Michael Jackson – We’re Almost There (DJ Spinna Extended Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues…hunting for one thing…ending up with another!! Checking out this  Michael Jackson  track We’re Almost There (the DJ Spinna Extended Remix)..well done!! well done!!


Out There…On Some Other -Other

It might be hard to find me….the lights didn’t blind me… I was way way out there!

I was on some other-other!! word to the mother!!  as we continue to go there!

Facing opposition!  material / spiritual…even cosmic like the Uranus Pluto Square!

Racing ahead….fresh view / fresh visions used!!  like the Solar Eclipse were intergalactic !! through galaxies we cruised !  multi- levels and dimensions!!  acting like we knew  when we go there!

Racing through my mind like passengers at LAX?  past episodes of a positive and negative nature!

Casing the joint like the criminal minded I was accused of being like!!  but like Mike its per Human Nature!

Per Michael Jackson check out the action!!  drama will jump off like its LAX Terminal 3!

No telling how it might go!!  check the interaction;  food stamps are even cut..all of us are going through something…who’ll work with me?

Doing the mathematics;  addition / subtraction  / multiplication and division!

Doing what I do!!  but dealing with next level dramatics!!  like Israel attacking Syrian missile sites.. haters were on a mission!

Jokers were wondering how I was living!!  please!!  I was way way out there!

All of us are struggling!! but these brothas are on some other- other;  but were taking it there!

Card Carrying Members Only

So whats up?  access was denied!! unless its NYPD undercover in Hollywood Stuntz…I left the hood so I could gather and hunt..but they said this area was for card-carrying members!

So whats up?  at the end of the day like vets and military families affected by the government shutdown..one finds out the apparatus folds and mutilates;  body parts?  it dismembers!

One who does the knowledge and remembers the time like Michael Jackson is usually up on it!

It wasn’t the time we fell in love…its like an NBA game…in the paint …under the basket?  jokers push and shove!  but some are up on it!

It doesn’t matter if your like Waka Flocka Flame and  go hard in the paint!!  it wasn’t the time that got them?  please!!  the clock keeps ticking even if you have a card!

Master / Visa / Discovery or a proximity card to get in the building!! ..but soon yielding;  soon from the premises your barred!

…like I tried to do with the arch nemesis;  but they keep showing up!

But seeds are planted in secret gardens…by-products / plants keep growing up!

“Who you knowing ” up in this piece?  security will ask..they say it’s for card-carrying members!

I kept flowing up in this piece!!  Doing What I Do!! one step ahead of the apparatus!!  jokers like Republicans and Koch Industries shutting down the government as history repeats!!  this brotha remembers!

I kept flowing up in this piece!! unlike the pipeline that blew up in Oklahoma

Whatcha knowing?  they told me access is denied…I’m not a card-carrying member..I told them act like you knew a bruh!!

Is It Some Type Of Weird Science?

Its like the crisis in Syria…I’m checking out the chaos and confusion…using a fresh view and fresh vision to interpret the weird signs!

Damn!! seeing what the deal is…my taking a loss was an option;  the apparatus they said I was working with a weird science!

Officials were faking the coin toss!!  but check the status..I’m rocking mine but …whispers and sideways glances show the disapproval!

Shaking off the paranoia…peeping game…spotted the paranormal;  as jokers act like Boehner supporting Obama concerning Syria..some brand new with a bruh!

Like they took the wrapper off; whats up with another?  the by-product revealed twisted / weird minds!

Dangerous like Michael Jackson mentioned!! I paid attention…I  wrote this on his birthday;  does that make it a weird science?

Strange with this?  weird with mine?  before I was banned from Blogster I told a joker to read between the lines…but actually I believe some are tired of thinking!

Its strange..at the end if the day?  some will find out the O-Dizzle funk was stinking!

….plus O-Zone was like Diana Nyad swimming from Cuba…I didn’t quit..I  wasn’t blinking when staring into the eye of the tiger!

….That’s word from this danger zone resident..an updated upgraded 60’s type freedom fighter!

At the concert real bic  lighters flick…not the app…as bass treble and tone from the disco inferno set the roof on fire!

Lights for those waiting in the dark!!  …..was it a weird science that was dropped on the empire?

” R&B 80`s ” Megamix

Digital Crate Digging Continues…in a rare old school R & B music mood…I’m a been there / done that type of person so I don’t get in this mood much….

Checking out this mix courtesy of  the RadioBlack Paradise You Tube channel…so big ups to them…

Check out the playlist and the phat mix…

Love Come Down – Evelyn “Champaign” King
Forget Me Knots – Patrice Rushen
Jamaica Funk – Tom Browne
Rock With You – Michael Jackson
I Wonder If I Take You Home – Lisa Lisa
Saturday Love – Alexander O’Neal/Cherrelle
It’s No Crime – Babyface
When I Think Of You – Janet Jackson
Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
Love Bizarre – Sheila E
You Know How To Love Me – Phyllis Hyman
Nasty Girl – Vanity 6
Got To Be RealCheryl Lynn
I Wanna Be Your Lover – Prince
Groove Me – Guy
I want Her – Keith Sweat
Rumors – Timex Social Club
Encore – Cheryl Lynn
Candy – Cameo
The Rain – Oran Juice Jones
Night To Remember – Shalamar
I’ll Be Good – Renee and Angela
Never Too Much – Luther Vandross
Mama Used To Say – Junior
I Can’t Go For That – Hall and Oats

The Reign Began With A Drizzle / The Reign Of Terror

Storms were heavy like Andrea soaking the East Coast….damn!!  just awhile ago it was drizzling!

