Clearance Rack Epiphanies (After Christmas Sale 2015)

This is how it’s going down!! it’s a couple of days after Christmas 2015, plus the year is about to come to a close..

We just had the Christmas Full Moon in Cancer, but some fool will still be a devil dancer, knowing that the devil will oppose..

Seasons / Reasons will make me compose this, check these clearance rack epiphanies!! once again it’s on, as I use my favorite hip hop cliche.

Seasons / reasons? I just have to drop these clearance rack epiphanies right after the Christmas Holiday.

How will we play?  peace my brothers and sisters!! plus  tidings of comfort and joy are the usual slogans and catch phrases.

Emphasized by the Pope at Christmas Day Prayers / Christmas Eve masses,  but O-Dog will conduct seminars and classes!!  that’s how he’ll play this.

Like Isley’s we move on to the next phases, but not surprised by how others played it!! spotted at Lenox Mall in Atlanta checking out the clearance racks.

Not surprised how others played it at Northlake Mall in Charlotte and at Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia …they’ll shoot it out but there’s no clearance for that.

In Europe?  the security clearance is all of that!! it’s due to ISIS terror threats.

In Iraq?  forces have their own clearance sale trying to remove ISIS from Ramadi before history repeats itself.

….Plus an entity defeats itself by holding on to old memories;  right them down on the loose leaf then set the sheet on fire.

Soon issues are engulfed in flames,  clearance racks are emptied due to the epiphanies!!  for the year 2015?  the shot clock will expire.

Satellite Station Transmissions PT.9 (The Holiday Edition)

Check out these Satellite Station Transmissions!! Season greetings to you and yours!! of course, that’s if you celebrate Christmas; if not, it’s still all love…

Treasons / reasons not just a street thing!! gatekeepers tried to deal us a bad hand!! like last minute Christmas bargain hunters jokers will push and shove..

Treasons / reasons not just a street thing, even though jokers shot up Northlake Mall in Charlotte, (R.I.P Daquan Westbrook)  they had I-77 messed up more than usual..

Seasons / reasons had me chilling in the lab watching NBA ballers!!  Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant kept shooting but  the Bulls beat the Thunder, even though they’re stressed more than usual…

Even Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers seem more stressed than usual!! even though they have everybody back they’re still no match for the Golden State Warriors!! the effort was a weak one..

On this Christmas Day? we’re blessed but that’s business as usual!! oh!! we continue to go through the storms, reminded by the rain, thunder and lightning from storms that passed through Atlanta this weekend!!

Check out these Satellite Station Transmissions!! I’m playing this hand these gamblers out for a fast buck dealt me, but not on the same page.

Insight dropped per Random Thoughts, after this holiday? you’ll soon get a Clearance Rack Epiphany!! somewhat revolutionary!! That’s per The Sonic Assault!! feel the rage.

Haven’t quite thawed out from the Ice Age, plus I spotted others still in the darkness!!  per these Satellite Station Transmissions?  I’m going in rocking *Hardhat With The Lantern On Top*

It’s like I’m walking in space repairing the International Space Station so supply ships can dock!! Still Intergalactic the Brotha O will rock!! now the Mothership has landed, I’m back on earth bringing this Cosmic Slop.

Local national international and intergalactic is where the drama is but we wont quit and wont stop!!  approaching the final frontier?

Check out these Satellite Station Transmissions per this Holiday Edition!! our vision is clear.