reality Checks are my method of  payments

My reality? like Slick Rick / Doug E Fresh O-Dog is cashing checks and making sound effects; staying a step ahead of Hunger Games Peacekeepers trying to avoid arraignments..

Arrangements made with slick lawyers?  Rick Ross is going to need one, out in Evander Holyfield’s old house trying to get slick..

Rain gets heavy during the storm; the reign began with a drizzle, but I’m not trying to get sick..

The pain gets heavy!! due to previous episodes I’m trying to heal scars!! at the end of the day? some know the dizzle after somebody lied..

No divorce from reality is granted!! please!! don’t get Judge Judy started!! request denied…

Reality Checks issued now somebody cried;  they thought the wages didn’t add up!! was it due to karmic repercussions?

Others were *Shady Like Grady*  like Goldman Sachs vs GM they tried to play me!! these brothas *Rebuked The Hostile Takeover*  with this word and percussions..

O-Zone? he had sacks of this good word!!   this concrete gospel is preached by this mentalist typing this mental list!! bringing you the discussions..

O-Dog is the funky instrumentalist!! now the Sonic Assault is unleashed!! some will get what’s coming to them due to karmic repercussions!!

Discussions needed between fundamentalists?  Islamic / Christian / Jewish /others; so they can get on the same page?

What’s up son? I kept working with drumkits and typing this good word!! Had to admit, during Outback Chronicles I enjoyed the spoils of spiritual warfare like I was a pirate!! but my people are still suffering per Dylan Roof / Charleston  or even Ferguson / Baltimore type of business , so I’m actually feeling the same rage…

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

They said teamwork will make the dream work; that’s what authorities said about capturing Dylann Roof for shooting up the church in Charleston!! others were mentioning  the Golden State Warriors championship was a prime  example.

Work is put in by this brother!!  I was broke but paying attention!! sometimes the plot and scheme will work!!  now the Devil’s somewhere laughing!!  the amount of followers was ample.

Authorities trample all over rights and privileges, they said something about a Patriot Act.

Territories enriched when Edward Snowden dropped knowledge?  some said that’s how a patriot will act.

Authorities bitched and moaned about the way to act per the Baltimore Police;  soon we stand on our last legs like Bill Russell.

…giving the MVP award to Andre Iguodala!! what it do?  no disrespect!!  the devil will oppose!!  will I get barred from the game like Pete Rose / Charlie Hustle?

What did you expect when hustles get knocked during the ongoing crisis?

Muscle was supplied to the Iraq army,  but they still get beat by ISIS.

Mental muscle applied during this breakbeat scientific thesis;  check out this word from *short dog / slender man*

God is in control!! I was  ignoring a fool rolling like Slenderman.

It’s not odd how we roll!! please!!  O-Dog is a sonic defender man!! rolling solo even though they said teamwork will make the dream work!!

It’s not odd how we roll!! please!! O-Zone is fighting back after being victimized!! that’s after bearing witness to how the plot or scheme will work!!

Tampering With The Locks

What’s really going on? I’m Going In / Getting It In;  I’m tampering with the locks like your friendly neighborhood burglar…

O-Zone / O-Dog is who I am; alter egos combine to put work in Blue Collar style; this is the answer for dude that said we never heard of ya..

In this zone? they’ said I was shady like Tom Brady!! they told  this brotha we can’t work with ya!! I was too futuristic!!! so *I’m Outside The Box*

I’m in Atlanta but I’m not a Grady Baby!! but now a brotha is playing it like ISIS in Iraq!! I’m Going In burglar style as I climb through the window of opportunity; I was tampering with the locks…

Diplomatic Immunity is the fuel; who loves you baby per Kojak when like the Main Ingredient said everybody plays the fool? damn!! the madness never stopped!!

I’m all up in the communiity acting a fool / All Up In The House;   hip-hop, funk and house is dropped..

Under scrutiny,  but no pleas are copped; did  others cooperate with the Feds like agent provocatuers in Ferguson and Baltimore?

Under scrutiny!!  who rolls up trying to front acting like they needed their Meds?  how’s that working son? like the Golden State Warriors beating the Houston Rockets just check the score!!

Some act like they knew me!!  didn’t know I was a spiritual warrior out here trying to rock it!!

I act like I knew; but jokers say this is hazardous material;  so what it do? are  lockdown situations awaiting? security with keys in the pocket?

I’m Going In; tampering with the locks;  I’ve got the *Hard Hat On With The Lantern On Top* like a coal miner or construction worker..

Whatcha knowing? in the process I’m getting amped; O-Dog rocks while O-Zone fights the corruption; I had the good word for ya!!

I See How They’re Trying To Play It

…Seeing how they’re trying to play it!!  soon they’ll check out these scrolls and documents like Osama Bin Laden!  but they try to say this cat is shady!!

But this brotha is not as shady as  a New England Patriot; please!!! fouls are flagrant!! it’s not all gravy baby!!

But that’s how they try to play me;  no respect is shown!!  I mentioned earlier at one of my satellite stations that they weren’t checking for me..

….Unless I robbed a bank on the Eastside in the “ATL”; caught on security cameras!!  who’s wrecking the getaway vehicle for me?

We continue to ride, good thing the hooptie doesn’t have a Takata airbag!!  usually intergalactic feeling the jetlag!! Checking the scenery / observing the scene; it’s going down everywhere!! local, national, international and intergalactic!!  damn!! I left Louisville,  now I’m trying to chill down south….

