Nightmares On Wax ‎– A Case Of Funk

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the O-Dog Day Party transitioning to the  Saturday Night Fever.

Some are digging where we’re coming from / they can see what we’re saying as we drop science on a non believer!

Who’ll work with ya? that’s what an under achiever asked; please!! I don’t know was the response, told them to act like you knew!! told them you’ll be facing charges like  Ukrainians but I peeped game;  everybody is a suspect!

Who’ll work with ya? I heard what was said on all levels!! some will be playing us like these other folks; they aren’t showing us respect!

What’s it worth to ya? put a price on it!! I bet you it’s too expensive!!

Some will step up to pay it though!! who’s living large? the amount of materials is extensive.

For those apprehensive? we’re extending this O-Dog Day Party into Saturday evening!!

Our guests, Nightmares On Wax ‎ brought  A Case Of Funk. Check it out!!  that party vibe we’re achieving!


Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine – 03.12.21

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Fabulous Friday, I tell you what; it’s a blessing to be here!

It’s also known as a Flashback Friday so excuse us as we go back to the future; taking it there!

Of course these earthlings aren’t trying to play fair, it’s one thing or another as they plot and scheme up on things!

Of course O-Zone dropped science concerning that matter as he talked about the Big Picture / The Grand Scheme Of Things!

Par for the course? we’re doing the damn things, O-Dog Day Partying with this Defected Radio Show Hosted by Sam Divine – 03.12.21.

Check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific; once again it’s on!!

1. Hotswing – Bamboleo [Downtown Underground]

2. Vintage Culture & James Hype – You Give Me A Feeling [Insomniac Records]

3. Project89 – When I’m Not Around [PIV]

4. Forgotten Gem: Christian Nielsen – Do You Mind [Play It Down]

5. Lefunken Feat. Tyrah – Do Right (AmFlow Main Mix) [AMFlow Records]

6. Kevin Yost – Messing With My Soul (Crew Deep Remix) [I Records] X SanXero Feat. Mr V. & Louie Vega – Let’s Freak (Accapella) [Strictly Rhythm]

7. Most Rated: SONIDO – Make Me Feel [Stay True Sounds]

8. Jade Cox – Make That Move (Phil Weeks Ghetto Mix) [Shakedown Avenue]

9. Sally C – OG Chunker [Big Saldo’s Chunkers]

10. Joshwa (UK) – Always Yours [Sink Or Swim]

11. Hard Drive Library – Everybody Wanna Dance [theBasement Discos]

12. Jimi Jules – My City’s On Fire (Club Edit) [Innervisions]

13. Spiller Feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) (Riva Starr Disco Odyssey Mix) [Defected] x Mike Dunn – Natural High (Accapella) [Glitterbox Recordings]

14. Miguel Migs – Midnight Memories (Jimpster Remix) [Soulfuric Deep]

15. T.U.R.F & Sondrio – Get It Right [True Romance Records] X Frank Boissy Feat. Roland Clark – Black Music (Accapella) [Chez Music]

16. The SyntheTigers – Nasty [Moulton Music]

17. Vince Watson – Holographic (Carl Craig’s Ride Or Die Anthem) [Everysoul] X Full Intention – Beating Drum (Accapella) [DFTD]

18. DJEFF Feat. Viwo Kulati – Vuleka [Sondela Recordings]

19. Timmy Regisford Feat. Dave D*Sol Rivera– Wango [Nervous Records]

20. 4 To The Floor: Green Velvet – Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) [Circus Recordings]

21. Hard Drive Library – Gloria [Pomme Frite]

22. Star B – Fire [Snatch!]

23. Andy Bach & Jonzun – No One Like You [HEAVY]

24. Marc Cotterell – Pimp On 4th Street [Plastik People Digital]

25. Envee Feat. Nick Sinckler – Gotta Work (1st Take) [Local Talk]

26. Nightmares On Wax Feat. Wolfgang Haffner & Haile Supreme – Creator SOS [Warp Records]

Nightmares On Wax and Ricardo Villalobos (feat. Kuauhtli Vasquez & Wixarika Tribe) – Back To Nature (Lobos On Wax House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon / evening; we’re out here doing the math per the equation, trying to make odd equal even?

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; your dude keeps believing that it’s “gonna be alright” even though due to “that rona” aka the coronavirus  some of my peeps are social distancing / in isolation as they  / shelter in place / self quarantine away from the crime scene not surrounded by tape; we keep on achieving..

