Updating The Captains Log Pt. 5 (It’s No Jive)

Don’t worry!!  we’ll have this good word and the drums otherwise known as the scripture and mixture; this is how we play…

The Captain’s Log is updated after  a dude sums up the consequences per dealing with the wise and the otherwise; damn!! this brotha had to learn the hard way….

Played  like bums per the Ferguson anniversary?  this is the rebuttal!! we’re *Rebuking The Hostile Takeover*  we had to *Roll Up With A Small Army*

Played like bums per the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima? will there be an Iran or North Korea nuclear winter? it wouldn’t alarm me!

Creating our own time zone like North Korea!! word from these Intergalactic space travelers / Mystery Unravelers!!  *The Situation Is Critical* as we ponder The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space...

Once again its on!! fanatics were rebuked for trying to edit history!! intellects were vast, cool and unsympathetic, serene in the assurance of their dominion, but it was a matter of opinion!!  we’re on the case..

Staying on the case!!  even though out here in the Smoke and Mirrors  / The Fog the situation is toxic!! it’s like that movie *The Mist*

Staying on the case!! updating this Captain’s Log, but haters said what we come with is Hazardous Material!! they even say some of the assets we hold our toxic, but ecological ignorance will alter the fate! plus we knew ignorance was bliss!!

Staying on the case!! updating this Captain’s Log!!  they didn’t know what we had was spiritual, no belligerence like Donald Trump

We keep it moving!! O-Dog was taking intergalactic journeys like New Horizons out by Pluto!! after consulting with resident aliens  he came back with beats that thump..

Updating this Captain’s Log!! this is no jive!! I’m not on a stump or bully pulpit telling folk how they should do it!!

Plus I’m not bragging or boasting like Michael Jordan saying he could beat Lebron!! that’s not what I’m on, I’m acting like I knew it!!

Updating The Captains Log PT.4

It’s going down!!! I’m updating this Captains Log, but it’s a little later than usual!!

But it’s going down!! I’m down here in Atlanta where GOP Presidential candidates are at the Red State Gathering; any math dropped in that thing? per Donald Trump haters are acting unusual!

Who’ll understand a brah? extraterrestrials told me how the funk show go during intergalactic gatherings now beats will rumble, they’ll  thump!!

Who’ll understand a brah as I update this Captain’s Log?  pedestrians stumble through the Smoke and Mirrors, the Fog!! they’ll trip over a stump!!

Who’ll understand a brah? there wasn’t any rest for me!! side eyes and sideways glances were recieved like I attended cartel gatherings with the drug dealers, hustlers and players!!

What’s up Holmes, but not James out in Aurora? feeling like I’m serving a life sentence but elders encouraged me and others; they told us to Play On Players!!

What’s up Holmes? horror and terror during this reign will have us all saying prayers!! circumstances are debatable!!

Being built or torn down? society didn’t turn the level of scorn down, check out the latest controversy!! egos are deflatable!!

I was out there but now the Mothership has landed back on earth where they’ll hate on a dude, but a brotha will be claiming territory!! might even create my own time zone like North Korea…

I was out there!! a brotha gets scientific, while these wannabe players in Atlanta were like the Chi-Lites asking have you seen her?

Meanwhile?  O-Dog will hook up bars and hooks;  we’re Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch..

Once Again It’s On!!  The Captain’s Log is updated by O-Zone!!  our response to the hell we catch..