Clearance Rack Epiphanies; We’re Still Here

Check these clearance rack epiphanies; Christmas Eve approaches… it’s the end of 2012..the end of the year when I wrote this!

Mayan Doomsday   is going down in another way; who will believe? its right at the Winter Solstice!

Jazz, hip hop, and soul is what O-Dizzle will play;  plus dubstep and drum and bass!

O-Zone drops this breakbeat science..carrying the sword of truth..the mass hysteria is like your step when you try to run up in his face!

Danger zone residents will catch a case;  whose fake with it? are they down with the enemy?

Clones were programmed with microchips implanted;  bar coded type of entity!

Drones frequencies were they crash in the desert  over by Pakistan;  now the service desk is crowded!

O-Zone will freak these; please!!  the thought and fashion police said no mistakes are allowed!

The zone press defense fouled a lot of players;   now they complain to the referee and officials!

A felonious one confessed to his crimes then snitched on us!

Thelonious Monk type funk is dropped on them in response; we get crunk like ATLiens!

Clearance rack epiphanies are dropped;  Christmas Eve approaches..its the end of the year sale;  either we will win or fail with them!