Change Of Scenery (Part Eight) Concepts Revisited

 Usually broadcasting live from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta on this Monday but the Full Moon in Pisces stirred things up!

Plus Labor Day was the unofficial end of Summer, Fall is here per the upcoming Fall Equinox with leaves changing colors changing the scenery; soon we’ll see what’s up!

Is it a signal to us that we need a change of scenery?  your dude is  still out here playing this hand I was dealt.

But the whole game is shady per these gamblers out for a fast buck dealing marked cards! still hungry, but not crazy no divine hunger is felt!

Strengthened earlier by a change of scenery, I felt a different drumbeat played by the ensemble! Some of y’all see me with the different two step that’s danced as the bass rumbles but I have to admit, sometimes I stumble.

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The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling!! Ignoring The Distractions!! (Part Three)

On this Thankful Thursday where we recognize that it’s blessing to be here?  the train of thought is still rolling!

Throwback Thursday styles exhibited but we take it back to the future!  like the message the Lord gave to Jerimiah moving forward never backwards is how it works / how  we’re rolling! 

Ignoring the distractions per the ill interactions from the devil and his advocates as this next level business is handled!

Ignoring negative reactions as these actions speak louder than just these good words, the sounds will be booming check the message in the music per the O’Jays and Joey Negro as breakbeat scientific business gets handled!

With fate? some gambled, they fell in love way before Valentines Day; Mother Russia? now some are lost in the dark arena of her eyes!No game room: playing games with the devil will lead to doom! those that rode that train of thought were victimized due to the lies..

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