Clearance Rack Epiphanies / After The Holiday Sale

Unike Hollywood actresses and super models a bruh is mentally binging and purging!

Still down here in the hood!!  but back with this with breakbeat scientific model:  off the hinges when I work this thing!

Word from O-Dizzle!!  a Louisville / Newburg dude bringing these clearance rack epiphanies!

Thats the real dizzle!!  the real deal Holyfield  with Rick Ross living in his old house for those asking whats up with these!

Please!!  this is word from a veteran in the game whose now coaching like John Wooden!

Please!!  I was wise to the set up… Armageddon was approaching!! but these jokers wanna see you strung out like Dwight Gooden!

But he hung on…not down and out but working it out…but jokers are soon  recognizing this is a hood thing after I show and prove!

Others said  one thing then they did another!!  loyalty? please!!  they didn’t prove!

So I move on…I’m over it just like the holiday season…MLK Day was earlier this check out these clearance rack  epiphanies!

I move on;  life is a marathon…. I’m over it!! what?  the treason!!  but the mode can go from NYC stop and frisk  to shop and frisk in Macy’s or even  Barney’s or Tiffany’s!

But these clearance rack epiphanies are accessible…O-Zone has the conglomerate..

Bringing these Random Thoughts and Sonic Assaults…but usually in this zone ? no one is checking for me…unless they said a con did it..