That’s Where They Lost Me (Thrown Under The Bus) PT.6

*you’ll get thrown under the bus*

How was *Big Homie*  trying to play it? he was rolling up like Boko Haram; saying your style was  like Herb or Gus!!

What were they on? mentioned earlier You’ll Get Played;  thrown under the bus..

We never heard of ya I was told!!  They Weren’t Checking For Me!!

That’s where they lost me; so Who’s Holding Me Down? driving or riding shotgun in the getaway vehicle!! wrecking it  for me!!

On Greyhound or the Mega Bus?  the ride was bumpy; some of us were thrown under it!!

Others crashed like TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 in Taiwan so what are we on?  so how do we ride? the sound is funky!  the spell caste!!  some are under it..

Oh Yeah!! they’re under it!! what?  the influence as we do this; this is the rebuttal..

Over and under!! like Republicans trying to block Obama’s immigration executive order they had us coming and going!! but this is *what a brotha know*

That’s where they lost me!! Once under the bus but I was flexible!!  like a fire I *stop drop and roll*

Now a brotha is  *All Up In The House*  making history but not just for February!! this spiritual revolutionary is bringing jazz, house, funk, hip-hop and soul..

Hip Hop Evangelical!!  check out this good word!! a whole sack full is what I tote!!

They *Werent  Checking For Me* but that’s where they lost me!!  like Bambaataa O-Dog has the Perfect Beat; O-Zone the quote..

It’s Going Down!! It Goes On and On and On!!

it’s going down….

Check the drama!! like Boko Haram in Nigeria It’s Going Down!! please!!  it goes on and on and on…

The Saga / Struggle Continues; check out the mass hysteria!! that’s word from the Brotha O-Zone…

Soul food menus prepared by O-Dog when we get with ya!!  bass, treble and tone is adjusted..

Not pumping fake crowd noise like the Falcons at the Georgia Dome!! we had something for your dome!! The Good Word and funk is provided; others couldn’t be trusted…

Jokers were loud and boisterous like Republicans against Obama budget proposals!! they lusted for power; sex, money and drugs were part of the equation..

What’s up with this? those ingredients contribute to the frustration..

Chaos and confusion; winning?  losing?  it goes on and on and on…

What it do?  what it does? from Ukraine to the Islamic State It’s Going Down in your zone..

Iraq?  Iran? Afghanistan?  whats up man? It’s Going Down worldwide…

NYC?  LA?  Bay Area?  A-Town?  check the scenario; how are they trying to ride?

Somebody lied homie once said!! from Roger Goodell to Mitt Romney what will the response be?  it’s probably slick talk from another politician..

Soon it’ll be election time; Mike Huckabee? Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush or Rand Paul per the Freedom Summit? what’s up with it?  whose the next to pull a crime? blue or white collar? who’s on a mission?


Staying On The Path PT.3

Fertile soil reaping a Harvest For The World like Isley’s;  before a pimped out Mr. Biggs

Broken Beats and Broken English is the by-product  from following breakbeat scientific principles; you dig? / you dig?

Stigmatized / Victimized but Recognized when a scapegoat is needed per John Fox and the Denver Broncos;  studied the math and science…

Getting Mechanical with it; blue collar in a dark blue uniform with my name stitched on the front;  might draw up a blueprint or graphic design….

Some get fanatical with it like Boko Haram in Nigeria; check the mass hysteria Out Here In The Mainstream / What’s On Their Mind?

What it do? I See Some Waiting In The Dark Trying To Live Without Light / insight? it’s easy to go blind!!

What it do? Providing insight; the wisdom is unconventional; Geneva Convention?  naw!! we didn’t go!!

Shining the light like a security guard making rounds with the flashlight;  What They Don’t Know? please!!! jokers found trouble based on what they didn’t know!!

We Didn’t flow down the mainstream;  like the  South River in Dekalb County was waters are stagnant / full of pollution…

Situations were like Kevin Garnett vs Dwight Howard but officials didn’t call fouls that were flagrant;  soon some are made out of fools by the institution…

Check out this man’s solution;  Staying on the Path is the plan / bringing the Sonic Assault…

So Whatcha Gonna Do? How will you respond to the hell that’s caught?

Grey Area Scenarios PT.5 (Foggy Day In Atlanta)

It’s going down;  its a foggy / cloudy day in Atlanta as I write this.

It’s going down; check the Grey Area Scenarios;  coinciding with Mars entering Pisces.

Coinciding with ISIS hitting up CENTCOM? please!!  this is not a sit-com!!  it’s no joke.

During the ongoing crisis?  no  Interview is conducted!!  per Sony hacks North Korea will go for broke.

During the ongoing crisis? O-Dog is on those funky tracks!!  broken beats and English will be the essence of this discipline.

It’s the rebuttal to the ongoing smoke and mirrors show; check the grey area scenarios!!  as we show charlatans how we’re living.

Chilling in Charlotte as my cousin rocks the towel over his head like Cam Newton as he watched the Panthers get beat.

Switched to plan B;  rocking a Broncos helmet and jersey as they got beat!!

It *ain’t nothing nice*  or sweet during the ongoing smoke and mirror show.

We put it down like this!!  at the end of the day?  we go for what we know.

We put it down like this!! we didn’t let this foggy day in Atlanta slow us down!!

Breakbeat scientific businesss will still get handled; it’s going down!!

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The 2015 After The Holiday Sale

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies as we deal with that and these! haters say they’re on to this as the tension rises!!  like Boko Haram in Nigeria the drama will unfurl…

Check out the interference per Sony hacks; they were acting shaky wit it!!  at The Interview they’re *dancing with that girl*

This world is full of drama!!!  check the beef like Ollie’s Trolley!! but check the epiphanies dropped in this folly!! in 2015  Life Is What You Make it…

Check these clearance rack epiphanies after Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Super Saturday to see how this black man will play!!  unlike so called sales at Target, Macys or who ever this is a good deal!! it’s real!! authentic!!  at the end of the day? you can’t front and fake it!!

Can’t take it!!  what? the ongoing Hot Mess; based on Carolina Cruising  a brotha will run a play like Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers!!  that’s how I’m Dealing With The Madness…

…Not just a Hot Ghetto Mess; it’s going down in churches, corporations, suburbs / settlements;  even the trailer park madness!!

These clearance rack epiphanies spell it out, but some said I’m gully with this when they holla back at us;  meanwhile  I was chilling out down in Charleston!!   I interfaced with Gullah culture…

Turbulence or interference was expected like AirAsia Flight 8501 experienced; the apparatus will have many ways and means to test ya!!  us and the rest of ya!!

It’ll get the best of ya!!  if it’s not the law enforcement industry it’s the economy..

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies as I let you know what the deal is!! They Got Me Out Here  Going For Mine….Freedom? that’s my top priority…priority…

Feel me on this; as I let you know what the real is!! I won’t turn my back on you like NYPD vs Mayor Bill de Blasio

O-Dog will rock the nation / actually the universe;  O-Zone will wrestle with these concepts like Ted DiBiase