Lounge Beats Vol.4 | Smooth Deep House Lounge Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check these menus as we put this down on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday..

Things can play out either way, y’all heard me mention it now pay attention to it as the terrific outcome is claimed; actually? it’s been a good day..

If it was terrible? someone else would be blamed like Donald Trump vs Brian Kemp getting played like a simp..

…or maybe Bill Barr will be blamed after Trump is shamed for trying to roll like some kind of pimp..

The bar was raised, it’s all game!! that’s why we’re lounging listening to Lounge Beats Vol.4 | Smooth Deep House Lounge Mix courtesy of the Rhythm Republic..

Glasses raised full of the adult beverage? some might need that leverage but O-Zone is average when he’s getting busy, he rocks the Natural High like Bloodstone! lounging!! check the playlist and this mix to see what’s up with it!!

1. Fecky Farris – Archipelago of Love

2. Nick Holder – Summer Daze

3. Kaskade – Samba Love (Redux Extended Edit)

4. Lovebirds feat. Marie Tweek – Lovebirds

5. Musclecars – Sol

6. Formation – Control (Choas in The CBD Remix)

7. Chymamusique – Jazz According to House (Main Mix)

8. Monodeluxe – Funky Lowdown feat. Anthony Beckford (Dub Remix)

9. Retromigration & Nephews – Kindness

10. Hotelvilla – If I Told You feat. Javontte (Intr0beatz Remix)

11. DJ Aakmael – Jazz Piece 2

12. Melchior Sultana – Body, Soul, Beats



Deep House Mix 2020 · On the Beach · Grau Selection

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza, getting over the hump is the business somebody will understand a brotha!!

Still sheltering in place, listening to beats that bump plus doing the necessary knowledge for survival; somebody will understand a brotha!!

Hip hopping and Afternoon Jazzing earlier, but like I’ve mentioned before I’ve got other work to do!! like everybody else in these days and times I’ve got issues I’m trying to work through…

Now we’re O-Dog Day Partying to uplift spirits as reality issues demerits, check the ongoing karma it’ll alarm ya!! like I said? we’ve got work to do!!

O-Dog Day Partying, working through the paradigm shift as priorities shift!! listening to Deep House Mix 2020 · On the Beach · Grau Selection

O-Dog Day Partying with this smooth mix, visualizing the sequence like we’re chilling out on the beach! check out the playlist and the mix, links supplied so you can support the artists as we drop this on your section!!

Check this out at Deep House Mix 2020 · On the Beach · Grau Selection

“Listen Up!” (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday; we’re in the midst of the O-Dog Day Party..

Setting it off early, breakbeat scientific is how the work will be!! I told naysayers not to start with me..

…but I knew the would, already knew the deal!! it’s not Trump national security advisers not showing up at the impeachment inquiry..

I already knew the deal!! in response beats will bump plus we’ll drop this eclectic rhetoric, showing up and showing out!! hot like a California fire will be!!

It can be the Kincaid or Getty One, we’ll get on the one and do what we do!! at the moment listening to “Listen Up!” (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey..

Ignoring charades from a petty one, once again it’s on!! check the playlist and the mix to see how live this O-Dog Day Party will be!!

Check this out at “Listen Up!” (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 93

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! At the moment we’re in the lab chilling out, listening to Smooth Jazz Session Mix 93 courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power!!  We’re just trying to get our minds right!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!

1.Afterlife (Ft. Rachel Lloyd) – Down.mp3
2.Afterlife – Jello (feat Lux)
3.Animaya – Ananda
4.Evolve – Well I Gotta Story
5.Greg Karukus – Love On The Beach
6.Hazy Rooms – Herbal Essence
7.Lazybatusu – Lazybatusu Keepin On [Piano Cut]
8.Monodeluxe – – Dream Bag
9.Monodeluxe – Tell Me About You
10.Pacific Memories – Fenomenon
11.Schwarz & Funk – Pikes Nights
12.The Highend Sound – After Traffic

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 73

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We’re chilling out, listening to this Smooth Jazz Session Mix 73 courtesy of  Smooth Jazz Nation Power .  Check out the playlist and the mix!!

1.Beautiful – Alexandra Hampton Feat. Merge Of Equals
2.Cafe Americaine – Lala Time (You Have Time Mix)
3.Catch The Sunshine feat. Leon Ware – Mario Biondi
4.Elevation Jackiem Joyner
5.Incognito – Lowdown featuring Mario Biondi & Chaka Khan
6.Luxury Grooves -Stay this way
7.Merge of Equals – Clear Blue Sky
8.Monodeluxe – At The Beach
9.Merge Of Equals – Mina
10.Openzone Bar – Lifestyle ( Original Mix )
11.Praful – Let the Chips Fall
12.Sunsphere_ Beach Walk (Original Intro Mix)

Cruising – Deep House (Full Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we’re checking out Cruising – a Deep House (Full Mix)from DJ Disma. Perfect for this Monday afternoon or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix…


01 00:00 Holeane – Apnea
02 05:51 Evren Ulusoy – Mesmerized
03 11:43 Monodeluxe – Home Again (Original Mix)
04 16:32 The Urban District – Dub Particle (Original Mix)
05 22:28 Aeromaschine – No Idea Whats Next
06 29:12 Solan – Honey
07 33:01 james flavour – the chick want it deep
08 34:48 Kubatko, Suburb – Feng Shui – Original Mix
09 40:39 Sezer Uysal, Evren Ulusoy – Singing In The Bathtub – Original Mix
10 46:05 Amana Melome – Space Age Mama Jama
11 52:10 Helly Larson – Shaked For Me – Original Mix
12 55:39 Matt Masters – Deep Or What – Milton Jackson Remix