Play On Player PT. 7 (It’s Playoff Time)

In the compound? bass, treble and tone are adjusted; somebody told O-Dog to *Play On Player*

We come with the sound using it as a weapon, but  it’s like Yemen trouble is just around the corner waiting!!  so the brotha O-Zone will say a prayer..

Play On Player was what we heard!!  no bunting was what we were told by the coach;  plus hearing encouragement from the opposing teams fans? oh yeah!! at every pitch they said swing batter batter swing!!!

Play On Player!! that’s the catch phrase;   coach said we needed a win like the Toronto Raptors; we were told to do our thing…

Who will bring the drama? fascination was pronto!! attention captured!! like Iran moving warships towards Yemen!!

Who will bring the drama? reflecting on my Checker Cab days rolling through Louisville  in the Park-Hill projects?  wannabe gangsters tried to jack this man’s team!!

That’s why I don’t understand when one tells another to *Play On Player* geeking them up  like they were in New Hampshire at the Republican Leadership Summit, it’s easy to get set up….

Moving Forward these days like we were Golden State Warriors per our West Coasting out in Oakland; so what’s really going on?  *Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength*  is used; this brotha Can’t Let Up….

We Get Up to Get Down / bringing the sound; these brothas used things…

As we *Rebuke The Hostile Takeover;* we noticed that others were *Confused About Things*


Waiting On The Smoke To Clear PT.2 (Winds Of Change)

As we proceed and continue!! I’m waiting on the smoke to clear!! winds of change will blow them away!!  then we’ll be using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision!!

Check the menu!! that’s the ticket / the strategy;  like Bill Cosby rape victims from the past coming forward the concept is revisited!!!

Check the menu; drop down or table of contents!! negative naysayers say this concept is prohibited by law!!

Please!!!. like the Missouri state of emergency? next thing you know your victimized by martial law…

What was it that the Marshall saw? smoke and mirrors come into play!! images were manipulated by Adobe Photoshop…

O-Zone / O-Dog?  just waiting on the smoke to clear!! but check out the  BreakBeat Science when the beat is dropped.

What’s really going on? smoke and mirrors have some confused!! players flopped like Blake Griffin!!

…Soon confronted by Trevor Booker types that didn’t believe hypes!! soon we found out they’re a fake griffin!!

Flagrant agents shirtfronted a crook like Tony Abbott vs Vladimir Putin!! accused of being a pussy like Dwight Howard by other NBA players!!

Fake ones flossed and fronted like the GOP but get defeated like Keystone XL pipeline legislation!!!  now they want to say prayers!!

Meanwhile layers of snow blanket half of the country; winds of change were blowing in the storms…

Players like me roll down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie listening to War’s  City Country City waiting on the smoke to clear!!  but so much is going on I don’t know what the norm is!!


Choose Your Weapons / Poison

This brotha is Armed and Dangerous!!  I carried a Sonic Blackjack while ISIS types were detonating any number of explosive devices!!

Did The Knowledge;  nothing strange about this!! since day one Spiritual Warfare has been going down!!  from The Gaza Strip to Ukraine to even Ferguson peeps are caught up in the crisis!!

Knowing what the price is!!!  I’ve been paying them!! due a rebate or reparation? others flipped out mane!! how were they working it son? oh I’ve seen how some have sold out!!! .

Veteran In The Game!! knowing how it is!!  I waited for items to go on the clearance rack!!  a brotha will hold out!!

Dropping these clearance rack epiphanies while others hold out like GOP 2015 agendas!!  now they want to shut the sport down and lock us out!!!

O-Dog and O-Zone roll out!! that’s the deal with these!! we put the sound down!! .some said we rock out!! .

Rocking out!! rocking it!!  locking it down!! please…O-Dog has the material that’s hazardous!!

Weapons he’s holding? snares, kick drums, samples and white noise!! .

Almost made me lose my poise during Critical Stages Of Development..

