Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part Two)

We’re out here putting it down on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way…

Praying, then claiming the terrific outcome /  then pulling out the drum perdigital crate digging as part of the victory celebration; my motto / elaboration? “Let The Music Play”

Playing us the other way? Trump trying to reopen America in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? worried more about the economy than the people?

I heard what was said by Larry Kudlow mentioning difficult trade offs / collateral damage?  Texas LT. Gov. Dan Patrick mentioning the elderstaking a bullet for the economy? please! who’s thinking about the people?

…..not to be confused with Dan Patrick the sportscaster, by the way they’ve got this brotha asking another; Is There A Doctor In The House?

Where’s Dr. Anthony Fauci? even Twitter is asking another!! in the meantime and between time the Brotha O-Dog aka O-Dizzle will rock the house!!

Check this out at Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part Two)


What’s The Prognosis? (What’s Really Going On?)

I wasn’t fresh and clean per OutKast;  not spotted at the Grammys on the red carpet rocking poses.

Coming out fresh with brand new batches of breakbeat scientific by-products!!  but jokers are knocking hustles like it was Jannes and Jambres opposed to Moses!!

Dipping through Babylon like Edwin Moses or maybe Usain Bolt.

Slipping through the portal knowing how the sport will go like Ohio State losing close basketball games !!  O-Zone is dedicated to the truth!! I’m not trying to get struck by a lightning bolt!

Reality gave me a jolt;  like ISIS in Iraq flagrant agents and devils advocates were uncouth!! now I’m trying to get the prognosis.

Reality gave me a jolt per Seattle Seahawk bad play calls on the goal line during Super Bowl games;  now fined for brawling per the lethal doses.

As I approach this I’m asking;  who you wit like Bernie Mac?

Rocking a Duck Dynasty beard or a Jihadist beard trying to overthrow the dynasty;  so what’s up with that?

Checking out the styles but I’m more mysterious than X-Files;  oh it still comes on TV!

Checking out the styles;  what’s the prognosis?  what’s the deally?

Checking out the files trying to see what the deal is with the Brotha O-Zone?

Oh! I’m just dropping this good word; O-Dog will adjust the bass, treble and tone!!