I Had To Move On

Like apartment dwellers dipping without paying the  rent I moved on.

Don’t start with these *good fellas*  is what I told a buster!!  trust us!!  O-Dizzle will get his groove on.

O-Zone kept proving on and on again that he’s about this breakbeat scientific business.

Haters kept proving on and on again per 2 Thessalonians 2:4 that the devil is in the opposition business.

Debates by politicians didn’t move me;  the Koch Brothers bought off elections nationwide.

Kentuckians under Mitch McConnell’s regime knew what the move would be;  Eddyville and Luther Luckett will be jumping!!  there’s no where to run or hide.

He stood in front of a University of Louisville sign at the press conference;  it made me question affiliations.

University of Louisville losing in the Atlantic Coast Conference?  it’ll make you question affiliations.

What’s the deal?  economic indicators show a turn around but Democrats didn’t emphasize it.

They’d rather throw Obama under the bus;  now the party’s in shambles!!  nobody will sympathize with it.

I already knew the deal about it  so we rise to it;  what?  the occasion.

We proceed and continue;  good things happen when we moved on!!  check the relocation.


I’m Taking Their Advice (Getting My Mind Right)

Get your mind right!! so I’m taking that advice per what *old girl * told me!!

Moment Of Clarity?  insight is gained!! now I’m at the service desk returning bogus merchandise  that was sold me!!!

Not fair with me? of course they aren’t!!  they said no refund or exchanges!!!

Reality truth or dared me;  I had to keep this hot mess!! now per Band of Gypsys / Buddy Miles /  Jimi Hendrix?  my mind is going through them  changes!!!

Reality provided proof; I’m dealing with how strange it is;  GOP claiming the Senate?  is that why Mitch McConnell is skinning and grinning? I heard these  so called  power brokers!!!

I carried the Sword of Truth but not beheading jokers like ISIS;  *Get Your Head Right!! that’s  the slogan used by high acid heads and weed smokers!!

Arrogant and aloof ones?  oh yeah!! now I see these jokers are in high places in society!!

Going there with it using drums and these good words!! *Vision and Intuition*  working overtime; Why did these jokers lie to me?

Don’t Cry To Me!!  earlier jokers were caught up in popjihadism or gangsterism but now showing expressions of emotionalism!

Don’t lie about me per Chris Brown vs Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon!! what are they on? now showing emotionalism!!

This is how we get down for those who ask me;  How You Living?? What?? please, I told them I’m living on the the edge!!

With the rest *of my family* out there!! local, national, international and intergalactic!! some might understand me!! if not? do the knowledge!!

Still Dealing With The Information Overload

Checked out the staff meeting as thought and fashion police collaborate to discuss rules and regulations! 

Contributing to the confusion in the world..check the information overload…..mind over matter? no heart or intuition used? soon the institution abused…check the penalties and fines for late registrations! 

While the International Space Station tries do detect dark matter those that hate propose legislations; told some of my kinfolk  the transformation to a drug overlord was the wrong move!

 Skating on thin ice affected by global warming?  check the weather..meanwhile I span the globe brainstorming….under or over mode? like in a projects crap game..what were they trying to prove? 

Waiting in the dark with their faction…said they’re about to blackout…but like Syrian troops in Aleppo …authorities put the move on them! 

Waiting in Shawnee Park in Louisville back in the day; ah!!! checking out The Sunday Car Show….chilling in the Buick deuce and a quarter…busting a move on them! Check out the rest of this article at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Still Dealing With The Information Overload.