Just Cooling Out

Just chilling….cooling out; it’s a Solar Eclipse Sunday….I’m  just observing the scene!

Seeing what it do….from NATO Summits in Chicago to chilling in the ring of fire… the whole spectrum is covered; from the sweet to the obscene!

Whose disrespecting?  from the corporate world to the church to the street ; what’s  heard or seen is often manipulated!

Wasn’t expecting sympathy from the devil….like the LA Clippers  I’m knowing how this sport will get; checking the climate… feeling the cold and the heat from this world;  my folk have been hated!

….Told to abort this mission….whats the impression made?  scan sheets were graded…the wrong answers were bubbled in!

This made a negative impression on those waiting for answers; what happened in the dark?  issues troubled them!

Heard Donna Summer  playing in the background..but at the disco inferno the devil was waiting on dancers;  efforts?  he doubled them soon he had plenty of advocates!

O-Dizzle is the funky drummer…as we get with ya;  who will work with a bro?  trying to take things to another level;  I came back with this!

Like Anti-NATO protestors in Chicago so called authorities track this and that;  trying to see what it do!

They should know how it go….these hostile territories and their representatives will try to trip on you!

We use a hot style to tell these stories representing the downtrodden as we dip through Babylon!

Check this by-product from cooling out;  the sound is rocking  plus check this good word from O-Zone!

Observing The Scene / Solar Eclipse Soon Here

Laying in the cut..the Solar Eclipse is here..so I’m chilling…doing the knowledge; observing the scene!

Praying for the corrupt.. they’re rolling like Vladimir Putin…but I’m keeping them out of my face; I’m too busy living the dream! 

Laying it down like carpet!! but I keep it moving..those kind of targets are hard to hit! 

Now I’m ready to roll; I’m on my way..but like George Zimmerman  vs Trayvon Martin…haters wanted me to stop, quit, or forfiet!

A veteran now coaching like Doc Rivers with The Celtics..knowing the sport can get ugly! 

Peeping game like looking at the Solar Eclipse..suspicions were confirmed when observing the scene; I wasn’t sleeping like another would be! 

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