But we proceed and continue; we cut the corner on jokers!! we’re turning  pages.!! check out this embellishment!!

Hitting you up with this!! the situation is out of control!!  jokers were detonating explosive devices!! blowing up the spot!!

Similar to ill situations worldwide; from Iraq to Boko Haram in Nigeria jokers will  make it hot!!

Similar to that spot in the hood; down on the block where anything can jump off!!

O-Dog says he has the funky sound!!  using the hip-hop cliche;  It’s About To Jump Off!!

Haters will bump you off;  characters are assassinated per Bill Cosby!!  they’ll  take you out like Bin Laden or have you strung up like they did Saddam…

Sounds bump!! O-Dog goes off!! please!!! check the weapons / poison that he chose!! don’t tell me he’s not jammin!!


The Foundation PT.2 (Back To The Roots)

Some were like can I get a what what per Jay Z  after I Let it go!!!  they asked me; So whatcha on??

Please!!!…I can’t really talk!!! I’m too busy typing this good word!! plus like Beyonce spaced out at the ball game  this music puts me in a zone!!

O-Zone? looking somewhat bummy; Scuffed up Tims on,  old out of style  Karl-Kani jeans on!! With a  thermal shirt and Cozumel tourist t-shirt!!

In this danger zone? like ISIS in Iraq the oppressed oppress each other;  please!!  it’s easy to get hurt!!

What am I on? I’m back at the foundation!! I hit the reset button!! but I still get my hands dirty, I do more that type on IBM or HP keyboards!!!!

Got O-DOG to work with me;  jazz, funk and hip hop will be the essence of this discipline; sometimes I play Roland or Yamaha keyboards!!

Higgs Boson / God Particle type scientific business as we work towards our ultimate goal?  check out how we roll!! I told you!! we’re trying  to rock the nation!!!

Who’s bossing?  like Democrats abandoning Obama they’re trying to start with a bro!! I’m holding on to God’s unchanging hand!!  the solid rock foundation.

Didn’t forget the foundation for this BreakBeat Science thing that we do!!

Based on Soul, Funk and Jazz with a twist; because that’s what we do / we do!!

We take it back to the roots, the foundation; Nobody can be you but you!!  we took Steve Arrington’s advice!!

Stayed tuned to upcoming episodes as we hit you up with something nice!!!!!

The Foundation (Back To The Roots)

I hit the reset button; I’m going back to the roots; hopefully planted deep / deep in the ground!

What’s up son? we dealt with drama like Ferguson; What’s it all about ?? O-Zone had his doubts but I get deep into the sound!!

Me and O-DOG get down; that’s how it’s working son!!  we try to spread this sound across the nation!!!

Actually we spread it worldwide or through the universe; where did it all start? Soul, jazz, rock, and funk is the foundation!!

Similar to spiritual matters;  as this world bruises and batters? God is our solid rock foundation!!

Souls scatter  while on this earth? we’re standing on shaky ground like earthquakes in California!!  feel the sensation!!

Hollywood skyscrapers built on California earthquake fault lines?  not a fault of mine!! But the soul sensation of the sound we bring is built on energy like James Brown!!

Funk like Parliament!!  meanwhile in Canada dude shot up the Parliament but that’s not how we get down!!

Who started it? per the drama in Ukraine when things jump off?  you’ll dip!! you don’t want to sit down, you want to get down like Brick, you got to feel it!!!!

Who started it? please!! I’m just trying to maintain!!  mind taken off all the ill issues in this life that we have to deal with!!!

In the Middle East per ISIS?  those folks are feeling it,  even Hezbollah fires missiles!!

Israeli jets drop bombs!! meanwhile in the ATL?  these jackers pull pistols!!

Who will miss you?  some front, flex and get their swag on with material goods then get pistol whipped / cars stolen;  jackers just wanted the rims!!

Whatcha know?? that’s why I stay grounded per the foundation!! this is reality!!! It’s not virtual like the Sims!!!

