Shafiq Husayn featuring Bilal – Between Us 2

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus for the after Sunday service meal, we’re trying to chill..

….on a hot Sunday afternoon; earlier O-Zone was swerving with this  let you know what it  was doing  / letting you know the deal…

Let the music play as we chill, sheltering in place trying to avoid thisCovid 19 and systemic racism plus this 95 degree weather here in Atlanta..

Let the music play as O-Zone let’s you know how these jokers play with that good word; somebody will understand a brotha!!

At the moment soul jazzing / jazz hopping listening to former Sa Ra Creative Partner member  Shafiq Husayn featuring  Bilal with a track called  Between Us 2 ·

I posted the instrumental version earlier, check out the all star players and the track partner to see what it do!!

Check this out at Shafiq Husayn featuring Bilal – Between Us 2