Mad At The World / In Conflict With The World

I was peeping game…checked the attitude…like people buying gas in California…. some of these jokers seem like their mad at the world!

But I wasn’t sleeping ….check the is put in…not fumbling like Mike Vick is.. check this breakbeat science I’m kicking to the world!

….based on being in conflict with the world.. sometimes it feels like I’m standing alone against it!

But I suddenly feel like a giant!!  now stepping over all the pain and anguish!

Noticing how strange it is….being subject to the authority; but some say its like Venezuela with Hugo Chavez …..under the reign of corruption!

All up in the spot surrounded by the yellow tape; supposedly the site is under construction!

Meanwhile some are in conflict with this world..mad at it;  outraged by the destruction!

Check the Total Chaos…some are in a state of despair and turmoil;  meanwhile we plant seeds in fertile soil..that’s whats up son!

Taking a loss?  firing on the police like Jonathan Bun or going off like James Holmes in Colorado?

Taking a loss…the police said stay on point when visiting Detroit…jokers are  mad at the world;  needing to contact the heavenly father!

…..especially after the drama unfurled..more than global warming was making things hotter!

Some talk tough like Mitt Romney…but aren’t going to do anything..not knowing all the details…especially when the seat gets hotter…


Handling Business Before It Handles Us..

Handling Business Before It Handles Us...


Business gets handled on this so called Doomsday; all parties involved will neither confirm nor deny!

But some will First 48 or Wikileak in the hood; they said “youse” a damn lie!

Damn!!! somebody lied about it like Straus Kahn; word from Pops? he said they had bills to pay!

Damn!! your homie is chilling; laying in the cut; seeing how shady deals will play! 

Handle your business before it handles you was what I tried to say!! some didn’t follow the drift!

Now out there in the spot where reason gave way to madness..baffled after they got gaffled like JJ Barea when priorities shift!

All out there in the spot!! it’s like Israel..Palestine..these territories didn’t lift the ban; seems like down here in Georgia martial law was in affect.

As I tell these stories; laying in the cut peeping game….I see my people still get no respect!

I see through the madness!! rolling up like the Dark Knight rises..a villain?  next level maneuvers will not be delayed; I see how the game is played.

Handling business before it handles me!! first thing I did was prayed!