All Up In The Spot / I Had Time For Another One..

All up in the spot….like the church on South Hairston in Stone Mountain, GA…check the shootout at the funeral…whatcha know?  the block is hot!! but I had time to start another one!

I’m all up in the spot…its like Prometheus….its where power rangers want to see a brotha come undone! 

All up in the spot…authority figures were pulling triggers…like snipers in Afghanistan…aiming at us …who will get sprayed during the drive by? 

Territory or turf wars occur from the hoods of the ATL to the sands of Syria in the Middle East; on over to the motherland; whose staying alive like the Bee Gees?  whose living a lie? 

…Or are they living the American dream based on a plot or scheme?  dreams turn into nightmares! 

Bernanke even told Congress to get it together…now whose crying wolf or even phoning in bomb scares? check out the rest of this article at Random Thoughts From A Brotha: All Up In The Spot / I Had Time For Another One...