Bounty Killer Featuring Mobb Deep and Rappin’ Noyd – Deadly Zone

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

Things can play out either way, amped up by COVID -19 aka the coronavirus the madness didn’t surprise us we knew how they would play!!

..they should have known we would pray and keep it moving; check  our motto,   proceed and continue

..along with the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, word from O-Zone check the menu..

Once again it’s on, check the venue!!  Bounty Killer Featuring Mobb Deep and Rappin’ Noyd mentioned it’s a Deadly Zone

This is from the Blade movie soundtrack, check the moves as we brink it back!! whatcha going through? it’s rough out here, real deal Holyfield it’s getting deep!! contracts are null and void, word from O-Zone!!

Underground Hip Hop – 10 Indie Tracks

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; our motto? Let The Music Play!!

Just left the garage where I’ve got old vinyl and cassettes stored, like Anthony Davis getting 50 points are scored when we play..

Bon voyage for those hating, we weren’t relating they were misbehaving like the GOP at Trump impeachment hearings…

Mystic Voyages are taken away from those faking; what they’re saying? we’re not hearing!!

Steering this mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor now we’re chilling in the lab listening to these Underground Hip Hop – 10 Indie Tracks

They’re courtesy of Nicola Armellin check the playlist and the mix, this is special edition!! this hip hop is usually posted at Random Thoughts From A Brotha but today we’re on some “other other”; facts!!

Mobb Deep – Rare Species (59th Street Bridge Remix)

Jazz Spastiks & Apani B Fly – Move

Govna Matic, Redman, Pacewon, Runt Dog, Tame One & Young Zee – Family Day

Grand Puba – A Little Of This (95flava Remix)

Amo Lab aka Rollarocka & Precise – Heatwaves

96 Death Camp – Sleep All Day (Creators Remix)

World & San – Shine

A.L. – It Ain’t Life

Da Circle – Part Time Enemy

90 Proof – Boutique Freaks

HIP-HOP UNDERGROUND rap rare & classics 90’s

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; we claim the terrific outcome…

Your dude proceeds / continues like old school hip hop terminology, this psychology rebukes a fanatic plus they’ll get  pimp slapped / attacked when we pull out the drum…

Check the attitude, how did you expect a pimp to act? it’s not a simple thing the way we react to the ongoing madness..

Check the attitude, some wish it was simple, talking foolish like Trump mentioning lynching; jokers need to stop the madness..

Check the attitude, hip hopping per this HIP-HOP UNDERGROUND rap rare and classics 90’s mix courtesy of Lou Dav…

Rude!! check the playlist and the mix to bear witness!! underground railroad riding like Harriett knowing these folk won’t be fair with it; how did they expect a brotha from Louisville to behave?

Pseudo Prophets – Just Gimme The Hip Hop (Chicago)
4th Quarter – C-Note and Grants (Philly)
Jamal – Fades Em All (Pete Rock Remix) ( ‎Philly)
Diversified Culture – Have You Ever Seen?
The B.U.M.s – Wreck Your Ears (Can Do) (Oakland)
Mobb Deep – Take It In Blood (NYC)
Prose & Concepts — Weight of the reign (Seattle)
Street Poets – Out ta flip (Ruffa Mix) (Boston)
Da Youngsta’s ILLY Funkstaz ‎– I’ll Make You Famous (Philly)
Kuku Productions (Ox, Rocky Marciano) – The Prophecy (NYC)
4izacru – i know ya style ( NYC)

Check this out at

Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #25

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday morning, it was once prime time for my blogging…

These days? it’s rough out here, life is hectic!! reality is stoning / cursing and flogging…

O-Dog will still do the damn thing!! respect the architect!! word from Guru and Bahamadia..

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors? I’m still peeping game!! in the midst of the drama? I see ya!!

It’s no joke, I’m trying to free ya with this sound, listening to Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #25

It’s courtesy of Raphael, check out the playlist and the mix so you can know the deal as we bring it to you all the way live!!

1. 00:00 / Supernatural – KING

2. 02:05 / Moodolude 06 – Evil Needle

3. 04:33 / Alpha Channel (feat. Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble) – Mecca:83

4. 06:56 / Helping Hands – Ivan Ave

5. 09:57 / Fire (feat. Moonchild) – Rapsody

6. 12:50 / Something To Live For – Maverick Soul

7. 15:26 / Sweet You – Phonte

8. 18:18 / Beauty – Foisey.