Earlier? exhibiting life goes on behavior, out in these Atlanta streets  passing up the slow moving Toyota Prius out there on I-20 in the ongoing “helter skelter” ; we’ll proceed and continue!!

Work to do? yes!! now O-Dog Day Partying per getting breakbeat scientific; this good word and good music is on the menu..

Work to do? yes!! now O-Dog Day Partying!! listening to Nightmares On Wax and Ricardo Villalobos  (feat. Kuauhtli Vasquez and Wixarika Tribe) with Back To Nature (Lobos On Wax House Mix)

Work to do? yes!! now O-Dog Day Partying , rebuking the nightmares exhibited in 2020 so far; “let the healing process began” worldwide from Atlanta to Mexico to Africa and all points in between; Mr Raoul K explained the African Paradigm so let’s get down!! check out he players and this track / mix

I Can See What They’re Saying (Part Nine)

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta reflecting / contemplating / doing the knowledge; jumping and recognizing, now “I Can See What They’re Saying”

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in this rush hour traffic doing the mathematics on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way; your dude keeps praying…
…then he keeps playing; play on player was the encouraging word received from my constituents like Super Tuesday endorsements received by Joe Biden..
….Buttigieg, Khobuchar and Beto O’Rourke jump on board like John Lewis catching a ride down to Selma 55 for Bloody Sundaycommemorations; still Freedom Riding..
You dig? meanwhile O-Zone was on board the mothership rolling down these Henry County back streets listening to Duane Stephenson talk about “put down the knife and the 45”
I can see what they’re saying!! some of that Ghetto Heaven Riddumfrom Maximum Sound!! from the pirate / bootleg station on the Eastside it was all the way live..
Check out the rest of this article at I Can See What They’re Saying (Part Nine)

Nightmares On Wax – African Pirates (Troubleman Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues, we’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta..

Bloody Sunday / Selma 55 commemorations earlier down I-85 towards Selma Alabama; meanwhile lab techniques are enhanced as ideologies are advanced; somebody will understand a brotha!!

What’s up with me? let me tell ya something; we’re rocking in the midst of hustle knocking!!  jokers want to see you drop out like Pete Buttigieg..

….they mentioned something about being in the way; meanwhile we’ll continue to drop this good word and let the music play; you dig?

Can you dig it? somebody might be able to see what I’m saying as the music keeps playing!! we’re listening to the Nightmares On Wax with African Pirates (Troubleman Remix)

Can you dig it? checking out some soul jazz / afrobeat on this Sunday night trying to get our minds right; also getting breakbeat scientific..

George Benson – This Masquerade (Nightmares On Wax JJP Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday evening; we’re about to set this Saturday Night Fever thing off…

Chilling in the lab, out in those Atlanta streets earlier, constituents still swerving due to this holiday season; they’re going off…

Great time of the year for some drab for others, constitution violated by others hot with the treason; Trump, Barr, McConnell and Pompeo types; Rudy Giuliani running interference for them..

Great time of the year for sonic rehab for these brothers; beats will bump, fresh for 2020  “ain’t nothing you can tell me” ; deflecting interference from the them…

…and those, knowing the devil will oppose this next level business; like George Benson hip to  This Masquerade (Nightmares On Wax JJP Mix)

Check the prose, part of this next level business!! check the additional players, part of the remix of this classic track as we “holla back” getting breakbeat scientific..

Check this out at George Benson – This Masquerade (Nightmares On Wax JJP Mix)

Nightmares On Wax – What I’m Feelin (Rae and Christian Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues. We’re checking out George Evelyn And Robin Taylor-Firth…aka   Nightmares On Wax

We’re listening to  What I’m Feelin ( The Rae & Christian Mix)  …this is from their Still Smokin project. Check it out / Let’s Go!



Nightmares on Wax – Back To Nature

Digital Crate Digging Continues as I take it back to the future on this Throwback Thursday!

The saga / struggle continues!! this hunter gatherer is hungry / thirsty on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday…

Work will be put in, check out the by-product!! combo meals were served at the satelite station!!

A dude chills but the way we swerved was Local / National / International and Intergalactic!! it depends on the occasion..

As Pluto stations direct in Capricorn maybe we can play it like Nightmares on Wax and get Back To Nature..

Act like you knew bro!! word is born!! evil doers consider this nightmares on wax! we rebuke them! it’s not natural the way they play you and me!! God angry? Hurricanes Irma / Harvey and Maria display the force of nature..