The Mothership Gets Good Mileage (Part Eight)

We keep it moving, the mothership gets good mileage as we proceed and continue into Taurus season. 

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us it’s a blessing  / bonus so it’s on us to play it like Earth Wind and Fire and determine the Reasons!

 Brotha O?  that mothership gets good mileage! catch me out here with a hardhat with a lantern on top and rocking a lime green safety vest! a gold miner, cherishing those golden moments.

Mistakes made while I was out there, time was wasted I  couldn’t cut and paste it! now out here searching for lost golden hours!

An alarm goes off; in the background I hear Time Has Come Today by the Chambers Brothers! I realized time is the opponent. 

Damn! an overwhelming truth! plus time has changed these brothas, it’s why I’m like Sade I cherish these days / hours!

That’s why this mothership is rolling getting good mileage! I’m rocking out like Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention in the midst of democracy under attack by charlatans with no federal government intervention, where’s Merrick Garland?

It’s like Johnny Guitar Watson, It’s A Real Mother For Ya! word from a brotha telling you it’s elementary like Holmes to Watson! from here in Atlanta to Louisville up in my old hangout at Victory Park up on 22nd and Garland!

The mothership gets good mileage, I even saw how foul it gets; the structure? damn, it appears to be falling apart. 

Plus corrupt ones? of course they’re  foul with it check out how their style will get! out here breaking hearts!

Smooth with it! Sade mentioned the Smooth Operators with flattering tides like the ocean!

Uncouth with it! but while cruising in the mothership I kept hearing those other voices that have the overwhelming truth! but some can’t handle the truth so its causing a commotion!


The Mothership Gets Good Mileage (Part Five)

Check us out as we proceed and continue on this Thankful Thursday with another Conjunction At The Function as we post this episode simultaneously here and at the I-20 Chronicles!! it’s a blessing to be here, the mothership gets good mileage!

True indeed! check us out as we come through with this breakbeat scientific ministry rebuking those rolling like Brian Kemp and other state GOP operatives   trying to see how foul they can get!

We’re in recovery mode, even thought about bringing it down a thousand, your dude is feeling some kind of way from the night’s bitter broken sleep.

In discovery mode like DA Alvin Bragg up in Manhattan not stepping up to the plate batting or even Merrick Garland stalling? please, we’re rebuking arsonists out here burning dreams while outlaws continue to creep.

A brotha will be chilling but just as those eyes closed it was like damn! the drama began!

A brotha had to activate the coffeemaker! a tall cup of coffee was needed; found, now it’s on once again!

A brotha is back out here on these mystic voyages the mothership gets good mileage, out  I-20 in Atlanta? that’s the universal runway!

Another is slack out here plus they’ll discourage another with the hustle knock! they don’t want to see you make a play!

But how will another play? rolling through Downtown Atlanta in the mothership it gets good mileage! observing the scene, the city’s skyscrapers? they’re  just stone and glass monsters.

Gamblers out for a fast buck parlay aka business purveyors make moves, a response to that and this!

They’re in silent parades, like Snoop Dogg mentioned per Gin and Juice on  this Throwback Thursday “they’ve got their mind on their money and their money on their minds” .

During the ongoing charade? greed and lust’s clarion call answered by those devil dancers! damn! we couldn’t relax so we continue to advance! the mothership gets good mileage too bad we can’t be still in time!

You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop!! (Part Six)

Check us out as we proceed and continue on this Saturday morning! we’re taking the advice of the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville; he told us you don’t quit and you don’t stop!

True indeed, but we’ll have to admit “it ain’t nothing nice” and that it’s rough out here! inquiring minds want to know; when will the madness stop?

We await the morning, it’s a new day! per the gospel song by by Anita Baker and The Winans it’ll be all over!

From darkness to light? it should be alright! you don’t quit and don’t stop! we’ll proceed to next level elevation!

No response in light? some quit, they’ll stop! discouraged by it all! for them the game is over!

They said they’re over it, they’re not feeling it!! they’re unable to keep the fire burning.

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Exercising Power (Part Five)

Grateful to be here on what I refer to as a Fabulous Friday! oh what a blessing it is!

Hateful? naw, it’s all love! catch us moving forward exercising power the Lord blessed us with!

Catch us going in / getting it in! those  stone eyes with the cold stare? they revealed focus. Catch us exercising power! your guy is like Merrick Garland, hell-bent on exposing the bogus.