9. 19:22 / Follow (feat. La:Lee Bloom) – Mecca:83 & Joel VDK

10. 21:03 / Cruel – BOSCO

11. 24:43 / My Dream (feat. James Vickery) – Blue Lab Beats

12. 28:08 / Nothing Ain’t Free – Kofi Stone

13. 31:24 / Water Baby (feat. Loyle Carner) – Tom Misch

14. 35:09 / Perfect Game (Instrumental) – Illa J

15. 37:11 / Dome (feat. OthaSoul & Daniel Taylor) – Blue Lab Beats

16. 42:34 / N.C.T.E.D (feat. Hope) – Kofi Stone

17. 46:00 / Flowers – BOSCO

18. 48:30 / Now and Then – Moonchild

19. 51:43 / Survival Of The Fittest (Figub Brazlevic Remix) – Mobb Deep

20. 55:12 / Tina’s Mood – Neue Grafik

21. 56:36 / Spanish Joint – D’Angelo


90´s Hip Hop Mix | East Coast Hip Hop | Vol.7.

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I like to call Saturday Night Fever…

Jazz, funk, hip hop, soul music and house music are medicines provided for the fever..

Trying to reach ya from London to the ATL, from NYC to Oakland / San Fran..

…to all points in between; East Coast / West Coast / worldwide; even out in the galaxies man!!

What’s up man? this 90´s Hip Hop Mix | East Coast Hip Hop | Vol.7. is being dropped courtesy of San Francischool1989.

What’s up man? 90’s hip hop, some of my favorite music!! check out the playlist and the mix as I take some to school with mine!!

***Mixed by SanfrancischooLL..

***Track list:

1. M.O.P – Old Timerz.

2. Marco Polo & Critically Acclaimed -For the future.

3. OC – The crow.

4. LL Cool J – Hip hop.

5. Black Moon – I got cha opin´ (Remix).

6. Fat Joe – Say word.

7. Kool G Rap – blowin up in the world.

8. Rakim – Remember that.

9. Mobb Deep – Temperature´s rising.

10. AZ – Gimme yours (Remix).

11. The Lox – All for the love.

12. Edo G & DA Bulldogs – What u got.

13. Cormega – Glory days.

14. Capone & Noreaga – I love my life Feat. Carl Thomas.

15. AZ & NaS – Gimme yours.

16. Biggie – Miss u.

Source: Random Thoughts From A Brotha: 90´s Hip Hop Mix | East Coast Hip Hop | Vol.7.

Das Efx Ft. Mobb Deep- Microphone Master (Sewa/41 St. Side Remix)

Saturday Night Fever is here!! check out the format as Digital Crate Digging Continues…

Holla at me!! a non believer walked on some like a floormat!! damn!! the saga / struggle continues!!

Holla at me!! soul music / house music and disco are usually the format but I take it back to my roots..

Listening to some 90’s hip hop, you don’t quit / you don’t stop!! per this spiritual warfare? on the ground there’ll be boots..

I take it back to my roots!! you don’t quit / you don’t stop!! we’re listening to Das Efx Ft. Mobb Deep with Microphone Master  (Sewa/41 St. Side Remix)

My peeps were in cahoots!! R.I.P. Prodigy, maybe somebody will understand me; breakbeat science I kick..


Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #21

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! I’ve been into the jazz funk / disco realm most of the night, but I couldn’t pass up this Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #21 courtesy of  Raphael  .

Check out the playlist and the mix!! It’s going down like this!!
1. 00:00 / Blue Dream – Greybox
2. 02:25 / We Belong – Riya & Maverick Soul
3. 06:06 / Crucial Conversations – Isatta Sheriff
4. 09:26 / All Good, Pt. 2 (feat. Moka Only & Ivan Ave) – Illa J
5. 11:48 / Stay Here – Alfa & Emmavie
6. 14:08 / Follow – Tom Misch
7. 17:20 / Sounds Like Love – J Dilla
8. 19:28 / Is There More to Life? (feat. Diggs Duke) – Tall Black Guy
9. 23:02 / Bullshit – The Pharcyde
10. 25:50 / Tainted – Slum Village
11. 29:21 / Fuji (Outro) – R-Kay
12. 31:32 / Track 18 – J Dilla
13. 32:24 / Damselfly (feat. Tom Misch) – Loyle Carner
14. 34:32 / Circles – Eric Lau
15. 36:28 / Fall in Love (Sam Champ Remix) – Amerie
16. 39:06 / Get Down – R-Kay
17. 41:23 / Stones (feat. GeeFree & Dani Sofiya) – R-Kay
18. 44:00 / Incomplete – Alfa & Emmavie
19. 45:59 / Diddy Bop (ft. Raury & Cam O’bi) – Noname
20. 48:55 / Figure Numatic – Nubiyan Twist
21. 53:01 / A Change We Need – Freddie Joachim
22. 55:08 / Amerie – Eric Lau
23. 57:00 / Temperature’s Rising (feat. Crystal Johnson) – Mobb Deep
24. 1:01:38 / Darcus Howe Skit – Coops