Updating The Captains Log PT. 6 (Accepting The Assignment)

It’s going down!! we’re updating this Captain’s Log on this Friday evening; it’s Flashback Friday…

Rehashing old episodes,  but like the Birmingham detective that was pistol whipped there’s no information overload!! the system will lie to me…

Clashing with the system like  the Ferguson state of emergency? I’m showing a sense of urgency, this is how it’s going down!!

Cashing reality checks; a form of  exchange like currency, then the purchases made are put on the clearance rack per consignment; Mission Impossible like a Rogue Nation? accepting the assignment, it’s going down!!

Doing what we do / coming through;  if possible, we’re posting these prophecies at The Sonic Assault plus at Random Thoughts From A Brotha..

Satellite Station Transmissions; Intergalactic / worldwide / coast to coast:  Dropping Knowledge,  didn’t brag or boast!!  that’s not what you’ll get from a brotha…

Had to park the Cutlass Supreme due to slipping transmissions, but the Mothership gets good mileage like the New Horizons out by Pluto!! whatcha know? I’ll handle business before it handles me..

*New Type Gangsters*  handle their business; who’s on their team?   like Marco Rubio, some are mad because the American flag was raised at the embassy in Cuba; crooks acting brand new with ya?  Washington, Wall Street?  that’s where the vandals will be..

This Captain’s Log lets you know what the deal is per assists from this point guard on the team like Ricky Rubio; but are we being built or torn down? check the Debatable Circumstances;  some will blow up the spot like the ports in China, then they’ll conduct a rummage sale..

Meanwhile Donald Trump types are smirking and talking out of the side of their neck as they disrespect; wanting us to fail

O-Dog ‘s beats thump as O-Zone types this Captain’s Log; dealing with the madness per the smoke and mirrors, the fog;  the drama will tell the true story;  who wins or loses..

This is the strategy we use as we put it down like this!!  the assignment? this team chooses..

Updating The Captains Log Pt. 5 (It’s No Jive)

Don’t worry!!  we’ll have this good word and the drums otherwise known as the scripture and mixture; this is how we play…

The Captain’s Log is updated after  a dude sums up the consequences per dealing with the wise and the otherwise; damn!! this brotha had to learn the hard way….

Played  like bums per the Ferguson anniversary?  this is the rebuttal!! we’re *Rebuking The Hostile Takeover*  we had to *Roll Up With A Small Army*

Played like bums per the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima? will there be an Iran or North Korea nuclear winter? it wouldn’t alarm me!

Creating our own time zone like North Korea!! word from these Intergalactic space travelers / Mystery Unravelers!!  *The Situation Is Critical* as we ponder The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space...

Once again its on!! fanatics were rebuked for trying to edit history!! intellects were vast, cool and unsympathetic, serene in the assurance of their dominion, but it was a matter of opinion!!  we’re on the case..

Staying on the case!!  even though out here in the Smoke and Mirrors  / The Fog the situation is toxic!! it’s like that movie *The Mist*

Staying on the case!! updating this Captain’s Log, but haters said what we come with is Hazardous Material!! they even say some of the assets we hold our toxic, but ecological ignorance will alter the fate! plus we knew ignorance was bliss!!

Staying on the case!! updating this Captain’s Log!!  they didn’t know what we had was spiritual, no belligerence like Donald Trump

We keep it moving!! O-Dog was taking intergalactic journeys like New Horizons out by Pluto!! after consulting with resident aliens  he came back with beats that thump..

Updating this Captain’s Log!! this is no jive!! I’m not on a stump or bully pulpit telling folk how they should do it!!

Plus I’m not bragging or boasting like Michael Jordan saying he could beat Lebron!! that’s not what I’m on, I’m acting like I knew it!!

Updating The Captain’s Log PT.2

I was out there like the New Horizons just passing Pluto, the old school Baptist preacher told me; *you have to go for what you know* recognize the pattern..

So O-Zone is *Taking Care Of Business*  oh it’s surprising some!! we’re local, national, international and intergalactic!! Plutonian Martian Chronicles break it down!! we were all out there by Saturn!!

What’s really going on? we update this Captain’s Log to let you know what’s up!! we’ll put it down until it’s over / Handling Things…

Ecological Ignorance Will Not Alter The Fate!!!  we’re not like Antoine Walker out in  Vegas;  not *Gambling With Things*

Donald Trump type belligerence when rambling about things per these Random Thoughts /  The Sonic Assault?  this Captain’s Log is based on thoughts collected that were scattering….

