Trying To Stay Ahead In The Game (Part Ten)

 Sunday is considered a day of rest but my mind was playing tricks on me like the Geto Boys track.

How will I play this? continue to put work in, your dude kicks this breakbeat science! check out how he’ll holla back!

Trying to stay ahead in the game, I did the math / did the knowledge; like crime scene tape and white chalk I traced the rough edges; it’s the sketch / preview..

The preview to what? the arch nemesis is on the premises! it’s the preview to drawing the whole picture of the suspect..

..some are gasping when they heard the noise from dude with the rasping voice that’ll continue to shift / sift through.. the wrong side of night; or even interrupting the flow of the daylight, like Trump with his Insurrection disturbing the ambiance? oh yeah, he’ll disrespect.

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HIP-HOP 90’s MC’s from NYC part 1 LEGEND RAP

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon / evening; check us out, we’re still doing our thing!!

The saga / struggle continues but O-Dog Day Partying like it’s 1999 per Prince; no matter the circumstance,  we’re still doing our thing!!

No matter the circumstance,  we’re still doing our thing!! cut by the Raiders like Antonio Brown? catch us out in New England..

What’s Jon Gruden aka Chucky doing out in Oakland? meanwhile we’re trying to get open but still praying for the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian..

We’re trying to get open!! had to go back to Louisville behavior / default settings as history started repeating; listening to HIP-HOP 90’s MC’s from NYC part 1 LEGEND RAP

It’s courtesy of Lou Dav; got ahead of myself, already posted part two, so what it do? check out the playlist and the mix for part one per this legend rap!!

All tracks come from the classic rap album 90’s 00’s

Masta Ace – Freestyle?

Lords Of The Underground – What U See

Black Moon – I Got Cha Opin

Jeru The Damaja – The Frustrated Nigga

Mobb Deep – Nighttime Vultures

O.C. – It’s Only Right

A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight

Nas – Silent Murder 

Gang Starr – The Militia (feat. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx)

Show & A.G. – Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)

Fat Joe – The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)

Rakim – How I Get Down

Organized Konfusion – Black Sunday

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The Discussions (Word On The Curb)

Discussions were held with the homies about world affairs;  the game is shady like New England Patriots, know what I’m saying? recognize what it do? it is what it is…

Percussions were  held by the homies in the motherland;  these days? updated to 808’s, kick drums and snares!! weapons in these spiritual warfares?  it is what is..

Interruptions from this or that institution?  please!! it’s Shady Like *errr*  Tom Brady  or maybe Grady  but not homie from Sanford  and Son,  Whitman Mayo and not the hospital down here in Atlanta; so whatcha know?

Corruptions by this or that institution?  it’s on all levels, you’ve even got Burning Man vs Quiznos…

Corruptions by this or that institution?  it’s on all levels so what’s the solution? what were we learning man? were the right bubbles filled out on the scan sheet to pass the quiz? who knows?

We kept it moving, sometimes we had to sacrifice *it ain’t nothing nice* just look around, it shows..

We kept grooving; had to admit we Think Twice like Donald Byrd, especially after we heard the word on the curb!! now we’re like the Epsilon Lupi Magnetic Field...

Ear shattering gunshots exploded, the situation is out of control you heard? ….Eastside /’s *Out Of Control*  but I see how some are trying to roll!! players were acting erratic out in the field!!

Thoughts that were once scattering corroded but chemical reactions mix with raw material collide; thoughts exploded!! Stop and yield signs were destroyed in the process…

Reality was bruising and battering egos; for some pot and liquor was the sanctuary found to stop the stress…

Authorities were bruising and battering Negroes from Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston; chefs from the old school used pot liquor to marinate the beef…

Territories soon enlarged, check *the steelo* due to working it out / checking the score son!! we were doing what we do, not following anothers belief…

I See How They’re Trying To Play It

…Seeing how they’re trying to play it!!  soon they’ll check out these scrolls and documents like Osama Bin Laden!  but they try to say this cat is shady!!

But this brotha is not as shady as  a New England Patriot; please!!! fouls are flagrant!! it’s not all gravy baby!!

