Caught Up In The Middle Of The Action (Part Nine)

We’re caught up in the middle of the action on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way..

Rebuking the terrible outcome, pulling out the drum celebrating the terrific outcome, soon O-Dog Day Partying!  that good music will play!!

Of course we’ll pray and then take action while caught up in the middle of the action; breakbeat scientific measures are emphasized; dropping this good word and the music..

Of course thanks are given to the Lord for blessing us in the midst of the apparatus stressing us; gratitude is conducive..

We’re caught up in the middle of the action where peace is elusive; the drama will jump off from here in the ATL to China and Italy affected by the coronavirus pandemic…

Unlike  congressmen Doug Collins and Matt Gaetz I  couldn’t self quarantine, should Donald Trump?  I’m too busy out here observing the scene then trying to get over the hump!  I Can See What They’re Saying!!in response we’ll drop these mathematics..

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Safe Havens / Safe Harbors (Part Nine)

Cooling out / chilling out in safe havens / safe harbors but soon they’ll be abandoned like Trump did the Kurds in Turkey / Syria..

Ruling out shady dealing out here in Babylon, I wanted no part of it!! reckless abandon from a jive turkey causing mass hysteria?

Clinton impeachment playbook for the Trump impeachment work work even though history does repeat itself?

George Clinton preaching it? beats bump, like George Duke we’ll Reach For It handling Flashback Friday business; O-Dizzle “went on with his bad self”

Cooling out / chilling out in safe havens / safe harbors, soon leaving them but  I see jokers weren’t playing their positions;  they weren’t where they were supposed to be.

Pint sized in a gallon jug?  foul ones rush the spot like Matt Gaetz and others did the SCIF,they  mean mug!! it’s like they’re on that fentanyl, so what’s up y’all?  you know the devil is opposed to me.

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Safe Havens / Safe Harbors (Part Seven)

This is business as usual; we’re chilling out in the safe haven / safe harbor on this Throwback / Thankful Thursday!  at the moment your dude is laying in the cut.

Spotted the other business as usual; jokers are misbehaving like Matt Gaetz and the crew SCIF raiding;  recognizing the evil opponent, but they’ve got your dude praying for the corrupt.

That’s what’s up for those wondering, standing by the gates being processed by security, issued proxy cards;  usually we’re out in the world fighting proxy wars while we’re out here wandering.

Blasting off from I-20 in Atlanta,  the runway/  gateway to the universe,  opposing those that plot / scheme and curse;  the world /  universe ? they’re plundering.

Pseudo- intellectual / spiritual /  subliminal /  habitual criminals? we weren’t dealing with these and those!! check the style, soon leaving the safe haven / safe harbor, soon doing the damn thing /  going in /  getting it in.

Suede or leather pulled out per the Fall Equinox, now we’ll proceed into Scorpio Season!! 

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