All Aspects Are Covered

So whats up? damn!! things are hectic / chaotic…I can see things are crazy on so many levels!

The corrupt were still handling business…doing what they do!! we’ll have to deal with so many devils!

So whats up?  a brotha is trying to hold it down…Doing What I Do!! but jokers try to sabotage my operations like Republicans did!

So whats up?  another will undermine authority;  soon were subject to the authority! nobody was showing any love!

Jokers push and shove like under NBA the boxing gloves are worn by Marvin Hagler or Muhammad Ali  or even Manny Pacquiao types!

O-Dizzle is rocking!! not haggling with another about his freedom? …please!! you know Public Enemy said don’t believe these hypes!

O-Zone types these good words into the Samsung phone…every now and then the loose leaf is hit up with the black ink pen!

Danger zones are ripe with strangefruit…I told shorty not a damn thing has changed!!  that’s what this black man is thinking!

So whats up?  clones wander through the territory! but not everbody was impressed by the deals made Israelis concerning Iran’s Nuclear Program…

So whats up?  drones wander through the territory like it was Pakistan!  so whats up man? whatcha knowing?

The corrupt were still handling business….all aspects were covered…local national international and even intergalactic…

Whats up with us?  were still handling business before it handles us….its of the breakbeat scientific variety…thats the essence of this discipline..all aspects were covered….as we rebuke a fanatic…







The Shutdown

There was a glitch in the matrix…then a storm blew through…due to the Grand Trine  in water signs ?   check the  rain / reign of terror…damn!! now the system is shutdown!

Plus a snitch was faking it….rolling like Bradley Manning…but then they told authorities what was going down!

…..Now others are caught up in the system / matrix due to lack of understanding…the corrupt shut it down!! it looks like somebody pulled the plug!

Now others are caught up!! even the honey in Atlanta was mad after she pulled a thug!

Others are caught up;  they needed a hug!!  it seems nobody showed them any love!

The system shut down on a player..they should’ve gave a pound to a player per Ill Al Scratch…but all they did was push and shove!

Boxing gloves needed like Muhammad Ali and George Foreman ….let the so-called world leaders fight it out!

Obama / Putin  / Morsi  / Mugabe;  relationships are rocky!! somebody turned the light out!

Drama goes down;  some are disputing the truth or reality as they know it!

Some are down to Plan Z like Walter White on Breaking Bad can’t you tell they show it!

Some might understand me..I’m not faking!!  this is no fad!!  others will try to shut me down!

….Like the judge did New York’s stop and frisk law;  said its unconstitutional…they need to shut it down!

Just like Florida’s stand your ground law!!  even though I found  y’all hanging with the corrupt…trying to put it down!

I cross boundaries and borders;  staying a step ahead of jokers talking about  shutting me down

I cross boundaries and borders;  staying a step ahead…oh yeah!!  shutting me down was the thought and fashion police mission!

But the sound will be funky;  check the Sonic Assaults!!  plus an orderly fashion is followed due to my fresh view / fresh vision!

As We Proceed / We Keep It Moving / Good Things Happen That Way…

As we proceed and continue…we keep it moving…good things happen that way…so  its time to move on to the next!

True indeed…but damn!!  is it a Turkish Spring?  how will we work this thing?  damn!! of course were wishing it was simple;  but things get complex!

But were doing the damn thing!! coming with the next!!  it’s the next chapter!!  it’s going down like this!

The funky drummer is drumming….O-Dizzle channels the spirit  and O-Zone has this good word; that’s how we plan to fight this!

Muscle and might is flexed like El Reno tornadoes with the Sonic Assault after hell was caught!!  now some will get whats coming to them!

Hustlers and players were soon out-of-pocket like Chrysler with dangerous  Grand Jeep Cherokees;  nothing was coming to them!

Whats up?  the system stays in our pockets!!  banks and oil companies make a killing!

Whats up?  as we proceed and continue ….we  keep it moving like European Black Markets…we put it down like this!! we weren’t through dealing!

Observing the scene; but were through chilling!!  now were ready to roll!!  were on our way!

Been there!! heard or seen it!! we know how these jokers are going to play! but we proceed and continue..we kept it moving…good things happen that  way…

Armchair quarterbacks run another play;  plus shadetree mechanics tighten screws!

But we proceed and continue to go there….ignoring fanatics we drop these mathematics on these different crews!

Wide Track Pontiac Style

We kept it moving…we’re covering a lot of territory like the Mars Rover;  check out the wide track Pontiac style!

Coming through to tell the story;  the game is not over!! maybe for Miami..understand me?  sonic weapons I hid..I had to act another way…now check the style!

Coming through!!  soon Sonic Assaults are unleashed on the masses; I beseeched them to do the knowledge..some might be able to see what it do!

Others were caught up in the system / matrix by those that faked it;  tires screeched after brakes were waiting in the dark!!  vehicles broke down!!  asking a shadetree mechanic..what it do?

Brought up in Louisville  /Newburg…some slept on us but what we knew gets us over the hump!

…like the middle of the week ; we didnt merge with the weak..they were fronting like Donald Trump!

…as we get over the hump!!  the wide track Pontiac was taking up the whole street!

As we get over the hump..Pontiac Bonneville Brougham style!!  while the foul try to hit alt shift delete!

Beats thump!! plus  O-Zone lets you know what the deal is…Lethal Weapons were held like Danny Glover and Mel Gibson!

The streets? some  dump old green Newport packs and scratch off lottery tickets on the curb ..damn!! it was over..if thats how their living!

Were not acting brand new!! in the sport we keep our guards up!! we weren’t rope a doping like Muhammad Ali!

Plus we got it covered like a wide track Pontiac!! but like Bobby Bland we know theres no love in the heart of the city!

As We Proceed / Just Trying To Maintain

As we proceed and continue….just trying to maintain…but  I see jokers are trying to play me the other way!

… I just got off the boat…. like I just got here the other day!

That’s why I have to play this thing another way … might fire missiles like North Korea!!  dealing with the mass hysteria…I’m keeping a lot of tools in my toolbox!

But not a shadetree mechanic over in Decatur Georgia working on the Mitsubishi Eclipse just to get a rock / hit… as I get breakbeat scientific it;  just like a ring of fire the end of the day?  they say that fool rocks!

Almost flipping out like your typical fanatic;  not planting questions in this scripture like the IRS vs The Tea Party….its not that kind of party…you know a fool knocks the hustle;  like that old catch phrase  / cliche they were cock blocking!

Almost skipping out like jokers not paying the rent around the first of the month..but I decided to stick and stay like old girl would say….so now I’m block rocking!

As we proceed…just trying to maintain…. ripping out a page of the Louisville brothas handbook.

True indeed….. Muhammad Ali style!! mind to mind or  hand to hand combat with a crook!

But O-Dizzle had hook lines and his own beats;  so we hit them with the street funk!

Whats the dizzle?  alt shift delete is the systems game plan!!  so were rolling discrete; other jokers were down here in the ATL talking about getting crunk!

Another fell trying to get a dunk on the fast break!!  they lacked the vertical!

A brotha like me will proceed and continue;  like Isleys I had work to do!