It’s Not The One The Ohio Players Talked About

They had us on the rollercoaster; we were rolling!! but it wasn’t the love one the Ohio Players talked about!

They had us coming and going!! caught out there!! it’s all gravy baby was the word from a bragger / boaster…one of the ATL players that walked about!

….or rather stalked about similar to NYPD with the stop and frisk…jokers were looking for prey; some ATLiens mentioned trapping!

…They even have the soundtrack for it…peep game;  whose for it or against it?  others mentioned pimp slapping!

Crooks were gun clapping or back slapping…the O’Jays mentioned back stabbing because jokers carried the dagger!

…Dressed in khakis and flannel with Converse or Vans;  maybe even business suits like Wall Street brokers or government officials…like Timothy Geithner playing both sides of the ball…check out the swagger!

The bragger and boaster was loving it all!!  said it was exciting!! but the drama?  it can be local national international or even intergalactic!

….they’ll convince you to get on the rollercoaster!! even though arguments were irrational…that’s the word from a fanatic!

…acting erratic!  screaming!!  as the rollercoaster makes its descent!

Like Rod Blagojevich and his appeal these mathematics provide the rebuttal to a joker trying to circumvent!

….had to admit!!  I couldn’t work with it!!  I never was a fan of carnivals or the state fairs!

We get breakbeat scientific…. that’s how we work it!! dropping knowledge about the state of affairs!