But that’s how they try to play me;  no respect is shown!!  I mentioned earlier at one of my satellite stations that they weren’t checking for me..

….Unless I robbed a bank on the Eastside in the “ATL”; caught on security cameras!!  who’s wrecking the getaway vehicle for me?

We continue to ride, good thing the hooptie doesn’t have a Takata airbag!!  usually intergalactic feeling the jetlag!! Checking the scenery / observing the scene; it’s going down everywhere!! local, national, international and intergalactic!!  damn!! I left Louisville,  now I’m trying to chill down south….

Hunger Game Peacekeepers, Intergalactic stormtroopers and Wannabe jackers were disrespecting me; like Pops once said, I told them to watch their mouth!!

TLC Creepers,   militarized police forces / stormtroopers plus credit card  jackers disrespecting; that’s the system for you, the hustle it knocks..

*Outside The Box*  haters aren’t expecting me to come back in, so they changed the locks..

Staying outside;  for freedom? we still ride!! O-Zone drops this good word ,  meanwhile O-Dog rocks…

O-Zone knew what it do / knew what time it was / he checked the clocks!!

He locks it down, before getting caught in LockDown Situations; staying one step ahead of Academi / Blackwater..

Getting free and staying free; but for some Freedom is on backorder..

How Was I Living? I Was Outside The Box

How was I living? I was an Outside The Boxer; once chilling on the inside, but the energy was negative…

Haters changed the locks when I tried to go in / get it in; so how are they trying to live?

Haters changed the clocks plus the story per the Bin Laden killing;  whose on the same page?

Even Flavor Flav’s clocks didn’t match; but he was too busy pimping; so you know he’s not on the same page..

What’s the flavor? I didn’t catch up on my pimping by getting  salty / greasy / slick with it like Tom Brady in the New England Patriots; trying to act brand new with ya!!

Some know what it do; who?  frontline spiritual warfare dwellers!! not ISIS guns for hire engineering  the Patriot Act renewal..

Outside The Box; always been that way since riding in old school Checker Cabs through urban renewal created slums up in Louisville to  riding through the ATL  in an old school  Toyota usually chosen by immigrants and resident aliens..

Outside The Box; always been that way!! I break beats and mic check in sonic labs, but I’m not one of those boys that are belligerent; not like these ATLiens

Outside The Box because I didn’t sell out; life is a marathon, I kept running while others fell out!!  I *Rebuked The Hostile Takeover*

Now  Blue Collar / Mechanical with it; work is put in!! once again it’s on!!  the break is over..

Checked Out The Environment / Fighting Back With Empowerment

It’s all game when we peeped this / Visualized The Sequence; some were Out There, styling and profiling with the glamour shot or pose!!

Ecological Ignorance Altered The Fate; when they freak this they didn’t check the environment,  now they’re caught up in it!! but  we fight back with the beat and the prose…

What’s the environment? the devil will oppose per the old school Baptist preacher who schooled me up in Louisville; now I know the deal!! damn!! like ISIS created by the CIA  The *Conspiracy Theory*  is confirmed..

How will the last hour get?  I wasn’t like the new school preacher Creflo Dollar trying  to buy a jet!!  due to empowerment the beat and prose is used; bear witness as this good word is dropped and CD’s are burned..

Jokers still get foul with it as the world turned like  old school  soap operas; art imitates life and vice versa..

How will the style get? the drama will unfurl; but we *Rebuke The Hostile Takeover*  O-Zone brings the new or next school when he taps on these HP keyboards, moving the cursor…

O-Dog taps on Roland and Yamaha keyboards; a  blue collar worker like an old school  Detroit autoworker!!  that’s before their jobs were moved out of the country with policies influenced  by jokers on Wall Street and in Washington…

Meanwhile we’re All Up In The House;  Last Laughing after we dipped from the spot, we didn’t like what they were on!!

Once Again It’s On!!   check out this math we bring as rebuke the plot or scheme!! jokers are shady like New England Patriots and Tom Brady so we stay away from them..

Once Again It’s On;  we’re on another path with this thing!! I wasn’t mad at these  other folks, I’ll just say a prayer for them..

