Tears For Fears – Head Over Heels (Sketches From An Island Sunrise Mediation) Remix – Mark Barrott

Sunday Jazz Continues on a hot Sunday afternoon in Atlanta; I addressed the weather earlier..

…like Al Roker but on a Sunday afternoon I’m trying not to spaz due to actions / inactions by a foul joker; exposed when Chris Wallace interviewed Trump meanwhile we’re all trying to get over the hump / we’ve got work to do..

Going for broke with this Sunday jazz, genre blending with beats that bump, excuse me while I put some “paint where it ain’t”

Serious, no joke son!! not razzing like a comedian it’s rough out here!! a lot of my people “can’t”

Fill in the blanks, but on this Sunday we will gave thanks!! God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!

Pulling rank, O-Dizzle is the CEO check the flow; listening to this jazz rock / techno  / electro / new wave track from Tears For Fears called Head Over Heels (Sketches From An Island Sunrise Mediation) Remix by Mark Barrott; it’s taking us somewhere / out there; to me/  it sounds good!!


Icon – A House, New Wave & Club Dance Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday as we take it back to the future..

The saga / struggle continues, retro-futuristic work will be the focus; an old dude acting brand new with ya?

The saga / struggle continues as jokers act brand new with us!! they’ll try to gaffle us like Julian Assange in London  at the Ecuador Embassy..

..something about a computer hacking conspiracy while William Barr and Trump try to baffle us as they fabricate their own conspiracy.

Acting brand new with ya like a renewed version of Bob Barr?meanwhile it’s no Wednesday, it’s Throwback Thursday but we’re trying to get over the hump as these haters raise the bar..

Acting brand new with ya like this mix from the Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture called Icon – A House, New Wave and  Club Dance Mix; check the playlist and the mix as we try to erase the scar..

00:00 Black Light Smoke – Rough Cuts
03:41 – Loweast – The Youth
05:55 – Leonor – King of Elephants in the Sequence (Curses Remix)
10:42 – daWad & Mokic – Eat Me (Damon Jee remix)
16:46 – Diskontrol – 118 Richmerch
19:56 – Curses – Looking In
23:56 – Dionigi – HBM 88
27:40 – Fantoma – Debaisu
30:33 – Blowender – The Phase (Damon Jee remix)
36:35 – Yan Wagner & The Populists – Blacker (The Populists remix)
40:41 – Modular Project – Past Present Future
46:12 – Enjanzea2 – Ladron De Hormigas
51:58 – Stevie R – Botsa Botsa

Check this mix out at https://thebrothaomanxl1.blogspot.com/2019/04/icon-house-new-wave-club-dance-mix.html