Catch us exercising power like back in the day Victory Park 22nd and Garland days up in Louisville per the Flashback Friday reference, but those opposed put fuel on the fire; they upended our agenda!!

But your dude recouped / regrouped / re-emerged down here in Atlanta! he was able to expose the pretender!

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It Just Got Real (Part Two)

Check us out as we bear witness to the ongoing madness; it’s even going down on a Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here!

Like the FBI pulling up to Trump’s spot down in Florida endorsed by Merrick Garland?  it just got real, always something you can’t feel when jokers take it there!

Plus the system wasn’t always playing fair, reflecting on it since it’s also a Throwback Thursday; from 22nd and Garland near Victory Park up in Louisville to out here off of I-20 in Atlanta I kept it moving!  it seems I’m a transient  just out here drifting through the years.

Even “Ice Aged It” cold with it like a polar vortex, calling me Iceberg Slim? just trying to stay ahead in the game despite my frozen tears.

Enraged by the proceedings! it just got real but actually it’s been this way! the sport is complex, it’s all game and they keep changing the rules but I’m not tripping it’s mercy over pride!

The game is over for some! the struggle? it just got real and it’s changing fools! the static in the wind even taunts me but I continue to ride. 

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The Derailment (Part Three)

We’re pulling up with another HumpDay Extravaganza, we’re just doing our due diligence. 

Trying to get over the hump? that’s the business, some will understand a brotha out here trying to make a difference!

We’re out here dealing with the belligerence, some of it leading to democracy’s derailment!

Naysayers claim this is borderline belligerence so I guess we’re fighting fire with fire; or maybe it’s like a doctor taking his own medicine. 

Unlike a drug dealer high on his own supply, then to supply chain members he’ll lie when the money comes up short!

Scamming like Trump and Devin Nunes with Truth Social? a bootleg Twitter? coming up short in the sport!

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Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart (Part Ten)

Cruising through the neighborhood that was known as a speed trap;  supposedly strictly enforcing the law. 

Known for writing tickets for minor infractions during hostile interactions, just because they’re the law. 

Dude from over in Decatur? known for kicking it in the old school Chevy Caprice with the bass booming but with broken taillights, he’ll need to find that red duct tape!

Utilized by this dude from up in Louisville from the old school, per driving those old hoopties  like Sir Mix A Lot through these corrupt states. 

Utilized by this Southeastern Conference respondent while dipping through Kentucky, Tennessee, the Carolinas to down here in Georgia. 

Formerly the Confederacy now replaced by the Federalist Society per Neil Gorsuch, plus Merrick Garland and their other collaborators!

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The Construction Site (Part Six)

Are we being built or torn down? circumstances are debatable, I spotted yellow construction / crime scene /  caution tape around the entrance.

Under construction or dealing with the corruption? for a brotha like me charges are trumped up,  what was the judge’s sentence?

Fools rush in; charges against Trump per the insurrection should be brought up as jokers say Merrick Garland is moving sucker slow while others like us were just laying in the cut!

Dealing with the Russians? charges Trump never faced  per Robert Mueller but authorities will act brand new with me and you! in a world of trouble like Lou Rawls mentioned, but we were wise to the whole set up! 

I felt the pressure, I told some I wasn’t fooling with them! beats will bump and this good word is dropped per this Octoberfest…

Society will stress ya!! catch me maxing and relaxing at a Fall Festival, reflecting on a Thankful Thursday!! to see it? we’re blessed!!

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Kenny Bobien – The Light (DK Edit of Ian Friday Libation Vox)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, that’s the kind of business that’ll be handled!

It’s also a Fabulous Friday, check us out as we celebrate life in the midst of the toil and strife! business will get handled!

Business handled like Biden at the G7 or maybe even like Merrick Garland saying he’ll uphold voting rights?

Business handled like riding through Louisville on Broadway, Muhammad Ali Blvd and Greenwood and Garland Avenues over by Victory Park per the Flashback Friday reference! now the vehicle is parked in a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta as I drop the sound plus these insights!

Dropping this sound as a weapon per retribution concerning the Tulsa Race Massacre in the Greenwood area shining lights for those waiting in the dark!

Listening to Kenny Bobien with a track called The Light (DK Edit of Ian Friday Libation Vox) ; letting y’all know O-Dog will rock!! the bite is worst than the bark!!

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