They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Five)

It’s going down as Saturday morning shifts to Saturday afternoon on New Year’s Eve, but the science dropped is appropriate for any time frame!

My people? they need to recognize the pattern, the apparatus will try to play a mind game..

..or two so what it do? damn! some are ready to move forward while others couldn’t find the pause button for the passage of time. 

They tried to chill out in comfort zones but soon they got uncomfortable, it seems like renewal or peace is hard to find. 

Recognize the pattern as others tried to fill the atmosphere with chaos and confusion even though the new  year is here, meanwhile I’m about peace not pugnacious!

But the iconoclastic go ballistic,  like North Korea shooting missiles  or sending Iranian drones to Ukraine like Russia increasing the pressure,   we’ll see what the deal is!

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Trinidadian Deep – Far Out Boogie

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we jump off into this Saturday Night Fever edition as twilight approaches!

Might as well get into and get involved, word from Brotha O a veteran in the game who now coaches…

…as Armageddon Approaches as jokers like Putin do all this nuclear weapons talk and North Korea shoots missiles..

…not forgetting these American lone wolves with long guns and street thugs firing pistols. 

We’re thrown to the wolves but it’s all good we made peace with them now we’re breaking you off a piece of this smooth jazz from Trinidadian Deep with a track called Far Out Boogie

This is a continuation of the Afternoon Jazz set we had going earlier so who’ll work with a bro?  act like you knew me!!

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Sword Of Truth Illuminations (Part Ten)

Started writing this on a Sunday morning, a perfect time to receive Sword Of Truth Illuminations. 

The antenna is up, WiFi is on, Reading The TelePrompter was also mentioned by O-Zone in previous episodes / situations!

Had to admit, things were not going to plan; it’s rough out here, hectic / chaotic!

Had to admit, it was on and popping felt elation but soon stressing from doing too much which led to heart palpitations.

Something’s coming per Sword Of Truth Illuminations I can feel it my intuition was kicking / working overtime, and it’s something I can’t rock with!

War drumming from an African or Indian drummer ushering in Indian Summer? saber rattling from North Korea to Russia to here in Atlanta where gunfire ring out from the Hummer! I think I’ll run to safety, leaving these foul situations. 

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Return On Our Investment (Part Six)

 Work was put in by me and my constituents, oh yeah! we’ve been paying the price!

Will there be a return on our investment? please! of course the system is not playing fair, “it ain’t nothing nice”

We’re left to our own devices, check these musings; we’re even out here broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Traffic calming devices aka speed bumps plus potholes slows a dude’s roll when trying to dip down these side streets in Atlanta!

It was bizarre! maybe somebody can understand what a brotha is dealing with! sometimes unnatural, a low tide not a high tide with a full moon caused a soul storm!

It crept up on us! sneaky! rolling through like Tropical Storm Nicholas but it seemed furtive not forthcoming! oh no, it’s not the norm!

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