Distraction / Distortion / Blown Out Of Proportion

It’s all about freedom!!  but due to government shutdowns  and other factors my people are out here struggling! so now it’s all about survival! 

It’s all part of a big distraction!! check the interaction with these actresses and actors;  moves were made to delay our arrival!

Were all up in the action though..all the way live like Lakeside!!  seeing how the fake ride!

We’re Transmitting Live with the hardcore style!! but soon things are blown out of proportion;  like moves made by Tea Party Republicans ….check the distortion..damn  so I see that’s how the fake ride!

Speakers were blown out due to distortion! channels played on one side until O-Dog got it straight!

Barking up the wrong tree?  mission abortion was the proposal..smoke and fog was enhanced by mirrors;  like Neptune in Pisces? all I got was hate!

Parking lot pimping!!  was that wrong of me?  an identity crisis? portions from default settings were dominate!

Embarking on mystic voyages per Roy Ayers…but it’s not a simple thing;  please!!  wishing that it was!  but check how we respond to it!

Sparking it!!  changing the conversation..discussing the ways of Babylon with the Jamaican!

Parking it on the same page… didn’t change our observations after observing the scene;  spotted those faking it!

Distorting it!!  blowing it out of proportion..but it was just a distraction!

Not aborting this mission…using a fresh view / fresh vision… were all up in the action!

Grey Area Scenarios PT.2 / Smoke and Mirrors In Full Effect

Yellow caution tape is up around the construction site where the elaborate fantasy is built!

Like the so called IRS Tea Party Scandal?  more than some can handle? awesome was the response from tourists!!  corruption excites them!!  on this trip they feel good / guilt!

What about dark money political groups like Karl Rove and Crossroads GPS?….flaws some accent!!  thought and fashion police interrupt the flow;  they felt the process was cumbersome!

But life is hectic!!  how did some move? how did they  roll?  check the karma…now they’ll get whats coming to them!

O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them;  he’s in breakbeat scientist mode!

O-Zone is running the numbers on the calculator…doing the math..peeping game;  the grey area scenarios?  its like interpreting the DaVinci Code!

Angels and Demons were creeping in the game!!  spotted the Clash of the Titans!

Semen is implanted in the daughter of chaos!! now some will take a loss…what did it cost? I was told to Remember The Titans!

Please!!  this club member enlightens;  smokes and mirrors made me focus!

Neptune in Pisces was blamed for the deception perpetrated by the bogus!

Check the crisis;  two sides to the game like Gemini?  the native even told me no sir!

Check the crisis per grey area scenarios;  way way out there where the lines blur!