Hunger Game Peacekeepers, Intergalactic stormtroopers and Wannabe jackers were disrespecting me; like Pops once said, I told them to watch their mouth!!

TLC Creepers,   militarized police forces / stormtroopers plus credit card  jackers disrespecting; that’s the system for you, the hustle it knocks..

*Outside The Box*  haters aren’t expecting me to come back in, so they changed the locks..

Staying outside;  for freedom? we still ride!! O-Zone drops this good word ,  meanwhile O-Dog rocks…

O-Zone knew what it do / knew what time it was / he checked the clocks!!

He locks it down, before getting caught in LockDown Situations; staying one step ahead of Academi / Blackwater..

Getting free and staying free; but for some Freedom is on backorder..

Confusion and Frustration (Surround Sound Edition)

Whats the deal? Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics; the waters are stagnant..

So I’m flowing down the stream of consciousness battling fanatics like it was the war against ISIS in Ramadi; beats and prose are broken / fragments..

Others fell into unconsciousness; acting erratic is the behavior during the ongoing crisis; some were like LA Clippers quiting on Doc Rivers; now they’re losing!!

Our response to this? Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering type of work is put in;  we provide blueprints, flowcharts and graphics to show you that it’s an illusion..

Using the funk as transportation / rolling In The Mothership;  it’s like rolling in an old Buick LeSabre like those old dudes were riding in over on Candler Road in Decatur;  an old hooptie that refuses to break down..

All Up In The House with house, rock, funk, jazz, soul and hip-hop;  O-Dog will  pick and choose the ingredients in the breakBeat sound..

Six gene mutations; similar to the ones linked to obesity; the cliche? the weight and the sound is  *phat and all that*

Confusion and frustration are everywhere like surround sound; gluttons for punishment have the propensity for it; personally? I can’t call that…

Others try to stall that; but the spiritual warfare is going down everywhere!! the situation is out of control ;   9 dead as bikers have a shootout in Waco!! they’re not chilling out!!

Not trying to ball with this or that; it’s rough *Out There*  I’m *Outside The Box*  chilling out…

I was trying to maintain but a brotha  gets called out without swinging!!  fastballs, curves and sliders fly over the plate…

Confusion and frustration is everywhere like surround sound; this brotha swerves down I-20 in Atlanta, an updated version of a freedom rider!! I see some can’t get over the hate..

So What’s The Deal? There’s Still No Justice No Peace!!

So what’s the deal / what’s the story?  I was trying to chill but I  guess a black man can’t have any peace!

Check out the catch phrase / cliche heard from Baltimore to Ferguson;  No Justice No Peace!

It’s definitely not the phrase that pays asked for by radio stations during their promotions.

…Or by old school deacons at the old school baptist church during devotions.

What it do? an old fool baptized by the fire and brimstone was considered incoherent and belligerent because he has notions of an abstract nature.

Amtrak trains run off the rails going 106 mph similar to an old school vessel that  capsized out in the treacherous waters;  what’s the deal with it? old girl  was heard saying *its not nice to try to fool Mother Nature*

Oh yeah were back!! the train of thought ran off the rails!!  haters say it wasn’t natural but we *holla back atcha*  why?  because it’s human nature.

..Per Michael Jackson;  systematic interactions reveal no justice no peace!!  its like that,  no need to debate ya!

Blue collar type actions are taken; Funk / hip-hop / jazz and house are by-products from the lab, plus knowledge is kicked..

Mechanical Engineering is going down; we’re not bootleg; no shadetree mechanics in the family, vehicles are fixed..

Social Engineering  was used by others; wannabe players tricked; it was like a romance scam..

Power steering is used on The Mothership!!  now we’re dropping funk after we got back down to earth; it’s all love but we didn’t want to hear a slow jam..

The brotha O-dog will get funky;  man!!  that brotha is *Outside The Box*  he tried to get back in but the morale was low…

In the smoke / fog and mirrors there was no justice and no peace, so I’m doing what I do; the profile is kept low….

I Was Told To Play On Player PT.5

Play On Player is the catch phrase; as we proceed and continue…

Chilling out on some I-20 Chronicle business; out on I-26 in North Charleston No Justice No Peace is the business; so  what’s next on the menu?

Some know what the deal is;   but like Obama meeting Castro dynamics changed while others weren’t looking /  weren’t paying attention…

Like General Electric check out the drama due to cash flow disputes; like ceramics?  things were shaped and molded!!  how cold did it get due to attrition?

Life is hectic!! these fanatics couldn’t escape the drama; spiritual malnutriton will get the best of them..

Testimonies are taped; the flipside? some didn’t back away from the buffet!!  obesity will get the rest of them..

Gluttons for punishment with the ride or die philosophy? told to Play On Player but soon facing karmic repercussions..

*That’s What’s Up With It*  while Hillary Clinton or Rand Paul wants to be prseident  O-Dog has the Sonic Assault; he’s got the percussions.

O-Zone? I was told to play on player, so I wasn’t through dealing!!  these discussions are from a metaphysical basis;  Random Thoughts From A Brotha..

Work is put in;  Blue Collar Style / Mechanical Engineering from a brotha…

I was told to Play On Player while loathing / fearing from anotha was the business; even if you were number one like Kentucky..

Karma caught up with them now folk are full of confusion / frustration; that’s how dealing with gamblers out for a fast buck will be..