Time Square | Jazzhop

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

Things can go either way; sometimes a little of both, in the middle; whatever!! still blessed to see this day…

Making the best of it, some stressed it!! now they want to tell us things are “all good” like Trump with his State of The Union Address..

Making the best of it,  battle tested!! Sonic Assaults are unleashed against those that stress…

Making the best of it, chilling out in the lab listening to this Time Square | Jazzhop mix courtesy of Fantastic Music..

Faking? some of the rest of them,  with the shady dealing out here in Babylon; it’s going down from NYC Times Square to here in the ATL;  once again it’s on!!  in the meantime and between time check out the playlist and the mix; it’s fantastic. music!!

00:00 Erik Jackson – Falling Upwards

03:37 LeVirya – Lids, Muggles & Smokin’ Sides

05:59 Beamic & Oskar Hahn – Weightless

08:02 Tesk – The Remedy

09:52 Beamic – Romans World

12:29 DDob – Wushu

14:33 DDob – 2 smooth 2 sleep

16:52 Psalm Trees x Moose Dawa – No Lies feat. Andras Szilagyi

18:27 Fredie Joachim – The Fallen Idol

20:50 Devaloop – Truth

23:21 Spaze Windu – Sonnenbrille (Instrumental)

24:36 Summers Sons & C.Tappin – Everyday (Instrumental)

26:16 Mr. Käfer – Hidden Voice




Mindful Vibes – Episode 27 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD]


Digital Crate Digging Continues on Throwback Thursday, but I mentioned earlier I’m the specialist..

Your dude will take it back to the future, acting extra / brand new with ya with a special list..

Per a Throwback Thursday mind state? other realms are visited, astrologers blame it on a Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces  sextile or connection…

Plus the Moon visits Pisces as I write this;  any escape from the crisis? Trump firing Rosenstein perfection?

Check out the tunes from two of my favorite genres, jazz and hip hop per this Mindful Vibes – Episode 27 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD]

Check out the playlist and the mix, you might vibe to this!! minds relaxed after the apparatus taxed; somebody might feel me…


01. Handbook – What Do You Mean? 0:00

02. Aso & Hopes – Love Is 03:04

03. Kazam – Wunnation 05:19

04. The Kount – Room In Here 07:53

05. Les Lockheart – Dilla Day 13:27

06. el. – Colors 17:15

07. HXNS – luh 19:37

08. chris anderson – maybe another time 22:44

09. Boukas – Dust in the Crates 25:59

10. Flamingosis – You Were Meant For Me

11. engelwood – sitting in the park (feat. jaeden camstra) 29:18

12. Moose Dawa – From The Soul 34:31

13. Gonza – Relax Your Mind 36:56

14. Sofasound – Sun feat. Edo Lee 40:28

15. Joe Corfield – Wildflower 43:30

16. fiji.water – reminisce 45:54

17. Hazy Year – Magnolia 48:26

18. Klrx – Inside 51:01

Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Mindful Vibes – Episode 27 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD]