Please!!  Midnight Star warned them!!  there’s no parking on the dance floor!

Plus parking lot tickets won’t be validated..its like the GOP and Benghazi…the foul still they wanted more…

……the foul still debated irrelevant issues..information overload?  but now we know the score…they just wanted validation..

We  know the score…the Miami Heat should beat the Chicago Bulls? well… I don’t know…but the players like Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson think its a foul situation…

Plus parking lot pimps still kicked it down here in the ATL and up in Louisville… they weren’t just on Craiglist,  Facebook and Twitter!

Were parking the mothership on earth;  a foul situation?  a lot of these earthlings / crooks act bitter!

A brotha gets scientific;  validation wasn’t forthcoming !! nobody was checking for me..but I’m not bitter;  unlike Randy Jackson leaving American Idol..I keep on doing what I do!

Breakbeat science is dropped….were all up in the action..check the situation;  as I tell you what I knew!

Society is breaking minds!!  it crossed that red line like Syria with chemical weapons!

No validation is received!!  others were deceived by the subliminal messages they’re getting!

Now history is repeating;  Armageddon is approaching..some are still waiting on validation!

Heard history;  now mine is being told!! word from a veteran in the game now coaching!!  but those hating create a foul situation!


Putting It Down Like This; Spiritual Significance In This Operation..

As we proceed and continue..chilling on this Thanksgiving holiday….its like this and like that and a!

True indeed!  folk tried to “holla at me”  like cease fires in the Gaza...asking am I living? but didn’t really understand a brah!

Whatcha need? some are looking for a beacon of hope..checking the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade;  some ask me..what’s up with a brah?  I told them everybody is going through search of deliverance!

True indeed!!  as we put it down like this…like NATO deploying missiles in Turkey…who will work with me?  with this operation that has spiritual significance!

Some wonder what the deal is..they thought I was somebody else…then asking me where I’ve been;  when I was here all the time!

Wonders of the universe were checked out like Pluto and Makemake while observing the scene; soon ready to due time!

Brothas in the hood don’t do all the crime… check insider trading on Wall Street by SAC Capital; …plus local, national, or international politicians were on a mission…they’re the culprits!

The Deliberate Falsehood is in full effect …you know these jokers are corrupt with this!

Whose acting false in the hood? like City Council meeting drama with Cory Booker…every obstacle possible is the by product of their plotting and scheming!

This operation has spiritual significance… reality slaps me upside the head to tell me I’m not dreaming!

Trying to take it to the hole like Lebron and them..but society is double and triple teaming me;  or even playing a zone defense!

Like Israel’s Iron Dome…what’s up Holmes? please!! we didn’t fake it until we make it like some roll;  there’s spiritual significance in this operation..check the Sonic Assault on this danger zone…where offense is the best defense!

The I-20 Chronicles; The Saga / Struggle Continues

Check out these I-20 Chronicles…the Saga / Struggle Continues; confirmed by the old church mother plus the old school church deacon; all up the amen corner! 

..Also confirmed by chefs in hells kitchen preparing menus and street committee members standing on the corner!

Everybody has a plan…. like for Medicare…as they go the melting pot boils over on the back burner; social engineers try to find another recipe or formula!

Some felt the weather!! its hot like St. Louis was in July..why lie? just causing Total Chaos and turmoil; who will take a loss? please!!  Al Roker predicted another storm for ya!

Others said whatever…acting brand new with this..we probably ran across a foul joker whose just caught up in the system! 

Whether you do or don’t somebody damned it; the style of a stock broker selling worthless shares of the company called misery!! or misrepresenting like Emory University…whats the how you living? Check out the rest of this article at….

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The I-20 Chronicles; The Saga / Struggle Continues.

Whats The Deal? I Had My Doubts About It…

They said they had a good deal for us; they said we would save money! 

Please!!  I had my doubts about it; they were going all out with Standard Chartered Plc; we spotted them plotting and scheming like G-8 and G-20! 

Gangsta like G-Money!! but Gangster Chronicles mentioned those rocking suits and ties instead of white tees and Converses or Vans! 

Whats up money? whats the deal? were dropping the funk plus these good word verses;  hoping one understands! 

As the mothership lands on earth; I can see these earthlings are going through it! 

Whats the deal? some blame it on Mercury retrograde..or even the Uranus Pluto they go there.. like Cheryl Lynn, some said its got to be real!!! so they said they’re going to it! check out the rest of this article at……

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Whats The Deal? I Had My Doubts About It….

Contributing To The Confusion In The World

I heard the cliche….they were saying we’re either part of the problem or part of the solution!

How did some play?  they carry the championship banner like the Miami Heat   for playing a part in the confusion!

They’re in the heart of it….like in the middle of the Jackson Family drama...whose contributing to the confusion in this world?