I’m Taking Their Advice (Getting My Mind Right)

Get your mind right!! so I’m taking that advice per what *old girl * told me!!

Moment Of Clarity?  insight is gained!! now I’m at the service desk returning bogus merchandise  that was sold me!!!

Not fair with me? of course they aren’t!!  they said no refund or exchanges!!!

Reality truth or dared me;  I had to keep this hot mess!! now per Band of Gypsys / Buddy Miles /  Jimi Hendrix?  my mind is going through them  changes!!!

Reality provided proof; I’m dealing with how strange it is;  GOP claiming the Senate?  is that why Mitch McConnell is skinning and grinning? I heard these  so called  power brokers!!!

I carried the Sword of Truth but not beheading jokers like ISIS;  *Get Your Head Right!! that’s  the slogan used by high acid heads and weed smokers!!

Arrogant and aloof ones?  oh yeah!! now I see these jokers are in high places in society!!

Going there with it using drums and these good words!! *Vision and Intuition*  working overtime; Why did these jokers lie to me?

Don’t Cry To Me!!  earlier jokers were caught up in popjihadism or gangsterism but now showing expressions of emotionalism!

Don’t lie about me per Chris Brown vs Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon!! what are they on? now showing emotionalism!!

This is how we get down for those who ask me;  How You Living?? What?? please, I told them I’m living on the the edge!!

With the rest *of my family* out there!! local, national, international and intergalactic!! some might understand me!! if not? do the knowledge!!

Diplomatic Immunity (The WordPress Edition)

It got rough on the Eastside per the Jeffersons; so we cut the corner!!  we dipped back to the community.

How did we ride?  God is good all the time and all the time God is good!! damn!!  we realize we had diplomatic immunity.

There’s nowhere to run or hide!!  damn!!  everything is falling apart around me!!  I’m trying to chill.

Good and evil collide / coincide; God’s work is taking place !!  per James Cleveland I’m trying to get peace to be still.

There’s no all star team like Cleveland Cavaliers per Lebron, Kyrie and Kevin!! check out how we’re living!! It’s not odd that blue collar work  is still going down;  that’s how I do things.

Some are acting real cavalier!! It’s not odd that when you chase a dollar the system will make you do things.

Now you need to make inquiries about a diplomatic solution to the ongoing problems.

Per ISIS vs the world?   or even Israelis vs Hamas?  Check the crisis at the front door!!  it’s where the drama was.

The drama unfurled so now  this brotha will be moving… *Spiritually To A New Level Of Consciousness*

Dropping Knowledge; Using Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock, when we come with this!!!

Climbing out of the Abyss with this  BreakBeat Science!! * Teaching them and ourselves*

Please!!  it’s a trip sometimes *Check out what we do to ourselves*

So we pull funky sounds off of shelves and out of boxes; WE COME TO ROCK THIS!!

Moving; Grooving;  **Spiritually To A Level Of Consciousness**

Chilling / Healing / Soon Coming With The Real Thing

Get your mind right! that’s what old dude told me!!  so we undergo the healing  process!!

20 /20 hindsight after we left  the worm hole!! I see how some roll!! they choose sexual healing like Marvin;  others were drunk and smoked out!! they self medicate to stop the stress!!

**STOP THE PRESS** …this just in…breakbeat science is dropped!! THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!

The music can also heal you; doing the knowledge will bring the real you!! check out how funky O-DOG’S sound will get!!!!

O-ZONE found it; while chilling in grey areas;  from the Bay Area  to out beyond Pluto and Mars!! I was in and out of different scenarios!!

Twilight Zones?  please!!  I continue to fight clones plus jokers “ain’t right” with these drones!! so I found bridges between realms that were material and spiritual!!

Twilight Breaking Dawn? please!! we party to the break of dawn!! Where Did The Fear Go!!!!  after chilling and healing I adjusted bass, treble and tones on broken beats!! soon I issued eviction notices to fools like  landlords!!!

