“One More for Madiba!” (South African House Music) Mixed by DJ Spivey

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out some jazzy house / world music..with “One More for Madiba!” (South African House Music) Mixed by DJ Spivey

This is a tribute mix to Nelson Mandela..may he rest in peace…check out the playlist and the mix..
0:00:00 Mandela Memorial (Eulogy) by President Barack Obama
0:01:16 Tribute to Mandela (Original Mix) by Tsitso Deep
0:09:14 Freedom by I.T.Z. and The Freedom Fighters
0:14:40 Thousand Miles by El Nino & Young DJ
0:20:45 Mandela Love by Calvin Fallo
0:26:50 Freedom for All by Deeper Mas
0:34:00 One Heart One love by Blaq Venomous
0:37:00 Stimela (Black Coffee Remix) by Black Coffee
0:43:50 Afrikan People by Blaq Owl
0:51:24 Nibiru by Pap Spencer
0:57:48 Nelson Mandela by Sonic & Taste T
1:02:56 Voice of a Thousand Africans by DJ Qness
1:09:19 Oppression of Another by Trix