Send a prayer up for them; blessings come down; plus we’ll bless them with the sound..

Funk is dropped straight from the Mothership blasting through the universe;  Like NASA probing the cosmos for alien life   that’s  where we’re found..

It’s Going Down!! On and On and On PT. 2

Interests conflict; spotted the man of the cloth; high collar!! meanwhile  little homie in the spot pops a collar!!

Who’s in conflict with the world? the way they do my life? per Marvin Gaye  it makes me wanna holler

It’s going down!! it goes on and on and on!! the wannabe businessman said it’s all about a dollar or euro!!  holla if you hear me like 2pac...

We’re All Up In The House!! check the O-Dog Podcast for the funk; jazz; house and the new rock..

*Going All Out*  with this next level business!! no bombs blast per Goodluck Jonathan rallys!! we’re trying to lock things down before they lock us down…

Conspiracy theory confirmed? Jokers said good luck with that as we rally like New England Patriots!!  now we burn baby burn!! what? CD’s and MP3’s when we  rock the sound..

O-Zone? O-Dog?  this small army brings the disco inferno!! we get down!! some will get what’s coming to them per Suge Knight!! as we *Come To Set It Straight*

Confronting the apparatus after we peeped the status; spotted those that come with the hate..

Early or late?  told to Play On Player by these ATLiens; please; we’re Just Trying To Make It..

Keeping it real!!  it goes on and on and on!!  we’re not trying to fake it..

It’s going down!! O-Dog will take a beat and break it!! I’m not out here pimping like Warren Sapp!!

It’s going down!! it doesn’t stop!! it goes on and on and on; we stay a step ot two ahead, trying to avoid the trap!!

That’s Where They Lost Me PT.5

So what’s up with us? per deflategate / New England Patriot types we’re telling the masses the whole game is shady!! the fight was fixed..

No justice no peace?  that’s where they lost me!! plus some were Waiting In The Dark Trying To Live Without Light; but when we came through?  insight was kicked..

Some will get tricked by so called Freedom Summits per Trump, Chistie and Palin; so what were they saying? please!!  You’ll Get Played…

Please!! that’s where they lost me!!  *It’s Gotta Be Good* per the O-Dog drum kit!!  some say it had to be hood per the Empire on Fox but due to Ecological Ignorance You’ll Get Sprayed..

Where you at? Strayed off the path; got on the wrong bus?  now Out There..

Get Thrown Under It!! That’s where they lost me!!   in Love Or War? no justice /  nothing is fair…

As we go there!!  Movin Forward using our own mode of transportation…

One step ahead; doing what we do!!  haters can’t stop the transformation…

That’s Where They Lost Me PT.4 (Thrown Under The Bus)

So what’s up? I was out there paying the price; I saw what it cost me!! plus I was dealing with New England Patriot types so I knew I’d get delayed!!

The whole game is shady / corrupt!! that’s where they lost me!! please!!  dealing with these gamblers out for a fast buck? you’ll get played!!

We were out there riding the bus; it may be MARTA in Atlanta; BART in the Bay Area before they went on strike; or even TARC up in Louisville

May even be Greyhound or the MegaBus; so what’s up with us?  jokers will try to throw us under the bus!! who will stay down? who’ll have heart?  we kept our eye on an American Sniper, so what’s the deal?

How will we respond / get down? O-Dog will bring the sound; O-Zone will bring the Good Word…

Some will get what’s coming to them!! There will be repercussions!! from the percussions and spoken word..

So what’s up with them? they said something about a Freedom Summit in Iowa; please!! jokers like Trump, Cruz and Christie will lie to ya!! lines blurred in the gray area; damn!! the busdriver couldn’t see..

That’s where they  lost me!! we’ll be thrown under the bus!! at the cartel gathering the speech slurred; the scenario? a hater tried to tell you what you couldn’t be..

What occurred? Next Level Dramatics by Drama Kings and Queens; royalty..

Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics?  we realize that there’s no loyalty..

That’s where they lost me; but these fanatics claim they’re on to me and you; We’ll Get Thrown Under The Bus..

The driver couldn’t see us in the Smoke and Mirrors; no justice…