Dorms aka safe havens and safe harbors are under attack…..the arch nemesis is on the premises;  plans are fizzling!

Its like my Outback Chronicles…I was sitting on my back deck…country fried steaks were sizzling on the grill….but soon the storm came….I was interrupted.

Its like my I-20 Chronicles…dipping through Atlanta ….”countrified”  fakes moved to the big city; after a while they were corrupted!

Who complied with standing orders to turn over records to the NSA  like Google Inc, Facebook Inc and Microsoft Corp ….after being subject to the authority?

Somebody lied!!  now I suddenly feel like a giant…I’m standing alone against the world…a universal citizen in a hostile territory!

Somebody cried!!  please!!  lives were lost due to a shooting rampage in Santa Monica…meanwhile lights blink on the instrument panel indicating problems on the mothership!

Damn!! the old hooptie tried…but the check engine and low fuel lights came on!!  so whats up with it?

Those checking for me act a fool!! they “wannabe starting something”  like the Michael Jackson song!

Others weren’t checking for me…but then they see me in action…and try to tell me I’m wrong!

It didn’t take long for the storm to come;   the reign began with a drizzle!

Please!!  the reign of terror caused all hopes and dreams to fizzle!

They collapse  like that building in Philadelphia…like the crane operator’s reefer they burn up in a cloud of smoke;  like somebody lit a Swishers!

Check the reign or terror enhanced by smoke and mirrors out in the grey area its rough on hopers and wishers!

Check out  The Reign Of Terror…… from the O-Dog Podcast

Bernie Worrell, DJ Logic, Freekbass (Headtronics) – Billie Jean

Digital Crate Digging Continues..always looking for that obscure /  under the radar stuff.

Checking out  P Funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell,  with Headtronics (DJ Logic,  and Freekbass )  with their rendition of Michael Jackson’s  Billie Jean. Live at River Street Jazz Cafe, Plains, PA August 8, 2010…..Funky Fresh!! Check them out!!



Politicking PT.2 …It Doesn’t Quit and It Doesn’t Stop

I heard what was said…checked out the inauguration.. plus checked out the MLK ceremony  at Ebenezer in Atlanta… seen the moves that were made; some jokers were  still politicking!

I heard some were misled…whats up with them? they were waiting in the dark..the clock kept ticking!

Soon jumping off fiscal cliffs…plus out in those streets  the hard rock kept tricking like he was doing something!

Jumping off like Herman Cain or David Petraeus ….catching up on his pimping!!   like Michael Jackson …wannabe starting something!

Bumping off the competition with AR-15’s  before they’re banned due to the drama in Newtown!

Bumping off citizens out in Aurora like James Holmes and them some!!  folk need to find a new town!

Whats up Holmes?  Watson asked Sherlock..how does he get down?  but were like the Aurora Borealis ..please!! were way way out there!

Whats up Holmes?  the Hispanic dude asked me on Buford Highway in Atlanta ; he found out how real it is in Babylon ..what a fiasco…told him my baby girl said life isn’t fair!

As we go there…not kicked off the stage like Lupe Fiasco…were scientific  with it..of the breakbeat variety!

As we go there…a fanatic tried to front;  didn’t know we had diplomatic immunity!

Dipped back to the community…some spotted me rolling up Broadway..up in Louisville!

Didn’t like the way jokers tried to play me due to the politics!!  soon were in gridlock..I knew the deal!

Jokers were politicking !! I knew they wouldn’t be real;  so I let them go on about their business!

They’re just distracting this man…whose all about this breakbeat scientific business!


Jokers were politicking….I heard what was said…some were talking junk… others  were tricking;  they said they had it!

Others were kicking knowledge supposedly like Mitt Romney at the debate... rolling like Michael Jackson ….bad with it!

What will the response be? I’m peeping game..how did the fad get? like  Nehru and Members Only jackets it was played out after a while!!

Sleeping in the game?  like so called friendly fire killed the Border Patrol agent?  you get gaffled that way!!  rough like the Members Only episode of The Sopranos…meanwhile my staff will play the brand new funk on Cd’s, cassettes, MP3s, and vinyl!

Whose politicking up in this piece  like its the presidential campaign?

Some said were behind schedule because we didn’t participate…but actually were a step ahead;  just trying to maintain!

What did one gain?  politicking!!  rolling in the Lexus …swagging…the license tag said hurt em bad!

The vanity plate on the Fleetwood Brougham over in Decatur said blessed and highly favored; but old girl was dragging baggage like Erykah  Badu mentioned…what about the drama they had?

I heard what was said.. the politicking;  some work the angles and opposites!

….Said they’re scientific like Sir Isaac Newton but acting brand new again…now  matching composites!

A fanatic shows flashes of brilliance like Cam Newton but they aren’t ready!

Erratic when they’re politicking ….asking what the deal is with job reports like Mitt Romney;  what will the response be? cons will be running games.. they’ll get rocked steady!

Hows That Working For You?

Whats really going on? like my WordPress site…inquiring minds want to know!!

I see how that’s going down; some try to work the press…running off at the mouth like Rep. Todd Akin…so how is that working for you? …so whatcha know? 

Trying to go with the flow..the status quo; soon like West Nile symptoms their body is aching…its easy to get blown away in the wind! 

Others will just let you go; meanwhile O-Dizzle’s style is funky…he’ll go for what he knows;  just playing a funky blend!

The reign began with a drizzle…now like Damascus there’s heavy shelling…plus the high winds and heavy rain is falling! 

No pain no gain was the cliche / mantra; just trying to maintain..but one who can’t stand the pain is falling! Check out the rest of this article at…..THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Hows That Working For You?.