Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart (Part Nine)

I spotted a hole in the structure on this Monday morning;  did I need to pull out the duct tape?

I spotted a soul, corrupted due to “buking / scorning”,  indeed! plenty of them will pull up in this corrupt state…

…of affairs that we’re in, O-Zone already mentioned that it’s all falling apart in previous episodes!

Danger zone business is being handled by these nefarious ones pulling up in devious modes!

Life? once again it’s on as proceed and continue per Aquarius Season even though January is coming to a close but it all seems like ricochets of borrowed time.

Life? once again it’s on but like the Northeast Bomb Cyclone? a storm / blizzard of dreams also related to time.

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The Tables Turned (Part Four)

 Some will say karma will rectify the situation per these Sunday morning persuasions; check out how the tables turned!

It’ll alarm ya! So Amazing per Luther? no, more like hazing from Lucifer! y’all heard all the fables but were lessons learned?

Digital Crate Digging Continues, along with Sunday Jazz; not lazy up in this thing! vinyl was manipulated and CD’s burned for the O-Dog Podcast!

We’re rocking these venues as the turntables turned, O-Dizzle mentioned messages in the music following cues / clues from the O-Jays!  lessons learned as the sounds blast. 

Following our muse? oh yes!! as the tables turned it’s like we’re caught up in the game chasing the flame!

Facing abuse, chasing the flame like chasing the wind per financial pursuit per Google Ads with just pennies for our thoughts? more like half penny dreams.

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