We’re Back On The Set

We’re back on the set again, I-10 meandering is  over for a minute or two.

We’re back to these normal procedures but the universe will beseech us to do what we do.

Whats that? Mind traveling / mystery unraveling from the #ATL to the #Htown.

History unraveling or unfolding in front of us, chilling in #BatonRouge for a minute or two; tension in the air, but constituents try to play it down.

Feel me? I’m not trying to play around! Dr OZone is all about this breakbeat scientific business.

We’re ready to blast off like Orion spacecraft after stopping by NASA to do the math; feel this.

Real is how we get! That’s the business when we’re back on the set.

Ignoring Donald Trump types at the  RNC, they want to take us back! They want history to repeat.

Plus, alt-shift-delete is the master plan for webmasters plus Matrix Architects..

Plus or minus? where will you find us? caught out there like Ted Cruz, win or lose? we’re all about this culture / art, but a naysayer disrespects…

Your dude disconnects, rolling out on I-10 between Mobile and Houston but I wasn’t cruising for bruising..

Your dude connects, back on the set again, but mobile  with the I-20 business!! we’re still cruising but not for bruising..


Clearance Rack Epiphanies…Still Not For A Limited Time Only..

Enjoy it while you can I was told; like Taylor Swift told Harry Styles..its for a limited time only!

Like low gas prices under $3 dollars a gallon for the holiday; but  now up to $3.35 a gallon..now check your styles…spotted at the Dollar Tree  …previously Old Navy , Gap,  and Limited only!

Check the ongoing crisis..the old navy was surprised by the North Korea missile test!!  please!!  also by Iran’s!

Its cold like Russia!!  please!!  I Felt The Pressure!!  now dropping these clearance rack epiphanies hoping somebody will understand!

As the mothership lands on earth…no clearance was given for that by NASA!

As a brother gets scientific like someone facing foreclosure;  contacting NACA!

Another looking for closure will “holla atcha”  ….said they had the green light like John Legend!

….Or Andre 3000;  the devil will oppose ya..him and a caste of thousands; soon your a martyr or urban legend!

Speed you need in an Audi 5000 or Acura Legend? spotted swerving down I-85 in Atlanta!

True indeed !!  arousing the masses..legendary!!  all the way live like Lakeside… a Kenny Rogers type gambler!

True indeed!!  check these clearance  rack epiphanies;  Transmitting Live!!   always in season..not just around the holidays!

True indeed!!  as we proceed..carrying a Sword of Truth;  the good word is dropped as the brand new funk plays!