Issues and Answers

I’m seeing what it do / what it does;  like the crisis in Syria..there were plenty of issues but no answers!

I’m seeing what it do / what it does; being built or torn down? its what a debatable circumstance was or is…

Plus I’m hearing what it do / what it does; its like the music was playing but there were no dancers!

Plus I’m hearing what it do / what it does; the intergalactic drama jumps off from the NASA LADEE launch to the moon to all the way to the ATL……like Obama strategies might fail..who has the answers?

No Cancers or Capricorns were in the spot!!  so no work was getting done!

The enemy was advancing!!  locking horns with Aries Rams that were saying they weren’t the one!

Gamblers out for a fast buck dipped in fast trucks!!  Dodge Rams or Toyota Highlanders!!  stolen ones used in Atlanta smash and grabs?  said they were done after the caper was pulled!

Ramblers off at the mouth snitched then switched genders like  Chelsea / Bradley Manning;  just a bunch of interlopers and highlanders chasing paper but they were fooled!

Some went postal; packages returned to senders or  stamps were put on it !! outlandish in souped up Subaru Outlanders…..waiting for answers!

They had plenty of issues;  we even felt the pressure..who will understand us?

They had plenty of issues……now they want to abandon us…love doesn’t live here anymore like Rose Royce….

Now waiting for answers! meanwhile we made moves…jokers damned us if we did or didn’t ..but we listened to our own voice…

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Disenfranchished / Discombobulated PT.2….Life Is Hectic

Disenfranchised…discombobulated…a brotha was out of sync with the ways of the world per Earth Wind and Fire…so that made life hectic.

Mentioned earlier I’m in conflict with the world after the drama unfurled; like Mitt Romney vs Obama at the NAACP meeting  I was disrespected!

I was disconnected; the operator says the number is no longer in service at this time!

Areas were disinfected from the pest….Sade was asking is it a crime! 

ATL prime time players were recruiting members; hall of fame or hall of shame?

Prime Time like Deion Sanders in an Atlanta Falcon uniform or maybe the red number 7 Mike Vick jersey…who’ll work with me? I’m  down here with wannabe macks and divas; its all game!

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