Found direction due to the divine intervention!! it’s in the unchanging hand of the Lord’s!!

Sounds close to perfection; the perfect beat like Bambaataa!!  what’s up with a brotha?  no Lords of the Rings!!  check the funky sound that O-DOG brings

Who’s in your section? nobody but these drama queens and kings!!

Oh I forgot!! we were in your section!!  massacres occured per the Islamic State!  As Kings and Queens of Drama introduce Next Level Dramatics!!!

Watching what I say on the cell as these authorities show hate per NSA / Prism eavesdropping; just a bunch of fanatics!!

Watching what I say on land lines; high tech land mines? don’t holla at this!!!!

Communicating  with Hip-Hop; funk ; jazz; rock; when we come with this!!!!


The Reality Show vs The Elaborate Fantasy

It’s going down!!  everybody is looking for something!! check the old school cliche / catch phrase; everybody is trying to keep hope alive per Rev.  Jesse Jackson.

But he was called out over in Ferguson;  the strategy wasn’t working son!!  check out the ongoing action.

Distractions keep some working;  did the vehicle stall out? now going in circles like Billy Preston?  zoning out on these ongoing reality shows?

These factions with the funk rebirth  keep pressing on!!  as the fatalities in this spiritual warfare grow.

Elaborate fantasies have them caught out there!! since Halloween approaches some had their  hair dyed like Dennis Rodman.

Dealing with it like fantasy football with the wrong players drafted?  I got the last laugh kid!!  O-Dizzle will rock them.

They didn’t understand me though;  hustles?  like ISIS torturing hostages  the system will knock them!!  dude warned me things were getting ugly.

I did the knowledge;  might have to hit the reset button!!  that’s what I told little buddy.

The  reality show vs the elaborate fantasy? it will have all of us geeked!!

Clearance rack epiphanies were bought after we cashed reality checks;  through the Galaxy the mothership streaked.

Clearance for these degrees even though fake classes were taken like UNC?  haters leaked information like  they did about  Todd Gurley signing autographs.

Interference in these reality shows like the cable bill wasn’t paid?  it’s all a charade!! the mothership has landed on earth!! but I’m still interstellar / intergalactic with this!!

We’re Doing This For The People

Once again it’s on!!  it’s going down on this Labor Day as Breakbeat Science is dropped blue-collar labor style!!  the brotha O-Dog even used a pawn shop appliance!!!!

O-Zone did the knowledge; now the good word is typed  into the iPhone!!  check out the ambience!!!!

The mothership gets good mileage!! come go with us;!! as we take a Magical Mystery Tour!!

Similar to the  Beatles; hip to what the street does!! plus science  was studied on college campuses, plus studied under church steeples;  this operation is spiritual!!

Bearing witness to what feeling the heat does like Obama concerning ISIS; check the crisis as we put it down like this!! it’s the rebuttal!! It’s just the way we do things!!! Who else will do it?

Are you hearing what the deal is? it’s a rough job  like the cliché!!  but somebody has got to do it!!!

Mechanical engineering is going down!! O-DOG is like Bob the Builder; the cache of beats is thorough!!

We rebuke the social engineering;  plans are to rock the burbs, meadows, ghettos and your borough!!

…..Or maybe even barrio, check the scenario,  like the name of this blog…what’s really going on?

Like racial profiling in Ferguson / St Louis County it’s easy to get clocked;  especially if your rolling in the wrong  zone!!!

How did some play? they’re busy styling and profiling while the apparatus is wilding!! but not just in a physical manner; corporations stay in your pocket!!

How did some play? they’ll  pat you down like school yard bullies; that’s how they rock it!!

How did we play? trunks will rattle to the O-Dog  sound; it’s all up  in your hooptie or sports utility vehicle!!

Funk is what you get from us;  we’re  doing this for the people!!  for the people!!