Trying to make a difference but facing opposition!!!   damn!! the situation is out of control!!  gunshots were ear shattering…

Reckless abandon was used by these Dylann Roof and John Houser types, those jokers believed hypes instead of looking at the big picture…

Meanwhile we’re not playing the truth game with these jokers,  we’re focused on this scripture and mixture..

Per this Captain’s Log we’re providing proof in the game, but some won’t catch what they can’t understand!!

Through the smoke / fog  we were moving at a High Velocity!! technical difficulties occured, so on earth the mothership will land…

Updating this Captain’s Log, sometimes blues like Bobby Blue Bland, then sometimes I’m on top of the world…

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors led to horrors and terrors per Sandra Bland after the drama unfurled..

Back From The Hiatus: A Rerun Or A New Season?

Sometimes it’ll be a rerun per TV Land;  sometimes a new season, as networks are trying to get ratings…

Sometimes you can’t catch what you can’t understand;  so some should stop chasing..

O-Zone? I haven’t stop casing the joint!!  Louisville / Newburg default settings have me visualizing the sequence

Danger zone embellishments  had some hating on me like Donald Trump vs John McCain, so what’s up man? I can see it’s all game as I peep this!!

The establishments procedures? they thought they were trump tight, but we continue to fight!! O-Dog the mathematician is slipping through the portal with broken beat tracks, while O-Zone is writing this code; but I was  incognegro!!  I didn’t have a bullhorn like Joe Clark!!

Chilling out in the midst of the madness!! a fly negro? oh!! back in the day? I was up in Louisville rolling up in the Buick Electra 225 aka duece and a quarter listening to Stanley Clarke…

These days? the drama is even intergalactic!! I had to park the Mothership on earth!!  like the New Horizons out by Pluto space agencies spotted me in the galaxy!!

But  we’re still entering attack zones, even though we dipped for a minute but we aren’t going dark!! check out the funk that is dropped when we came back with this!! but like Boko Haram vs Nigeria jokers get foul with me!!

This brothas will track these clones and their movements as they try to slow social improvements, you know the devil is opposed!

Check the O-Dog tracks as bass, tones and treble are adjusted and  this good word is composed…

The devil is opposed like my budget being wrecked!!! they’re are no Madison Avenue escapades!!

The question was posed that might answer itself; other jokers were asking Dear Ashley Madison due to the latest charades!!

I’m Out Here Like It’s The Middle Of The Day

We’re in here; *All Up In The House*  but what’s it all about? I See Reason Gave Way To Madness..

O-Dog? oh!! he  had house music, drum and bass, hip hop, plus jazz was used; this is part of the *Natural Process*

Donald Trump type of smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors  was the method used by those administering the reign of terror!! I’m trying to cool out,  but flagrant agents were stressing me, but I’m fighting back!

Throughout it all the Lord is blessing me!!! beats will thump and this good word is dropped while out here on the frontlines;  haters tried to flex / front on mine but like Greece we’re fighting back!!

Plans for arresting  me and my people are in the database, something about martial law, but some of us have escape plans like El Chapo!!

Joaquin Guzman, I’m not acting brand new man!! the devil will oppose was what the old school baptist preacher said to this man, so whatcha know?

Joaquin Joe Claussell plays in the background as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta, trying to get free and stay free but something keeps pulling me back into the game, but I rose to the occasion;  told my altitude was determined by my attitude..

Floating, as I go sail through the universe!! rose through space again like the New Horizons spacecraft out by Pluto!! oh!! I’m on these Mystic Voyages; I calculated the Longitude and Latitude

Throughout history? plans to stone and curse my people are revealed!! oh!! I’m not spaced out with this math even though Plutonian Martian Chronicles were developed due to lab techniques...

Incognegro when I’m dipping through!!  thought and fashion police try to interface!! Reddit, Google, Yahoo and other portals tried to sweat the techniques!!

In the Book of Negroes? name not listed? am I through? naw!! like FSU players vs women I continue clashing with these freaks that come out at night, plus Walking Dead types roaming in the day…

Negro please is what the masses told me as I write this!! but  I’m not going dark, I’m out here where the light is, like it’s the middle of the day…