Sword Of Truth Illuminations (Part Five)

We’re trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza segment, but we’re bearing witness to sword of truth illuminations

…letting us know that it’s rough out here! per the Dionne Warwick version of the pop song “there’s always something there to remind me”, especially when we’re caught up in unpleasant situations!

Time wasn’t on our side like that Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones song! when I started writing this the ethereal kisses of midnight approached..

..per the clock; damn! now on this Wednesday morning the sword of truth swings with it’s illuminations so where’s the yellow flag from the officials like a NFL game? it seems time has encroached..

..on our plans; they’re not dangerous like red flags concerning the state or fate of democracy so, is it an existential threat?

Even imperiled virtue? the stranger over in Decatur asked me what it do? I told him, life? I guess it’s one big experiment!

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Changing The Game (Part Eight)

Has it always been this way? reflecting on this Throwback Thursday, doing the mathematics!

Damn, here we go again! I see these bootleg / shade tree mechanics are still up to their same old antics! 

Supposedly changing the game but some of my constituents were acting frantic; the atmosphere? it was chilling but they survived the demonic ploy!

The episode was a game changer! it was a day they laughed through tears, out in the storm where it was reigning / raining heavy now they’re maintaining showing joy.

But it’s rough out here danger is everywhere; convince me I’m okay they requested.

Per Throwback Thursday was it a State Of Shock per the Jacksons / Mick Jagger? the ill episode? they’re still processing it.

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The Jacksons Featuring Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger – State Of Shock

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, that’s the kind of business being conducted..

It’s also a Fabulous Friday, and that’s how we plan to keep it!!! no business is conducted with those corrupted…

We already knew what’s up with it, we were wise to the set up, we’ll continue to shelter in place, plus if and when we’re out in these Atlanta streets we’re rocking the mask and social distancing…

We already knew what’s up with it; dropping this sound to make the masses get up to go along with this good word!! going the distance in this thing!!

Showing love from a distance but universal with this thing!! local, national, international and intergalactic!! check us out, we’re listening toThe Jacksons Featuring Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger with State Of Shock

It’s all about love per their reference but in this world there’s no benevolence; the earth is in a state of shock, its a ball of confusionmentioned by the Temptations due to the coronavirus pandemic; but in the midst of this we’ll still rock..

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