Clearance Rack Epiphanies; We’re Still Here

Check these clearance rack epiphanies; Christmas Eve approaches… it’s the end of 2012..the end of the year when I wrote this!

Mayan Doomsday   is going down in another way; who will believe? its right at the Winter Solstice!

Jazz, hip hop, and soul is what O-Dizzle will play;  plus dubstep and drum and bass!

O-Zone drops this breakbeat science..carrying the sword of truth..the mass hysteria is like your step when you try to run up in his face!

Danger zone residents will catch a case;  whose fake with it? are they down with the enemy?

Clones were programmed with microchips implanted;  bar coded type of entity!

Drones frequencies were they crash in the desert  over by Pakistan;  now the service desk is crowded!

O-Zone will freak these; please!!  the thought and fashion police said no mistakes are allowed!

The zone press defense fouled a lot of players;   now they complain to the referee and officials!

A felonious one confessed to his crimes then snitched on us!

Thelonious Monk type funk is dropped on them in response; we get crunk like ATLiens!

Clearance rack epiphanies are dropped;  Christmas Eve approaches..its the end of the year sale;  either we will win or fail with them!

We’re Back At It

We’re back at it…once again its on!!  the saga / struggle continues!

I’m on a diet..South Beach one?  naw!! avoiding a  Jacob Tyler Roberts type fanatic out in Portland  with an AR-15….just chefs in hells kitchen with their menus!

Can’t lie about it!!  Bernice on South Beach Towing will jack your ass!!  straight up and down!

Dedicated to the truth….unlike fiscal cliff talks we can’t lie about it..trying to reach the masses!!  were back at it..but society will hate on what we put down!

Dedicated to the truth; didn’t  put up with a clown like the Screen Actors Guild vs Joaquin Phoenix… I didn’t like the way they moved!

Jokers were fronting..rolling in the Range Rover or Lincoln Navigator;  holding up traffic out in Phoenix  in the SUV or Stupid Useless Vehicle;  meanwhile I’m out here in Atlanta on I-20  in the hooptie..I see what it do!!  as O-Dizzle grooved!

O-Zone did what behooved him!! like Syrians its all about freedom…as we go all out!

….to get free and stay free in this danger zone..without a doubt!

Whats it all about?  I ask myself..standing alone against the world…sometimes a day late and a dollar short in this sport!

Whats it all about?  dude was skinning and grinning  like John McAfee   on the way back to the US…supposedly the competition subliminal message sending!! telling mission? I should  abort!

Check my attitude!!  usually minding and tending..district and superior courts will put a brotha on the docket!

Were back it!!  shrewd, cunning, and clever with these Babylonians …dropping this good word while O-Dizzle will continue to rock it!


We’re Taking A Look At Things / Peeping Game

Check the street terminology…the sociology..psychology…the brotha O-Zone is peeping game!  haters were foul with this..

Taking a look at things…using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision…but rolling discrete; usually quiet is kept in these danger zones…not protesting at Morsi’s palace..

But I wasn’t sleeping in these games!….a crook thought he had things..he had to change his mind..but I was keeping an eye on these jokers..wolves in sheep clothing show malice..casting the blame on my brethren; Ice Cube mentioned Americas Most Wanted! 

A brotha removes him self from the front lines like Tommy Tuberville up to Cincy…I wasn’t a sacrificial lamb..I kept it moving / dipping; a moving target is hard to hit…I wasn’t fronting; I never Hollywood stunted!

 I never fronted and flaunted…staying on top of it; but knowing.. sometimes its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors! 

I gathered and hunted..putting in work blue collar style; its no joke out here..its like the Israeli Gaza Conflict..check the horrors and terrors!

Bomb scares were confirmed…but like PSY some contradicted themselves.. destiny manifested after the O-Dog funk was dropped! 

Stock markets plummeted!! money invested lost!! portfolios were chopped! 

Its all game…check the climate change..agreements made at  Doha /Kyoto Protocol …meanwhile O-Dizzle cosmic slopped all up in this piece! 

Peeping game!! O-Zone is like a pro to y’all…I noticed the reign began with a drizzle;  when will the madness cease?

Business As Usual / Getting BreakBeat Scientific With It

Please !! this is business as usual like drama in the Gaza Strip…I had to do the knowledge…now I flip it..after  this brotha was peeping game!

Please!! this is business as usual..breakbeat scientific with it…I had to acknowledge..I was quiet but I wasn’t sleeping in the game!

Plus its not unusual that I’m down with the tribe; worldwide…that’s how we ride…from protests in Europe against austerity  to Obama / congressional fiscal cliff talks…my peeps catch all the blame for this and that!

Checking out the vibe;  sideways glances showed me its all game..hostile like James Holmes from Aurora Colorado? plus jokers were slacking…they can’t deal with prosperity…soon realizing that its like this and like that!

As we continue to fight that…dealing with debatable circumstances..being built or torn down? like people in Boulder Colorado against fracking….tired of corporations jacking…some aren’t right with that!! they’re  benefitting from ongoing instigations!

