Skills To Pay The Bills?

What’s really going on?  in this danger zone? the masses were victimized by shady deals.

…Like they were in Georgia dealing with Nathan;  jokers are misbehaving!!  this past winter? Winter Storm Juno or even  Winter Storm Thor gave us the chills.

Some thought they were escaping the madness like Hillary Clinton but they’re caught up in it!! who’s keeping it real compared to what per Les McCann?

Eddie Harris helped him while The Roots and John Legend had their version; so at the end of the day who did the math?  did anybody understand?

A crook rapes,  loots and pillages the village!!  they said something about being down with ISIS or Boko Haram or maybe both of them.

They said they had the *skills to pay the bills*  but at the end of the day there’s no hope for them.

Old girl said God didn’t like ugly while she scratched off lottery tickets at the Citgo station.

…Over on Candler Road in Decatur Georgia;  it’s not odd that she tried to warn you about the confusion.

But jokers are acting brand new again!!  saying something about having the skills to pay the bills.

I didn’t fool with them;  I’m out there / outside the box;  a Brotha just chills.

I had the skills to pay the bills but I didn’t front, flex  and floss like I was all this and that…

Shady deals have this brotha staying on point and in the hunt; I realized the cost!! now dropping knowledge on those that are lost!! breakbeat science is what you can call this and that!!

The Truth Game Is Still Being Played PT.2

Funk is sprayed as we land this Mothership;  like North Korea vs Japan missiles were shot at us..

Or sites will get hacked like Sony; we kept on running even though it got lonely;  no peace / no justice it was just us..

No Justice No Peace?  old Civil Rights cliche reintroduced by Rev. Al…

Please!!!. no peace for a brotha from Ferguson to NYC;  conditions are foul!!

What’s the style? The Truth Game Is Still Being Played!!  it’s at an all time high..

What’s the style? Truth Or Reality As We Know It;  Please!! it’s real,  it’s no lie..

I’m Still In Conflict With The World;  Survival Is Difficult If Not Impossible…

Shady Characters playing The Truth Game?  from Nathan Shady Deal to Ted Cruz!! Please!! they wont stop what they do!!

Especially now!!! it seems the game is taken up to anotha level….

The specialty now? hearing more Belligerence from anotha devil!!

Wearing boots and packing a shovel please!!!..we’re walking in deep doo doo…

Business suits on one level / white tees and Air Force Ones on another; what it do?

Ill disputes from Pluto to Mars; from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; from Boko Haram in Nigeria to Tanzania and the Albino Magic Murders; so what’s up man?

So whatcha know? you heard us man? some are trying to heal scars from Iraq to  Afghanistan..

What’s up man? somebody asked me but I told them nothing;  they might be Part Of The Conspiracy…

That’s what’s up man!!! Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics?  I studied the Conspiracy Theory…

Somebody said something about a Project For A New American Century; but they might be busy playing the Truth Game with Shady Characters..

We hit them up with this Sonic Assault; letting them know that in Love Or War? they won’t be fair with ya!!!