This Is A Test And Only A Test

This is a test and only a test of the emergency broadcast system!

At least that’s what the robot said;  folk seem stressed..who will work with me?  how are they living?

Transformers and Go-Bots fight…they’re not dead….others were misled ….out in the cold shivering …not affected by global warming!

All up in Tropical Storm Leslie…then trying to test me!!!  caught up in the storm / system  /matrix;  Al Roker didn’t give us a warning!

A joker said it wasn’t storming….please!!  Hurricane Isaac hit up the RNC and DNC… a joker was in denial;  but I saw he had an umbrella per Rihanna!

Another  joker was the darling of the industry!!  until TMZ caught them up in the drama!

….But it was just a test to see if he could stand the rain per New Edition!

Blessed and highly favored was the catch phrase from old girl down here in Decatur; acting like a brand new edition!

She was over on Candler Rd in the “stankin lankin” or Lincoln for the slow folks…looking at her lottery scratch off tickets…plus on the cell phone…she was holding up traffic!

I understand the mode;  it’s a test and only a test…. so I passed on the left;  at a high velocity; refusing to be held up in traffic!

But the euphoria or magic wears off;  I’m on I-20 in Atlanta stuck behind the Nissan Versa! some being recalled because of airbags

…Who knows how the story will go? old girl said it’s not becoming when one boasts and brags

…it might work for another! The funky drummer is drumming….that’ll work for this brotha;  as we put it down like this

Realizing this is a test and only a test; I chilled..refusing to be stressed;  as its going down like this!