As we continue to fight that…..the system tries to take us back;  retrofitting!!  even said some are fitting composites during investigations!

Its business as usual; as these polar opposites drop this good word and brand new funk!

Its business as usual; unfortunately.. one and two years olds shot off Polar Rock road in Atlanta no composite sketches for jokers getting crunk!

Its business as usual:  peeps said they were bipolar;  off their meds…meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock!!  its breakbeat scientific business as usual!

Jokers think they know a bro;   the hustle? they knock..but thats business as usual!

As we at least act like we knew…which actually leads to work being put in…blue collar style…

As we at least act like we knew….had to admit like the hadron collider / symmetry…everything is not working…word to those who’ll pull my file…

Peeping Game; Realizing There’s No Where To Run Or Hide

We were out there….intergalactic journeys were taken out in the universe..but authorities took pictures like the Mars Curiosity Rover;  I realized there’s no where to run or hide!

Peeping game on how a fanatic will work these…you can be universal or all up in the spot;  check this scripture….soon  realizing that good and evil coincide!

Who will work with bruh?  jokers try to play me like Obama after the DNC … sideways glances revealed true colors like Cyndi Lauper!

But we continue to ride through the inclement weather like it was the New York area….we told Al Roker to check the Doppler!

We continue to ride for freedom like rebels in Syria;  whats the deally yo? O-Dizzle will rock you…O-Zone has this good word for ya!

It seems nobody was checking for us; unless they’re interested in disrespecting us..trumping up charges….saying we tampered  with evidence like Johnnie Cochran…please!!  a brotha will rock them…but some even told us we never heard of ya!

Please!!  hustles? jokers will knock them; I’m asking did that work for ya? we’ve got that work for ya!!  O-Dizzle will put the funk out!

O-Zone bears witness to the Total Chaos and confusion; so-called masters of the universe will punk out!

They take a loss…. then ask us;  how to work did we try to ride?

We were still chilling..but on the frontlines; realizing there’s no where to run or hide!

But every now and then when a joker fronts on mine we slide through a portal that opens up!

But everybody can play the fool sometimes per Main Ingredient we didn’t get our hopes up!

Deliberate Falsehood Mix / Sunday Jazz

Sunday Jazz Continues….lets hit you up with another O-Dizzle jazz, funk, hip hop mix called Deliberate Falsehood. know what I’m saying? when the bold face straight up lie is told…a deliberate falsehood…an attempt to keep one from the truth….check this mix out….it’s massive!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Deliberate Falsehood Mix / Sunday Jazz.

It Was On and Popping…

Things have died down; like Jeremy Lin leaving the New York Knicks…but for a minute like Act II popcorn it was on and popping!

..Or maybe like Orville Redenbacher; what’s happening?  please!! O-Dizzle is a funky type of soul brotha… the chief rocker;  jazzing it up or even hip hopping!

Or maybe even housing;  he wasn’t quitting and wasn’t stopping;  meanwhile  like The Dark Knight Rises…O-Zone surprises….he was doing the knowledge!

….Sometimes he didn’t know about these earthlings !! so the mothership stays moving like Northern Lights… it gets good mileage!

Plus I’m knowing how foul it can get … needles in turkey sandwiches on Delta flights….thats why I’m usually minding and tending!

The style is blue collar …work is put in….not a jive turkey…with this good word I’m grinding;  while O-Dizzle is beat blending!

Act like you knew..holla at a scholar!!  were sending messages in the songs; they’re a spiritual conduit!

Blatant…subliminal…telepathic?  check how this math will get…as we go through it!

Meanwhile a joker like Mitt Romney said they were going to it;  they said it’s on and popping!

….But its foul on the frontlines of spiritual warfare;  it’s like over in Damascus…I see my folks dropping!

That’s why I continue dropping this breakbeat science on the masses!

I guess you can say its on and popping!!  as we conduct funk seminars and classes!

I Was Telling Them…Its Time For Transition

Fast breaking in transition like Westbrooks and Durant …or maybe Lebron and D Wade…we’re putting it down like this!

Beat breaking!!  O-Dizzle had hooklines and his own beats;  whats up with it?  were putting it down like this!

As we continue to fight this spiritual warfare ….circulating through the galaxies like the Venus Transit!

The hooptie was down for a couple of days;  we jumped on MARTA down here in Atlanta…taking mass transit!

Truth be told?  wasn’t always rolling in hoopties… health care or the economy? we rode BART out in the Bay Area plus TARC up in Louisville!

Truth be told? like the mass hysteria in Syria..this is no funny business like Bart Simpson ….like Cheryl Lynn its got to be real!

Whats the deal?   as I get scientific like Carl Sagan…history in the making…truth be told?…the story is unfolding as I write this!

Whats the deal?  its on fire like Colorado…proof is provided about the spiritual we fight this!

As I light this torch for my people in the dark;  plus I’m rocking a hardhat with the lantern on top!

Were in transition…circulating ; dropping this good jazz, funk , and hip hop!