It Makes You Wanna Holla

Much respect to Marvin Gaye as I borrow his line;  “It Makes You Wanna Holla”

No respect shown !! check out how the system will play per Black Friday and Cyber Monday; whose thrown under the bus because somebody wanted a dollar?

Checked things out…observing the scene…grew up as a gangster but wanted to be a scholar;  so I did the knowledge!

Checked things out…not a prankster…like X-37B I will blast off…intergalactic with it…please!!  I was out beyond Pluto and Mars…the mothership gets good mileage!

Checked things out..when the mothership landed on earth…saw the physical and mental scars… these earthlings are struggling!

Checked things out …now blue collar style work is put in…as a  brotha gets scientific with it;  that’s how I work things!

A fanatic tried to holla at me…mentioned taking over like Morsi in whats up with it? were talking points manipulated like Benghazi?

….rebuked by these mathematics when I ” holla back” …. but jokers continue to think things are fugazi!

….juked at joints…fired on..nuked at starting or turning points; and its not  So Amazing like Luther!

The system wasn’t checking for us…it anoints one or another…its a crazy thing when they act brand new with ya!

Making one “wanna holla” …some get played because another wanted a dollar;  its like this and like that!

Making one “wanna holla” ….as we continue the struggle / saga …its like this and like that!