They Couldn’t Stand The Pungent Odor PT.2

Once again it’s on!! I was all up in the spot bearing witness to the pungent odor.

Some couldn’t stand it; the block was hot!!  thought and fashion police were doing investigations!!  like Latino immigrants disappointed by Obama I run across the border.

O-Dizzle will rock damn it!!  I’m out of order with mine!! I wasn’t an anointed brotha!!  there’s no orderly fashion!!   I’m just doing what I do.

What’s that pungent odor?  it’s  smelling like fried salmon cooked in old grease like the old neighborhood “greasy spoon” !!  meanwhile jokers were acting “looney tune” !! when will the madness cease?  so what it do?

Who’s running it?  flagrant agents were robotic!!  so I found a crease or portal to slide through.

The other tangent management has rockets easing through space;  coming through like these solar storms shining Northern Lights!! the universe is where I’ll ride through.

What’s that pungent odor? some couldn’t stand it!! but check out these insights!!  nobody will hide you from the smell.

Security cameras were rolling!!  they saw you throwing punches like Ray Rice!!  it “ain’t nothing nice”  when the system castes a spell.

Really? who has stamina? so called powers that be were trolling!!  “it ain’t nothing nice” they were talking the other way like Danny Ferry and the Atlanta Hawks

They’ll damn ya if you do or don’t; you smell me per E-40? how were you rolling? vehicles were noisy in need of WD40…complex is how the sport will be!! the so called ATL pimp / player didn’t do anything but stalk..

Yellow crime scene tape and white chalk surround the site where the pungent odor was kicking!!

After observing the scene I’m ready to roll!! but others balk!! they can’t stand it or understand it; what? the science that I’m kicking!!