On To The Next

As we proceed and continue… what it do? like Louisville beating Wichita State…were on to the next!

True indeed!!   it has to be good!!   just like that….but its usually not a simple thing…it gets complex!


True indeed!! were on to the next.. facing obstacles like NATO troops in Afghanistan


As we proceed and continue…whatcha facing? we fight back with this good word and funky loops…that’s whats up man!!


True indeed !! as we come with the next..like Americans who dropped out of the labor force..its usually outside the box!


True indeed!!  might even say I’m out of my mind!!  but the Brotha O-Dizzle rocks!


Whats the dizzle?  like Obama budget proposals… hustle knocks were part of the routine when dealing with the apparatus!


The reign began with a drizzle…many weapons at their disposal…no need for Facebook or Twitter to check the status!


Whats the dizzle?  face to face with a crook?   no need to look  because the apparatus has them hemmed in!

Plans fizzle!!  some face the book being thrown at them!!  charges were trumped up!!  the media slandered them!


We had the funk and random thoughts for them !! showing them how we moved on to the next!


ATLiens mentioned getting crunk…but opportunities? they were blowing..  making the simple complex!