Why did they even start it? running off at the mouth like Mitt Romney…now things have jumped off;  the drama will unfurl!

I couldn’t work with them….damn!! every time I looked up I was caught out there;  getting hurt with them!

They were just punishment gluttons turning dials and pressing buttons..back tracking on statements like Kobe Bryant;  nothing will work for them!

Check the Solar and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini plus a Venus Transit ..a rebirth for them?  I doubt it!

The Super Full Moon in Scorpio showed some what its all about kid!

As we go all out for it;  but not contributing to the ongoing confusion in the world!

That would lead to the Total Chaos;  refusing to take a loss after the drama unfurled!

Who will win? who will take a loss? the template was not a “one size fits all”

Whose contributing to the confusion in the world?  hitting us up with The Deliberate Falsehood…they said its all love …but I’ve been feeling the hate..that’s whats up y’all!!

I Was Telling Them…Its Time For Transition

Fast breaking in transition like Westbrooks and Durant …or maybe Lebron and D Wade…we’re putting it down like this!

Beat breaking!!  O-Dizzle had hooklines and his own beats;  whats up with it?  were putting it down like this!

As we continue to fight this spiritual warfare ….circulating through the galaxies like the Venus Transit!

The hooptie was down for a couple of days;  we jumped on MARTA down here in Atlanta…taking mass transit!

Truth be told?  wasn’t always rolling in hoopties… health care or the economy? we rode BART out in the Bay Area plus TARC up in Louisville!

Truth be told? like the mass hysteria in Syria..this is no funny business like Bart Simpson ….like Cheryl Lynn its got to be real!

Whats the deal?   as I get scientific like Carl Sagan…history in the making…truth be told?…the story is unfolding as I write this!

Whats the deal?  its on fire like Colorado…proof is provided about the spiritual we fight this!

As I light this torch for my people in the dark;  plus I’m rocking a hardhat with the lantern on top!

Were in transition…circulating ; dropping this good jazz, funk , and hip hop!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Scenery PT.2

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Scenery PT.2.


Falling through!!! back in these hoods…once on the east side like the Jefferson’s..foreclosures in Georgia got the best of some…but I’m soaking everything in..enjoying the scenery; observing the scene!

Rolling through the backwoods of Georgia..WTF was on a bumper sticker on back of the pickup truck;  plus the loaded gun rack was seen! 

Rolling through…jokers were on Candler Rd in Decatur in the Chevy Caprice smoking backwoods..what’s up with ya…what’s good in these hoods?…some act like they knew; but rolling like Dick Cheney…or even Donald Rumsfield..other players in the field…..WMDs on the scene? naw!! but folk went to war anyway…but in the hood they’re ready to dump on the next buster! 

Please!! Cheney even fronted on Colin Powell…haters will get foul…I see peace wouldn’t be still; society was still fronting they didn’t trust us!

Playing Baseball

Playing Baseball.

Took the first pitch it was over the plate; strike one! ..swinging at the second pitch and missed; strike two!

What it do? there will be no strike three; please believe me!! I’ll play it like Maury Wills..I’m getting on base even if I have to bunt.

Ooohh I like it was heard from Switch or Debarge; who’ll end up in a ditch? once large and in charge during the hunt!

A snitch pulled a stunt like it was Hollywood; some might resign like Jim Tressel; the situation is making it hard on all of us!

A switch was hit; button pressed….now the hottest in the hood called on us!

Plus the streets called us; numbers are unlisted but they reached us on the hotline!

Things heat up like Miami; I did the numbers…the consensus was I’m a hot mess with mine!

Listening to Quincy Jones Body Heat; bitter taken with the sweet…the defense? I press with mine like UNLV, Arkansas, or Georgetown from back in the day!

Astro turf on the other side of the fence? that’s the deally!! I saw some rolling like Curious George; were they back in the way?

The circumstance; whose keeping track of how they play? can’t be a ease.. we almost lost Detroit per Gil Scott Heron!

The circumstance? old school street scholars were still in the game; flipping weed, coke and heroin!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart.


The structure is falling apart; who has the duct tape? please!! even the plumbing is stopped up!

Whats up with ya? during the home invasion up in North Carolina?  tied up with duct tape…plus Georgia is a corrupt state…even the  janitors and custodians stayed busy; the floor is mopped up!

Scores are given by O-Zone like he was ESPN reporting on Lebron and them;  might try to start something like Howard Cosell did with Muhammad Ali..feel me!! plus O-Deezy hip hopped up in this peace!

Residing in the danger zone like were dealing with Al Qaeda in Yemen...we didn’t hold our breath waiting on the madness to cease!

Wasn’t waiting for answers up in this piece!! questions will answer themselves!

Dancers and critical thinkers are both mesmerized by the funk we pulled off of shelves!