Funk, Soul, Groove & Trip Hop – A mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, by now y’all should know the science!

Things can go either way but expecting a terrific outcome is how I’ll play this hand I’m dealt my constituents felt how I dropped this science!

Chilling out! your dude minds / tends his own business but naysayers will pull me back into the fray!

O-Zone is a minister of music and defense knocking jokers off the fence trying to enter the property!

Oh yeah, the arch nemesis was on the premises with the wrong kind of energy but they got expelled!

Now we’re chilling out / tripping out in lab outside it’s  drab per the storms expected in the Atlanta area, like yesterday per the heavy rain / high winds plus trees that fell.

What can I tell ya? check out Funk, Soul, Groove & Trip Hop – A mix courtesy of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

Check the playlist and the mix as we trip out and get funky with this, representing the culture!

00:00 Boogie Belgique – Stairway to the USSR

02:46​ – GooMar – Omokage

04:03​ – L’Orange – Anywhere Is Just Everywhere I Haven’t Been Yet

05:15​ – LongDistanceDan – Raw Dust

06:48​ – Funky Waves – Street Philosophy

07:41​ – JIM – Far Away

08:30​ – Mr. Collage – Frusicante

11:25​ – Thievery Corporation – Culture Of Fear ( mister T’s Fear Over The Athens Remix) 15:4-0 – The Undisputed Truth – Show Time (super value Disco edit.)

18:23​ – Jel – Sans Hammer

19:19​ – Pete Cannon – We Speed

20:01​ – Devaloop – Living for the Groove

21:54​ – Q-Knight – Explication

23:04​ – CherryVata – Always (Miracle Edit)

23:56​ – Garaz – Smoke Rings

25:41​ – Gadget – The Chase

27:17​ – dj.noizcut – Dirty T-ssues

28:33​ – Ash Wednesday – Left Field

31:11​ – Big Ben Beats – Melancholy

32:23​ – Slim The Chemist – In my Mind

34:37​ – Ancient Astronauts – Halfway Through

36:00​ – Mister T – Bring it Back Again

38:11​ – Planet Ragtime – Daily Twist

39:18​ – Oldy Clap Recordz – Ego Trip’

41:53​ – Moody Sanchez – The Gangster Of Love



Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; told you earlier I’ll claim the terrific outcome…

Check the  manifestation  repelling the negative infestation; the music will play and we’ll drop these mathematics rebuking those that want to see us come undone..

Dealing with these Hunger Games Peacekeepers trying to creep up on us;  we’re rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top plus the lime green safety vest up in this thing.

We know this is a construction / corruption site so what’s up? we’ll drop this insight while we’re on default settings..

Damn here he goes again!! already heard the naysayers as we drop this HIP HOP UNDERGROUND 90’s 00’s RAP US and CANADA

Damn here he goes again!! already heard the naysayers say we’re back in those 90’s again!! I don’t know, somebody might understand a brotha!!

Check out the playlist and this mix courtesy of Lou Dav, already heard the naysayers talking about a Louisville / Newburg dude will misbehave!!

Da Phathedz Ft Tera Lo – For The Year

No BS Allowed & Fair One – The Situation

Ovadose (ft Cappadonna) – Adrenalin Rush

Omega – This Life

Chilán & Dee – 365

Concrete Street – Street fighter

Specs – Welcome Mats

All City – Basic Training

Mr Lif – Madness in a cup

Basement Khemists – Vibrate

The Soho Crew & Puerto Rock – Kakalaka Raw!