Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; being realistic?  things can go either way..

Claiming the terrific outcome; O-Zone? I did the mathematics while O-Dizzle pulls out the drum as we let the music play…

Let us pray? oh yes!!  it led to the terrific outcome / the manifestation but we kept our guards up realizing that  the reign began with a drizzleleading to the infestation..

Let us play!! caught up in an unpleasant situation but we play on!! oh yes!! keep it pimping / play on player was the encouragement received over in Decatur from the veterans in the game who kept playing…

So this veteran in the game kept it pimping / kept  playing listening to this HIP-HOP CLASSICS 90’s 00’s RAP UNDERGROUND MEMORY mix courtesy of Lou Dav..

What’s up son? you’re still playing that 90’s / 00’s hip hop? that’s waht they asked me!!  I told them of course,  it’s par for the course!! check the playlist and the mix to see how a Louisville dude will behave!!

Check this out at https://thebrothaomanxl1.blogspot.com/2019/08/hip-hop-classics-90s-00s-rap.html

HIP-HOP JAZZ 90’s 00’s rap selection

Digital Crate Digging Continues on our HumpDay Extravaganza segment..

The saga / struggle continues as we prepare these menus in soul’s kitchen; my constituents? they’re eligible for it..

The saga / struggle continues, truth or dare is on the apparatus menu we’ll always have to deal with something..

…while we’re here on terra firma, per Mr T I Pity The Fool or slow learner; soon caught up in the system / matrix; I told them jokers would fake it, but they didn’t listen; now “ain’t that something”?

Who said these beats ain’t bumping? we take some to school with this HIP-HOP JAZZ 90’s 00’s rap selection..

It’s courtesy of lou dav, check the playlist and the mix!! excuse us but we don’t misbehave when we get breakbeat scientific in your section!!

Juice – Freestyle or Written

Tha Chamba – Korrupted Remix

Scienz Of Life – U.S.A.

Foundation & Rezidue – Boogie Down’s Got The Flavor (Jeep Mix)

I.G. Off,Hazadous – Crown Holders

Dynamic Syncopation – Homing In

L*Roneous – “L’chemy”

Maylay Sparks – The Method

Mass Influence – Dedicated

Example – Endless

Jemini the Gifted One – Story of My Life