Medeski Martin and Wood – ” Latin Shuffle”

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terible / Terrific Tuesday; y’all should know the science..

Things can play out either way, as you’ve saw me write / heard me say, as I drop this breakbeat science…

Some can “see what I’m saying“,  minds in sync? I doubt it, left field? I’m out in it

Me? I’ll keep writing and playing these beats , spiritually hustling even though I know it’s rough out here in these streets!! naysayers ask me why am I out in it?

…or them; backwards? that’s how they say I’m hustling, shuffling along in slow motion…

Check how this track works; listening to Medeski,  Martin and Wood  with a track called ” Latin Shuffle”; check the players and the track!! they had a notion..


Medeski Martin and Wood – Start Stop

Sunday Jazz Continues!! I mean, what other music besides jazz should we listen to on a Sunday evening?

The saga / struggle continues, aka life goes on? not amused by the status quo, spazzing was an option but on this Sunday I keep believing..

The sound is used as a weapon, using it as a method to the madness / going for what we know …

Like I said,  we kept believing /  kept achieving back with this,  going for what we know!!

This is the show, we’re listening to Medeski Martin and Wood with a track called Start Stop

This is the show!! DJ Logic assisted on the turntables!! we’re  getting off on this  good trip hop / jazzhop!!

Medeski Martin and Wood Featuring Guru – Whatever Happened To Gus

Digital Crate Digging Continues per #SaturdayNightFever. We’re checking out some jazzhop from  Medeski Martin and Wood Featuring Guru  with Whatever Happened To Gus. Check it out!!