Peeping Game; Realizing There’s No Where To Run Or Hide

We were out there….intergalactic journeys were taken out in the universe..but authorities took pictures like the Mars Curiosity Rover;  I realized there’s no where to run or hide!

Peeping game on how a fanatic will work these…you can be universal or all up in the spot;  check this scripture….soon  realizing that good and evil coincide!

Who will work with bruh?  jokers try to play me like Obama after the DNC … sideways glances revealed true colors like Cyndi Lauper!

But we continue to ride through the inclement weather like it was the New York area….we told Al Roker to check the Doppler!

We continue to ride for freedom like rebels in Syria;  whats the deally yo? O-Dizzle will rock you…O-Zone has this good word for ya!

It seems nobody was checking for us; unless they’re interested in disrespecting us..trumping up charges….saying we tampered  with evidence like Johnnie Cochran…please!!  a brotha will rock them…but some even told us we never heard of ya!

Please!!  hustles? jokers will knock them; I’m asking did that work for ya? we’ve got that work for ya!!  O-Dizzle will put the funk out!

O-Zone bears witness to the Total Chaos and confusion; so-called masters of the universe will punk out!

They take a loss…. then ask us;  how to work did we try to ride?

We were still chilling..but on the frontlines; realizing there’s no where to run or hide!

But every now and then when a joker fronts on mine we slide through a portal that opens up!

But everybody can play the fool sometimes per Main Ingredient we didn’t get our hopes up!