Chilling / Healing / Soon Coming With The Real Thing

Get your mind right! that’s what old dude told me!!  so we undergo the healing  process!!

20 /20 hindsight after we left  the worm hole!! I see how some roll!! they choose sexual healing like Marvin;  others were drunk and smoked out!! they self medicate to stop the stress!!

**STOP THE PRESS** …this just in…breakbeat science is dropped!! THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!

The music can also heal you; doing the knowledge will bring the real you!! check out how funky O-DOG’S sound will get!!!!

O-ZONE found it; while chilling in grey areas;  from the Bay Area  to out beyond Pluto and Mars!! I was in and out of different scenarios!!

Twilight Zones?  please!!  I continue to fight clones plus jokers “ain’t right” with these drones!! so I found bridges between realms that were material and spiritual!!

Twilight Breaking Dawn? please!! we party to the break of dawn!! Where Did The Fear Go!!!!  after chilling and healing I adjusted bass, treble and tones on broken beats!! soon I issued eviction notices to fools like  landlords!!!

Found direction due to the divine intervention!! it’s in the unchanging hand of the Lord’s!!

Sounds close to perfection; the perfect beat like Bambaataa!!  what’s up with a brotha?  no Lords of the Rings!!  check the funky sound that O-DOG brings

Who’s in your section? nobody but these drama queens and kings!!

Oh I forgot!! we were in your section!!  massacres occured per the Islamic State!  As Kings and Queens of Drama introduce Next Level Dramatics!!!

Watching what I say on the cell as these authorities show hate per NSA / Prism eavesdropping; just a bunch of fanatics!!

Watching what I say on land lines; high tech land mines? don’t holla at this!!!!

Communicating  with Hip-Hop; funk ; jazz; rock; when we come with this!!!!



Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Class Is In Session

Whats the deal with these?  we’re not like retailers supplying information to authorities...check the spending habits…for some its the back to school period;  class is in session!

Check these clearance rack epiphanies…were real with these!! its balanced out with the sonic aggression!

…we let the Lord run his business…no interference with divine intervention;  diplomatic immunity is invoked!

Whats the deal with this?  as we deal with the Deliberate Falsehood;  whose acting false in the hood or community?  the hero choked!

….In the midst of so many falsehoods I carry a sword of truth...while ghetto passes were revoked for some!

Down for the cause!!  its gotta be good!!!  now English and beats are broken; O-Dizzle had to bring out the drum!

Whats the dizzle?  some will get whats coming to them!!! especially when these epiphanies are put on the clearance rack!

Whats the dizzle?  thought and fashion police peep game like the NSA per Edward Snowden ..any clearance for that?

Whats the dizzle? please!!  the reign began with a drizzle…mentioned in previous episodes…

Whats the dizzle? please!! were dropping this like the Perseid Meteor Shower… its off tune off beat singing in the shower..check the modes…

…..of transportation…or transformation…as we move forward like Israel with 1,200 new settlement homes….whats up Holmes? we rolling  with a fresh view fresh vision…

Clearance rack epiphanies are dropped..check the deep discount…around this back to school  period…but class is already in session…

The Storm Passed Through / Waiting In The Dark

A storm just passed through the Atlanta  area;  now there’s a power outage!

Now were waiting in the dark..waiting on Georgia Power …so they can  ‘go all out ” with it!

They had vehicles waiting in park / waiting to be deployed;  but these days?  jokers are slacking!

The blue-collar style played out!!  especially since Detroit is bankrupt …plus banks corrupt the masses …meanwhile ATLiens give classes on macking!

Whose chasing a dollar?  NSA was tracking them!!  they knew all the habits!

Whose casing the joint?  holla if you hear me!!  ….magicians had hats full of rabbits!

Whose casing the joint?  ATLiens smash and grab it!!   they were waiting in the dark !! caught in a moment of time!

During these critical stages of development thought and fashion police had vehicles waiting in park;  the arch nemesis?  an opponent of mine!

Breakbeat science?  it’s a component of mine!!  the brand new funk and this good word!

Waiting in the dark?  naw!  I didn’t waste my time.. please!!!  its gotta be good!!  you heard?

Waiting in the dark?  naw!  others said they were following hunches!!  saying all they had to do was wait..that didn’t work out….

Hating per George Zimmerman? ? that’ll spark an uprising…no free lunches…check the Justice For Trayvon rallies nationwide…per Willie Hutch brothas are gonna work it out..


I Was Trying To Chill But I’m Right Back In It

I was trying to chill…had the fresh view / fresh vision going…but I couldn’t  ignore it…checking out the Total Chaos and confusion; some are realizing  life is hectic!

Heard the Deliberate Falsehood..whose acting false in the hood?…..chemical weapons not used in Syria? somebody is lying!! on top of that jokers want me to take a loss;  they disrespected!

So whats good? whats hood? jokers push and shove like Chris Bosh and Tim Duncan under the basket…its not like Philly….no brotherly love  / no benevolence!

But I go back to Ice T and the Glove!!  somewhat Reckless…but I rise above the debatable circumstance!

Is there any love? were being built or torn down;  it goes down as we put it down like this!

Life is hectic….Edward Snowden or even Bangladesh garment workers can tell you that.. the saga  / struggle continues as we fight this!

Spiritual warfare its going down!!  I was trying to chill..trying to be funky fresh!!  but not rocking any Joe Fresh… but I got pulled back into it!

Whats that? the game…who can we blame? I was trying to chill!! but  I knew how the apparatus operated per NSA Prism programs… I wasn’t trying to fool with it!

Trying to deal with it!! damn!!  life is hectic!!  but if I keep it moving;  good things happen!

Trying to deal with it!! life is hectic!!  but we already knew that when we landed back on earth..the mothership I was strapped in..

Being real with it during the toil and strife;  disrespected but I proceed and continue to do my thing!

Life is hectic!!  but we prevail…God is blessing us… we continue to do the damn thing!