Card Carrying Members PT.2 / Whats In Your Wallet?

What it do? whats in your wallet?  we were denied access!!  thought and fashion police said this spot is for card-carrying members only!

What it do?  like Republicans shutting down the government..will authority be defied?  fantasy and reality are clashing!! O-Zone  never forgot..he remembers how the danger zone will be!

Going in / getting it in..thats whats up with me…O-Dizzle is smashing beats!! check the blend!! plus check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!

…Rebuking the meals prepared by chefs in hells kitchen; no nourishment !!  they just lead to malnutrition!

North Korean threats of nuking left some in a foul disposition…plus chemical weapons were held by Syrians!

Abort your mission I was told!!  threats were made by thought and fashion police because I wasn’t a card-carrying member!! but  I didn’t consider them serious ones!

Whats in your wallet? how much money is in your pocket?  these days?  they’re serious ones!! I  spotted squatters  ….posted up in the foreclosed home over in Atlanta or Decatur!

Its rough on these ATLiens!!  Bulldogs, Yellowjackets, Falcons, Braves and the Hawks losing!! but down I-20 in Atlanta I’m cruising… rocking Louisville Cardinals gear!!  was I considered a hater?

Its rough out here!!  vacationers in Belize consider retiring there..posting up permanently!

Its rough out here!!  I’m a card-carrying member!! in the paint I’m posted up…who will work with me? 

Showing restraint or get toasted!!  soon caught out there in the system / matrix!

Showing that the pain didn’t get to us!! as we coasted through the galaxy genuine / authentic when we kick it!

Thats the ticket!!  even though we weren’t card-carrying members!

Whats in your wallet? we choose to rock it!! breakbeat scientific when we kick it!! word from these sonic defenders!

Peace Was Disturbed

A dude was cold chilling!!  but now like North Korea fronting... the arch nemesis is on the premises!

Shrewd cunning and clever supposedly the behavior!!  like South Korea rapper Psy...somebody told a damn lie!!  I heard what was said!!    but I didn’t believe the empty promises!

Rude!!  like being barred from the premises  like Russians and Americans…whose fair with them?  they’ll get whats coming to them;  we’ve got something for them..fresh brown tea /elixir is brewed!!  in previous episodes getting funky fresh with the brown Kentucky liquor!

Drinking up!!  representing!! peace was disturbed though…I’m peeping game… knowledge is being soaked we get with ya!

Thinking up in this piece!! representing !! cloaked invisibilty….Invisbile Man  Ralph EllEric B. & Rakimison style!

Thinking of a master plan per Eric B and Rakim …coping strategies failing for some..its foul!

The past influenced the present man!!  but were back with these..we Keep On Trucking!

Like Eddie Kendricks …we didn’t pump brakes like Bendix..but still not corporate..rocking  khakis  with the shirt tucked in!

Others?  struck in the head by reality!!  oops upside the head…just  like the Gap Band!

Whats up Chuck? its similar to being slapped with the Sonic Blackjack…after we did the math man!

….after peace was disturbed; now were on another path man!!  New Moon in Aries business..after being stuck in traffic like on I-285 in Atlanta!

Please!!  I was perturbed but now chillaxing..soon Transmitting Live;   some might understand a brotha!

Backs Were Against The Wall


They had us under attack….some of us were trapped; who felt the pressure? now our backs were against the wall!

Some of us have the knack for survival; playing the basic hunter / gatherer role…check out how we roll …we weren’t trying to big ball…

Others didn’t know the system was working against y’all!  soon we’ll be stuck like Carnival cruise ships…

Others didn’t know they system was working against y’ our backs are against the wall…like drones in Pakistan…some are soon losing it…

Shady dealing was hurting y’all!! in Georgia Nathan Deal was fronting on y’all!!  but some are distracted;  they were too busy trying to stay fresh and clean like OutKast!

The way your supposed to be feeling? that’s determined by the apparatus;  update your Facebook or Twitter status or be seen as an outcast!

Check the status;  backs are against the wall !! face to face with a crook? or maybe the NYPD in East Flatbush... r.i.p Kimani “Kiki” Gray, whose trying to out blast them in a gun battle? 

Like Ammar Harris in Las Vegas… firing out of the Range Rover….game over? but O-Dizzles hook lines and beats make the trunk rattle!

Popping the trunk during the battle!! spiritual warfare is going down!!  but the only weapons are the bass and snare drums!

Dropping the funk on the masses / conducting classes!!  letting them know in love or war there is no fair one!

The apparatus will truth or dare one; who will come undone? now backs are against the wall!

Check the status…there’s nowhere to run or hide;  drones and satellites kept track of y’all!