The Corporation (Misery Loves Company)

So what’s the deal? misery loves company!!  now they’re trying to start a corporation.

Papers were filed with the proper authorities;  meanwhile colonials try to confiscate territories!! they feel like they had an obligation.

ATLiens styled and profiled per the OutKast concert at Centennial Olympic Park!!  meanwhile we continue to rock the nation!!  actually these world citizens will rock  the universe.

Meanwhile the breakbeat scientific menu rebukes an irrational one trying to introduce the curse..

Meanwhile the punishment glutton’s invitations are returned to sender;  plus we weren’t mad at the messengers.

We know what’s up with it!!  some are caught up in the system / matrix;  they’re just doing their jobs even when they front on these hot messengers.

During the ongoing hot mess?  The Lord is blessing us!!  so we remain independent.

We didn’t join the company misery was starting;  like  regulators deferring to Goldman Sachs  they had it made!! but we’re  refusing to be a co-defendant or co-dependent.

The drum will be a history making instrument used by O-Dog as we deal with it; what? the status quo..

The run was considered a good one until Benghazi gun running exposed it!! ISIS was a benefit of quid pro quo..

The run was considered a good one!! but I was hood one!!  I’m funky drumming and dropping this good word!! but check the crisis!!

Now everybody was miserable!! papers were filed to start a corporation!! we fight back with this thesis!

The Dog Days Of Summer

Chilling in the ATL aka Hotlanta?  it’s August so these are the dog days of Summer.

The saga / struggle continues;  what’s up with us ? O-Zone has the good word while O-Dog is the funky drummer.

A brotha is not a drug runner down here in Atlanta working with the Mexican Cartels!!  I’m out here getting breakbeat scientific with it!!

…Even though it’s rough out here in Babylon!! it’s not hard to tell!!  but we’re out here dealing with it .

Misery loves company!!  some are chilling with it!!  they’ll soon become collateral damage.

Misery caused by the heat will make some flip!!  like the Gaza Strip crisis vultures keep scores after assessing the damage.

History revealed the culture wars!!  it’s like ISIS rolling through Iraq!! who’s assimilated or is it humiliated? soon the defense objects.

I needed a change of scenery so I chilled out outback on the deck!!  reflecting on hot summer days in Louisville  in the Beecher Terrace and Park Hill projects.

During the dog days of summer?  you can be a goner!!  outback?  the mockingbird sings.

The drama is like the Hunger Games Mockingjay!!  check out what this good word brings.

A brotha peeped the red cardinal outback representing Louisville!! then I spotted the bluejay representing Kentucky!!

A brotha from the Ville knew it was tight in these hoods!! even Tiger Woods struggled during these dog days of summer during the PGA championship up in Kentucky.